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  1. Problem is Vectorworks is virtually unknown in Sweden, I started my own business partly because I could decide what software to use, unfortunately I hit the wall (got stressed out) so had to go back to an 'ordinary' low pace employement........ perhaps the future will bring more opportunities.... I can already tell you that Revit is a good program but it's like tunnel vision compared to VWs, and 'families' (the thing Revit is based upon) is extremely tedious and complicated, each and every object you create in revit is unique (kind of like our autohybrids) so forget taking a window and quickly customizing width, height etc, first you need to duplicate another similar door/window then edit settings then save and use it....tedious
  2. Jupp right as rain :). Don't get me wrong Revit is a good program but having used VWs before it's like tunnel vision.......
  3. With pain in my heart I have today canceled my VSS account, I've been forced to move over to the Dark Side, unfortunately the office I recently was employed works with Revit only. I would just like to thank everyone that has helped me on this forum through the years (my first version of Vectorworks was 11.5 back in 2004), I hope i've been able to contribute as much as I've been aided. (Please make VWs market leader soon and kick Revit ass, so that I can convince the office management to convert!!!!) Good luck to you all! Vincent
  4. Hi Jeff here's the extrude....... what I did was to use the 2D polyline tool using the flood mode and then you can extrude the shape that is created. Good luck!
  5. Don't want to diminish the wish but: 1: Walls can be split at any angle using the Split Tool. 2: Odd shaped columns can be create by using the Create column from object command AEC>Pillar command. Walls can be joined to these columns using the Wall join tool.
  6. Revit exports 3D dwg/dwf and Vectorworks imports 3D dwg/dwf why not try using that format instead? PS Dwf is a highly compressed file so perhaps that Will work better if you're trying to keep file sizes small.
  7. Thanks Alan! Here are the settings (however they were created in v2015 in which I always used Custom Renderworks at medium quality and I find the same settings in v2016 are terribly grainy, the nearest I can get to my settings in v2015 are using Final Quality in v2016. I still have some testing to do to see what works for me in v2016.) In addition I always override all line thicknesses to 0.13mm in Hidden line (when used as Foreground rendering), I also always create a second sun that is 'wrong' to get shadows on facades that normally face away from the sun. Good luck!
  8. That would work too, however I have 350+ classes so being able to hide them completely would be great.
  9. Well to be honest I think the most logical place would be among the class and layer options in the Navigation palette, and a radar button on the Organisation palette?! Another good place would be the quick options however in this case it would control all situations.
  10. Here are a couple of examples of the things you are asking for in practice.....all sheet layer viewports are created from a 3D model using the various viewport render settings etc. in these examples I haven't used any 2D fixes. However VWs is still laking in individual line control for elevations and sections and depth perception. You can only manipulate line settings by overriding individual classes. Ie everything in that class will change in the viewport.
  11. It would be nice if we could enhance the Organization Palette so that it Automatically hides empty classes and/or layers. As it is now, to have a functional workflow we are forced to create a large number of classes and layers/levels to fullfill all the different situations however we don't always need all the classes and layers in each project, so it would be very helpful if we had a setting that automatically hides empty classes and levels. Perhaps a little radar button att the top of the Navigation palette?!
  12. I think the handrail tool should be a well thought out flexible stand alone PIO that can be applied at will to any edge or face on any other (PIO)object including the stair tool. Basically as it is in Revit.
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