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VW2013 teaser...is this the best you've got...?

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Perhaps with this :grin:

Ok, that looks promising. They are also using the word "evolution" to describe it. And over the last few years there has been other sharing between Nemetzchek partner companies so its not that far fetched. It mentions them being script based so perhaps with a translator objects could be shared objects between the programs.

Interestingly one of the other Allplan features is faster graphics, much like Tamsin's sneak peak at VW2013.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.


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I have always wondered why VWs and Allplan were not rolled together.

Nemetchek is a holdings company, technically speaking they don't produce anything, they just invest in the ownership of, or in having a controlling stake in, other companies. Holdings companies pursue market share not mind share, they buy up competing companies to lower the risk of their investments. They're an alternative to, and effectively prevent, mergers occurring within industries, they would more likely divest in one of the two companies before merging them.

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but I can't see any BIM enhancements on that list, and that's where the failings are.

My expectations are high for the new Auto Hybrid function..... I'm hoping for faster and better control over custom - roofs, stairs, windows, doors etc. we'll see.....

It will all depend on how the will act in walls etc....

Plus I still think the missed the real thing, this should not be a new kind of object, but part of the symbols we now have. How else are you gonna have a list of all your custom windows?

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A few highlights have been previewed...


Source:Planet Vectorworks

It seems they are focussing more on the lightning module this release.

Oh and a NEW hyperlink object. Why not make the one we have ( but never use because of not practical) better?

'Enhanced user interfaces', hopefully this is for the resource browser too?

And where are the worksheets they promised for this release? I really hope it will all be good, but I'm not so sure looking at the previous ones.

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Full 3d perspective is indeed welcome!

And I agree with DWorks, there's much focus on lighting design. I know that the new tools apply to architecture as well, but for teasers I would have shown an architectural example as well. The rendering stuff doesn't do me much (Arroway Textures etc.) as I render with V-ray in sketchup but it will probably please a lot of people. Anyway, my focus will be on the architectural tools and I hope there's some new and exciting news on that front. As I said earlier, the demo I got from Archicad sure got me thinking...

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