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  1. As a co-chair of a user group, I was lucky to get registered for the live GoToMeeting of this presentation. I was really bowled over by all of the innovative ideas in how to customize backgrounds and textures. And I'm sure others will be equally impressed. Will the video be on VSS, YouTube, Novedge, or some other venue? Please post it as soon as you can!
  2. El Capitan Update 1 is not only out, but it now FINALLY runs Vectorworks, too! It is a long and lengthy update process via App Store, but afterward I found it no longer locked out my Vectorworks 2015 and 2016. The release notes mentioned it fixed the problem running MS Office and Outlook, so I suppose Vw was included in that item. The only thing not running for me now is Default Folder. The developer says he is working on a new release in late October, so I might just wait and go without DF for awhile.
  3. I too clean installed El Capitan on a new SSD, and alllowed the install process to migrate my apps to it. Everything ran fine, until I discovered that Vw 2015 and 2016 crash on startup. I guess it's the new security protocols of El Capitan. I tried to create a new user account, but after entering 2016's key code, I got the same crash. So until Apple or Vectorworks posts an update, it's back to my other internal HD (Yosemite). It always helps to have a plan B when doing upgrades.
  4. Use a wall type, 1/2" thick glass. And repetitively model the frame behind it separately. The photos show that the storefront glass is set inside the outer edges of the lower and upper slabs. Which is why I suggest using the wall tool instead of the curtain wall, since there are no mullions.
  5. I've been noticing this bug only recently, so this update is very timely. ---------------------------------------------- VB-121843 VW not displaying/drawing whole workspace area ----------------------------------------------
  6. I think Revit is getting better at exporting BIM to other platforms. And I've discovered after some experimenting, that Vectorworks adequately does IFC import, after trial and error. It's not perfect, having experienced a coupe of Vw crashes, but with some adjustments it's possible. The trick in Revit is to do IFC export from a clean 3D view. And when doing Vw import, it may help to choose only the model-based IFC classes, and avoid any unnecessary annotation ones.
  7. I guess the most direct way to have brick wall returns would be to Extract Surface to make a surface for each wall return, and put a texture on it. This is a method used for making wainscots for walls. I know that windows can put splayed jambs in walls at different angles - did anyone try that?
  8. Thanks for tracking the problem, Jim. I actually do close the laptop with Vectorworks 2015 running - knowing it might contribute to the cursor problem, I might try quitting the program at the end of the day.
  9. I use a Microsoft Wireless Mouse, but that's not the problem, because the other file behaved normally. The file doing this had a DWG import and a layer with a different scale. I'll just quit and re-open it, everything's fine, and then the weird cursor starts. I'm glad bcd knows about this - after the latest SP2, too.
  10. This always manifests after running Vw 2015 for some time. Everything works fine at first. But then the cursor becomes offset a distance from where I position the mouse, making it difficult to edit basic things like rectangles or polys. It seems to affect everything - line and object handles, trying to click inside the text edit box - the mouse is always off target. Quitting and restarting can make the problem go away, but only temporarily. No one seemed to mention it in the forums, so I was just wondering if it's a common occurrence with this release. I may have to fall back on Vw 2014 till this gets explained or fixed.
  11. Another hooray from me! I've had lots of problems with grading pads getting too close to each other. For me, this means lots of time is saved in checking terrain model errors.
  12. If there are constraints on the objects, you can select them, and go to Modify>Edit Constraints, to remove them.
  13. The second part of this question would be of more interest, although it would be less hardware related. We have viewports to provide simultaneous model views, but they always lag behind in the work process. Any chance they'll get a performance upgrade, as in removing the "Update" button?
  14. Clever way to get around the NDA! By simply saying "What if", our Dutch friends are only speaking hypothetically, and are neither confirming nor denying what is in the latest release.
  15. Just an idea - I don't know if this will help. Perhaps if you go to the Resource Browser, and double click the Record Format in the referenced file, to make a new copy of the Record Format resource for the file in which you're making the report. Then perhaps the file can use the Record Format in the report. Again, I don't know if this will work.
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