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  1. In a week or two there should be a flood of information and benchmarks evaluating the new machines and their chips. Of interest though, Vectorworks and Redshift (Cinema 4d) both make an appearance in Apple's marketing, so we may see NV do their own write-up on the performance of these new machines. The 4x performance of the Apple M1 Max, compared to the Radeon Pro 5600M, in Redshift is particularly interesting . . .
  2. The problem with switching from WinDoor to NV's tools @Matt Panzer, is you cannot do it in a progressive way. As soon as you replace the tools at the front end of the building model, the entire BIM workflow structured behind it also needs updating. NV should appreciate what that can entail, because supporting custom BIM workflows has been a key aspect of the "Vectorworks Paradigm". All we really need is for the plugins to overlap by at least a year, or two (because it's preferable to remain behind the current release), so that all the "required" parallels between WinDoor's plugin information and NV's plugin information can be adopted and tested for demonstrating various window and door related compliances in our Building Code. We pull a lot of data from WinDoor, along with data we embed in WinDoor symbols, into calculations, which, as stated above, Julian has generously tested and tuned WinDoor's output for since the introduction of DTS Energy Efficiency into our Code. The benefit we gained from building DTS calculators inside of Vectorworks, was quick, efficient, feedback from the model. Ripping a root element, one of the most involved elements in this case, from the base of the Building Information Model, tossing it and replacing it with a "foreign" entity doesn't represent a minor tweak, but a considerable rework of established custom BIM workflows. NV has acquired OzCad's IP, but some allowance and accomodation of practice based tools developed downstream is needed, to make a transition possible and for feedback, if necessary.
  3. Not sure that explains why things are the way they are Pat. NV confined / quarantined WinDoor to the Australian and NZ markets a long time ago, so it has essentially become a localised customisation / plugin, which is why what's potentially happening is somewhat problematic. As for the features, types and aspects of the fixtures / hardware WinDoor has accommodated over the years, features which Vectorworks' default tools may still lack, Julian's WinDoor plugin cannot hold IP over any of them; they are generic, operational, industry wide attributes of the fixtures / architectural hardware themselves. NV's failure to address commonplace architectural elements, or failure to faithfully represent aspects in their own plugins, can only lead to conclusions about NV's priorities really, not the incentive, or disincentive, of Julian's plugin.
  4. Might have missed it in your answers @Matt Panzer, but I was looking for an indication on NV's intentions with the WinDoor plugin. Is WinDoor effectively counting down to being made a legacy plugin? Remaking the default tools with, I would hope, "all" of WinDoor's features is in no way negative; but I'm inquiring about WinDoor because of how extensively it is built into my workflows, and likely the workflows of many Australian and NZ based practices. It has been, very much, our default and trying to exorcise it from templates, many types of worksheets and crucially DTS energy efficiency worksheets, not to mention the loss of custom library and style workflows, is massive. Over the last couple decades Julian has been fantastic at building and tweaking user requested features, addressing bugs on a dime, and making WinDoor a key asset of customised, efficient, BIM here. A dynamic I'm sure you'd understand @Matt Panzer, but a dynamic NV could not emulate, even if it wanted. Put simple, many of us grew into our BIM workflows with WinDoor, and WinDoor, aka Julian, was prepared to grow it with us! It will be a tragedy in one respect and a calamity in another if NV's intention is to junk the WinDoor plugin for scraped features any time soon.
  5. I assume NV was well aware of this prior to the acquisition @Matt Panzer? The Vectorworks blog gave this move a positive spin, and making WinDoor more widely available also implied a future . . , but from your 'Vectorscript' comment, it sounds as though WinDoor is effectively counting down to being made a legacy plugin? (Apologies for posting in two places, was following another thread where this came up.)
  6. Thanks @E|FA. I assume NV was well aware of this prior to the acquisition @Matt Panzer? The Vectorworks blog gave this move a positive spin, and making WinDoor more widely available also implied a future . . , but from your 'Vectorscript' comment, it sounds as though WinDoor is effectively counting down to being made a legacy plugin? https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/77920-can-we-have-a-statement-on-the-windowdoor-tools/
  7. I haven't seen this stated or implied anywhere, but having used OzCad's plugins for so long, I'm curious what the plan is?
  8. I'm hopeful for greater stability / gentler progress now that they've shifted to their own silicon. It seems much of the OS's changes over the last decade was about prepping for this.
  9. https://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit For future reference.
  10. Umm yeah, where has it gone?
  11. You managed to solicit these replies in the original Roadmap thread:
  12. This video covers general RAM testing on the two M1 options, his testing is pretty helpful, but it's not CAD specific is the only caution . . . P.S. His conclusions are indexed in the timeline. Other M1 videos / comparisons by the same guys: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo11Rczpzuj2XcB5VdnAbbMyB3m57teOD
  13. And a little more to back up the above: architosh.com/2021/04/apples-new-m1-imacs-are-they-fast-for-cad-3d-users The rubber will hit the road, and NV, once we see the next tier of Apple's line up, hopefully with a preview at WWDC in six weeks. This would be consistent with the way Apple has introduced their Pro level machines over recent years. And with the iMac Pro already discontinued, it seems even more likely they'll do it again this year.
  14. Maybe Mac Catalyst will evolve now, so that bringing mac OS Apps (once they're A/S native) to the iPad, is as efficient as porting iPad Apps to Apple Silicon Macs. It appears they're heading that way, with the iPad Pro being made to appear, more or less, as capable as a desktop.
  15. Interview with Maxon & Lunar: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCqdm_5Tayc
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