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  1. Also, try changing your Navigation Graphics setting. I encountered the same, or similar, in 2021.
  2. The debate, or controversy, over the Ultra's poor GPU scaling in rendering applications has happened in a bit of vacuum unfortunately. WWDC should be interesting. Maxon / Redshift has just commented, in their forum, in an encouraging way while outlining that there are significant architectural differences to accommodate. I hope they don't mind their comments being reposted here, since we're in the family 🙃 so to speak:
  3. Yes, I’ve been waiting, patiently, for Apple to give us another iMac Pro level device. The Studio/Ultra fits the bill perfectly. Hopefully we’ll hear from NV on RAM expectations and the current problem in line-weight’s and Zeno’s posts soon. Based on what I have worked with, 64GB should be plenty, but if NV says there’s an issue or tangible benefit . . . ? The Mac Mini rumours referred to above sound pretty solid, based on the A/Si tiers we already know about: Mini = Mn & Mn Pro | Mac Studio = Mn Max & Mn Ultra | Mac Pro = Mn Ultra and Mn ??? Credit to Apple, it’s a very simple, understandable, lineup if this is how it turns out.
  4. I haven't seen anything mentioned on RAM for the M2, but it has already leaked / been suggested that when the M2 Mac Mini arrives, there will be an M2 Pro option. That should mean a BTO with at least 32GB available beneath the Mac Studio models.
  5. Reposted. As per moderator's advice. It would be useful, if the "Section . . :" dropdown in the callout tool could have an "All Sections" option, for database wide searches.
  6. Not a perfect solution: Right Click>Decompose (This breaks the poly at the corners only). Then I Group the result >Command Key+G.
  7. M5d

    Mac V's Windows

    There's good news on the Enscape front, it's coming to the Mac in 2022: enscape3d.com/enscape-for-mac/ and they have merged with Chaos. An interesting side note to the merger, Sean Flaherty, former CEO of Vectorworks, will become Chairman of the Chaos Board.
  8. M5d

    Worksheet bug?

    Thanks Pat. Submitted the bug form.
  9. There's a bit of info on when Twinmotion will officially support the M1s at the bottom of this page: twinmotionhelp.epicgames.com/s/article/Path-Tracer-Requirements? Could mean officially supported under rosetta though, unless the unreal engine also happens in the same timeframe.
  10. M5d

    Worksheet bug?

    This is not new, but I assume it is a bug. When you try to call cell contents from latter rows, to perform a function or not, nothing returns. When you call cell contents from an earlier row, the result is as expected. Example attached. Cell Order + Bug.vwx
  11. If I'm understanding the HIP article correctly, AMD is providing the means for ending the proprietary, CUDA, divide between the platforms. Which, presumably, will solve this problem for developers, like Redshift, from a single code base into the future?
  12. I don’t expect Maxon will include the M1s in the Vultures chart until they have the block size optimised in the benchmark for these chips. Unfortunately there are software optimisation caveats, particularly with the graphics in the M1s, for most types of testing available at the moment. Less officially, a video posted in another thread suggested that increasing the bucket size yielded an improvement of about 25% in an alternate render. If that’s real and consistent, the M1 Max would be positioned at about 7.30 on the Vultures chart above. Treat that with caution however, it’s a single result mentioned at around the ninth minute in the video below.
  13. You'd expect Apple's assistance with supporting AMD cards on macOS would aid somewhat in supporting AMD on the PC. @trashcan, I've been watching in the Redshift forum for M1 Max results, as noted in the link above, Redshift "isn't as mature" on mac / metal yet and there appears to be a couple secondary issues with the way their Vultures Benchmark works on the new chips, nonetheless there's an M1 Max result posted for Vultures; currently it measures about 5% better than a single MPX W5700X in the Mac Pro. Whether that's objectively good or bad in a laptop, I don't know . . . Maxon's comments . . .
  14. I think this is a very old problem that moving to 64 bit did a lot to lessen, but wasn't completely resolved. I also find section and detail viewports to be the main cause. Something interesting about those viewports is, if their crops are stretched or deleted after they're established, the Hidden Line line-work for the rest of the model is already there, calculated and available without updating.
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