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VW2013 teaser...is this the best you've got...?

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The other one is called Clip Cube and it allows you to isolate any arbitrary area of your model (via a cube shape) in order to work on it with everything else invisible. Very very handy. Look forward to testing the implementation.

Exactly what Dr. Digitalmechanics ordered....hopefully.

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Maybe they haven't provided a live section tool. I didn't see anything regarding live viewports on the menu option, if they have implemented this it may be part of the section viewport or somewhere else maybe as a tool?

However,there seems to be an additional Viewport in the menu called - Create Multiple viewports, I wonder what that is going to be or work?

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Yeah the clip cube feature does seem to suggest an underlying technology that would allow for live sections/plans (like the auto hybrid tech). On the other hand notice the Clip Cube doesn't actually draw a section of any objects it's slicing through, it just shows it blank.

Im not a VSS subscriber so haven't seen the new videos but maybe it's blank, or turned off deliberately to keep us drooling.

Clip Cube certainly sounds promising.

So far we've got improved graphics and possibly some sort of implementation of live sections. Just need the 3D and elevation hatches to be sorted now...

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Nice drafting aid, however I wonder how clickable objects are on the actual cut, notice how objects disappear as opposed to a section view representation appearing......what happens for example when you want to see if 3 or 4 roof objects actually lie one on top of the other and don't overlap when manually creating roofs with multiple components?

i.e.. you can forget about live section viewports me thinks.

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you can forget about live section viewports me thinks.

I think that too.

It seems that the clip cube just shows/hide objects by their position and by the user hiding extra objects from them. So it's more of another way of viewing things like saved views. It isn't anything like a live section at all. You'll need the entire object in the cube to see it and being able to edit it. For large objects like we have in architecture, this isn't a great feature at all. It is good to view only one house in a row of house for example, but then, multiple houses in the same file isn't the workflow NVW suggests.

edit: That doesn't mean I don't like it, I find it a good feature, but not one that we can use at a great extent in architecture, but much better than the previous teased features. If they keep working on this for the next version, maybe then it will be a live section cube.

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I'm not sure that the whole object needs to be in the cube to see it. I just watched the video again and there are many objects split by the cube. And I'm glad it doesn't necessarily show a section of an object at the clip line. This extra geometry would often be in the way when editing.

This is exactly the type of tool I was looking for for working in the 3D model. I recently modelled a rosette scaffolding structure that sat diagonally across the audience rake of a stadium. It was very challenging to see where legs were intersecting the audience rake as it stepped up so I could set them at the correct heights. I ended up cutting many static sections through the model to do it.

I'm curious to know what the clip cube options might include. Hopefully it can be placed on an angle and perhaps you can turn whether it shows an object section on and off. Now that would be pretty cool.


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To me the clip cube seems to be an adjustable view range, useful for elevational views, sectional views and 3D views.

I wonder how it would work in top/plan view i.e. could you use it to show objects say on a split level floorplan?

I think this feature looks promising. If the clip cube operates outside of the viewport environment, then one would assume that objects would be editable within the clip cube!

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I think it is simply meant to make modeling easier. Sometimes I will have, for example, the kitchen of my model on its own layer for no other reason except that it is hard to navigate, select, and see what I am doing when the rest of the geometry is in the way. With the clip cube, you select an object you want to edit - or one near by - and press the button and it will simplify the view by making invisible everything outside the cube. I do not think it is for viewing as much as it is for editing, but as others have pointed out, it seems to signal the capability to do live sections.

I am still more excited by the auto coordinating detail tags.

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I am interested in finding out if the 3D cube, in an oblique 3D view, can be shown in a Sheet Layer Viewport. This would be great for showing a kitchen cabinet layout as an oblique overhead view showing more 3D information. Sometimes a RW Camera view does not show enough of a small area like a kitchen, because the camera is confined to a room or adjacent room.

This approach would be done on a design layer by putting a Cropping Cube around a Design Layer Viewport model, if possible.

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To me the clip cube seems to be an adjustable view range, useful for elevational views, sectional views and 3D views.

My guess is that this will work on design layers, but not in viewports on sheet layers, so it will do nothing for elevations etc...

Like you say: just an adjustable view range, nothing more, nothing less.

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It'll be interesting to see how this feature is fully implemented.

Hopefully the clip cube will allow some form of control on how elevations are presented, as well as sections.

Like Kevin Lee said, there are a number of features associated with the clip cube which weren't delved into.

Fingers crossed...

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