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  1. I don't know how Graphisoft utilises their forums, but for reference, they did provide a couple timely, official, centrally placed, well rounded and linked statements covering the M1, Apple Silicon and how they're handling the transition: https://helpcenter.graphisoft.com/knowledgebase/130674/ https://helpcenter.graphisoft.com/knowledgebase/130695/ This may, in fact, be no different to what Nemetschek Vectorworks is doing, but from Graphisoft's communications in two posts, I came away with a clear, comprehensive, overview of their official position, their releases ahead and how Archicad currently performs on the M1's; something sifting the runes and contradictions here has yet to provide.
  2. @JuanP is there a reason the M1 thread was locked and limited when it was setup? Unlike the OS threads, we have information, questions and randomly addressed answers that have been smattered, scattered and somewhat inconsistent on the transition: For example, in the Roadmap and the roadmap thread you indicate (as a fair assumption) that Nemetschek Vectorworks is "aiming" for the next release (Vectorworks 2022) to provide Apple Silicon / Universal Binary support, but then, in the Planet Vectorworks article, @SteveJ is quoted with references to a much looser projection around Apple having a 5 year timetable for selling Intel Macs; "Johnson sums it up by forecasting that continued development of a Universal Binary solution, which should be available long before Apple’s five-year projection for continuing to sell Intel machines, will ensure even greater performance for users because it will support both Apple and Intel architectures." If Apple does indeed have a 5 year timetable for selling Intel based Macs, that would provide confidence in Intel based purchases, because Universal Binaries would need to run for at least the next 5-7 years. But it is not clear where Steve Johnson or Chris Conard sourced the information on Apple's 5 year plan for Intel based machines. Can we get a reference? Alternatively, in direct contrast, @Ian Lane's earlier input was very non-committal on Universal Binaries and oblivious to any 5 year plan from Apple: Three representatives providing three very different responses on what to expect from NV on Mac compatibility. Maybe the M1, or another official Apple Silicon, thread could be opened up to all matters surrounding the transition, current compatibility and user questions? So that we have an ongoing, official single source for NV's transition policy to plan around and get reliable answers from. At the moment, it is not possible to decipher any firm policy, or even who is speaking authoritatively, given the way the current information has varied from one company representative to another and how it has been distributed.
  3. Yes, I’ve been coming to a similar view @zoomer. I did think the best option would be to buy an Intel Mac soon and jump over the transition period. There was talk of the iMac Pro getting a refresh around about now, which I assumed would have been a 10nm Chip and RDNA2 graphics. Mostly, it was the new graphics capabilities (software permitting) that I believed could change life as we know it. But it’s not looking likely, Intel has pushed their delivery dates (again), NV’s position on maintaining Universal Binaries during the run-off isn’t clear and if the Bloomberg report is correct, Apple will transition faster than anticipated. Like mike m and Sky, I’m at the tail end of my current Mac, without a problem though, so hopefully the dust settles a bit in the new year.
  4. @mike m oz will be interested to hear how you go.
  5. Five years sounds about right, but if NV has something concrete to give us on Universal Binaries, that would be helpful. I've had a couple cracks at getting an answer; the first in this thread got no reply, the second in another thread got this . . . "For a while," doesn't exactly make for a confident Intel/Mac purchase at this point.
  6. That's surprisingly positive. I'm curious about the "five-year projection" closing remark by Steve Johnson (SteveJ?). Developer knowledge? "Johnson sums it up by forecasting that continued development of a Universal Binary solution, which should be available long before Apple’s five-year projection for continuing to sell Intel machines, will ensure even greater performance for users because it will support both Apple and Intel architectures." Apple gave themselves 2 years during the transition keynote and Bloomberg recently backed that up: "The company said it expects to finish the transition away from Intel and to its own silicon in 2022."
  7. M5d

    2021 Public Roadmap

    I think it's worth having your statement readable here too @JuanP, and I'm pleased to hear you're "confident" the TM Link will move into development, but I've gotta say, this is a long way from where we previously expected the Link was at. There's a discordant chasm between Archicad having already integrated the Datasmith format, the actuality you've now detailed and what was implied, and left unattended, in the long running narrative of the Twinmotion thread. No matter the frustration of this (efficiency) slipping further off into the distance, I guess it's safe to say the Roadmap will prevent us from becoming similarly removed.
  8. M5d

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Thanks @twk, yes it's becoming an Epic saga. 😏 I think ultimately, despite the existing workflows, the Direct Link to TM will be somewhat tantalising for all, given Epic's game engine demos. But you've gotta wonder if they aren't trying to play bully with it for some sort of exclusive arrangement, after what's been aired by the whole Epic versus Apple dispute.
  9. M5d

