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  1. And point clouds are a new feature as well in AC19. Multiple processor use in 2d drawings (sections, elevations, etc are automatically redrawn in the background), so why not with viewports in VW? No more waiting for outdated viewports to render...
  2. Is this a new feature? I can create 3d lines (grid) in VW2013 that I can snap to. Am I missing something here?
  3. Hmm, from what I see most new features are about 3d modeling. But what about the basics ie. 2d, no roof components, no 3d hatches, no complex wall profiles... As far as I can see (no VSS member anymore) we will not be upgrading...
  4. I agree with Dieter here. I don't see any improvements in modeling (roof components!!). The X-ray is not useful because you get a messy wireframe view. Twisting NURBS? This is not Cinema4D. It should be a BIM modeler....
  5. [quote=DWorks I want to know now! As I need to make some decisions based on this release... It's time they show us if they really mean it this time! Looks like there are more people that depend on the new version to see if they switch to other software. Or is that not the case with you?
  6. They could've started a new website like Artlantis did for it's latest release. They had a site with a clock counting down and about once a week a short movie with a new feature. NNA could build up a hype. Look at Apple and the rumor sites...
  7. Yes, you basically draw a section of the wall. So this can include the constructive wall, insulation, airspace, bricks or sidings etc. You can even model all the foils(?) wall tops etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPBzoFiqNIk
  8. In ArchiCAD there is no slowdown as far as I can tell. Depends on how large the project is and the complexity of the walls. If you also model/draw all the foils etc. then it could slow down a bit I guess. But sofar I don't see any slowdowns...
  9. They could have a look at the profile walls in ArchiCAD. In AC you can draw a section of the wall you want and use that for your 3d walls. It gets extruded so to say without losing it's function (automatically create holes when inserting windows and doors, etc.). Also when you create a section you get the 2d section just like you drew.
  10. And by now, since the release is so close they could at least give some teasers and give us some hope that everything will be alright :-) Most new features surely are ready by now?
  11. And say 64 bit is the biggest feature this year, do we have to wait another year for basic functions and tools like roof components, a better stair, door, window tool, etc. As stated above, I hope they will concentrate more on modeling rather than collaboration...
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