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Well, it's pretty hard to read the tea leaves on why a cross platform offering has gone wanting here . . . Nemetschek Vectorworks: Formally Listed. Nemetschek Vectorworks: Acknowledged as the best option, because Twinmotion is a cross platform offering. Positive feedback from Twinmotion (Abvent) on their participation. Nemetschek Vectorworks: We're working on it. Nemetschek Vectorworks: Stay tuned, we're working on it. A third party, @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD, enquires and offers a hand. Nemetschek Vectorworks: Outcome unknown. From the highest level at Vectorworks, "we're working on" it. It's worth noting that Graphisoft and Epic have a deal, which sees Twinmotion bundled into Archicad subscriptions now. Nemetschek Vectorworks: Enscape, second (non-Mac) Link, is about to drop and Twinmotion is happening during Q1 2020! Epic and Graphisoft are working together on the "next-gen of Twinmotion" . . . http://www.aecbytes.com/newsletter/2019/issue_97.html Nemetschek Vectorworks: Connections with Unreal Studio / Twinmotion / Epic to be ready for the 2021 "cycle" . . . ? Nemetschek Vectorworks is said to have verbally blamed Epic for the lack of a Direct Link and Nemetschek Vectorworks doesn't dismiss this post. Nemetschek Vectorworks: Stay tuned, we're working on it! (4 months ago) So yeah, who knows what's going on. I just thought it odd after the Architosh article yesterday, and after all this, that Twinmotion is not specifically mentioned on the Roadmap. In most cases, these string along, "stay tuned," replies have not been spontaneously given, they've been in response to the escalating demands for a cross platform solution for Vectorworks. There is the whiff of some background politics going on here, Epic's CEO isn't exactly rational, but then, look at how well Graphisoft is working with Epic and Epic recently issued Maxon with a MegaGrant to strengthen "workflow integration with Epic", so that doesn't stack up. By all indications Nemetschek is tight with Epic, and why wouldn't Epic want to facilitate a Direct Link with Vectorworks, half of the user base is theirs by default of having no other option. The blaming of Epic really does seem to come out of left field. But who knows?
  10. M5d

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Architosh has an article up on new features in the mid-year release of Archicad, which now includes the Unreal Engine Datasmith Export as well. I had assumed this item on the Roadmap was related to the Direct Link with Twinmotion, without saying so much. But that's not so clear now, given Archicad has had a Direct Link for quite some time without it and because Twinmotion is not specifically mentioned. Epic was said to be the holdup in the other thread . . . Is it right to assume that the "Datasmith Export" and the TM Link are related or one and the same? Due perhaps, to Epic unifying their exchange format?
  11. Thanks Zoomer, that made Apple's current position, or future advantage, clearer.
  12. Nice!!! +Maxon Yes, Yes @Pat Stanford & @Nicolas Goutte, an ETA based on where they and their suppliers are at.
  13. www.youtube.com/watch?v=59gAjXT7qyw Hope we get an ETA on a native version of Vectorworks with the evaluation of the M1 macs. I think the very low power draw of these chips is the most telling aspect of what's to come from Apple.
  14. Just to add to designedAF's comment, your slow start up time sounds like a spinning hard drive that has a fault? HD's don't always fail all of a sudden, they can die a slow death. If this is the case, you may be able to get a second lease of life out of your current machine, by just getting its HD replaced with an SSD.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I assume the aggressive steps taken over recent years were, to some extent, about getting developers prepared for Apple's own silicon. My hope was / is that after the transition, the OS will be more settled and less likely to break version compatibility on their own chips. We definitely appreciate all the unknowns, in the meanwhile, the only and better option will remain planning around Intel macs. And while I don't think the comparisons to Apple's last transition really stack up, we know Apple will be dropping support for Intel macs at some point. So the best we can ask, and hope, for from Vectorworks, is that there's some assurance universal binaries will remain until that eventuality. Then, at least, the only unknown in this transition will be Apple's actions, as per usual.
  16. @Ian Lane Is it possible Apple's upcoming A/S transition will see their OS become less of an issue in this regard? Also, does Vectorworks, Inc. have a policy on how long they will maintain Universal Binaries? There's a reasonable amount of FUD out there on how quickly developers might drop Universal support. If there's no formal policy, would it be safe to assume Universal Binaries will hang around as long as Apple is releasing their OS's for both platforms?
  17. www.macrumors.com/2020/08/24/apple-epic-court-battle-august-28-removal Looks like this dispute will be kept in check for the short term.
  18. The Epic versus Apple (and then Google) dispute has been in the mainstream media here in Australia. The dispute 'was' confined to the App store arrangements, but that was last week, now Architosh has added comment . . . architosh.com/2020/08/apples-threat-to-epic-will-hurt-mac-pros-in-aec This analysis is a little alarmist, right? Everything is going to be cool on the imminent Direct Link to TM . . . right?
  19. Yeah, it's a weird bug. We couldn't replicate it on two different computers with the same OS and VW versions, so it may be specific to certain graphics setups or something similar. Could be why you're not seeing it in SP6 Boh and Jens is.
  20. I had this issue in SP3, Julian couldn't trigger the bug on his own computer so it never got properly identified. After a lot of messing around, I found the issue went away if I undocked the snapping palette, it's worth a try! When SP4 was released, I could dock the snapping palette again without causing the bug, SP5.1 is working ok also.
  21. Information on the transition, particularly information that helps with navigating near term hardware purchases is what I'm hoping for here. Apple always makes timing a bit tricky, plus it appears the whole GPU rendering thing is finally coming to fruition on both the hardware and software sides of the equation. There are some interesting general discussions around ( GPU Rendering Thread), but they tend to go off on tangents. So I'm keen, which I think was the OP's intent, for any info / discussion, particularly from NV, that helps inform our mac orientated decisions.
  22. @SteveJ That is promising. I know it's to early for definitive answers about this transition, but a slightly different question; how long did VW support universal binaries after the last transition, and would that period likely be longer this time? I ask because, from the general commentary so far, it's assumed the more powerful machines will likely be the very last to switch over to Apple's own Silicon. That's going to leave the intel macs as the primary / better option for those needing to upgrade over the next 18 months or so. The length of the "universal" period would make the difference between whether to grab a regular iMac as a stopgap, or whether to purchase as planned?
  23. I like the approach they're taking for gauging user support / interest in new features.
  24. Ok, the problem is definitely new in 2020 then, 2019 is still working as expected.
  25. I'm still waiting for SP3 to make the move, but could it be you've hit the order button in the top bar without noticing?


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