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  1. Itchy

    Asking Advice on custom built system

    Just running at default to increase the longevity of the parts. The boost function pushes the CPU up to 4.3 when needed which seems to work fine. I have the stock cooler installed and it seems to be doing fine, no issues so far and no complaints about noise either, although to be honest, the machine is about 8m away from me at the moment, I don't have my home office full set up so monitor is on the dining table and the box over by the tv - will get it sorted shortly...
  2. It would be good to be able to right-click on an object and select 'create a class based on object' which would open the new class dialogue box with the settings of the selected object. I get a lot of files through from people who haven't quite transitioned to using classes and it would help speed things up. Rather than having to manually trying to match the colours, fills, lines that they have chosen.
  3. Itchy

    Asking Advice on custom built system

    Well I went ahead with and built that system today. I did go with the Ryzen in the end, went with a X470 motherboard and upped the ram to 3600mhz for the same price as what I was going to spend on the intel system. I haven't set up Vectorworks yet, but have run Cinebench R15 and get the following scores for anyone interested; OpenGL - 134 fps CPU - 1738 cb CPU Single - 174 (mp ratio 9.98x) In comparison to my Surface Pro of 42 fps and 327 cb I should be able to work a lot faster when at home now And as it is a workhorse I named the PC Rocinate, #savetheexpanse :)
  4. Itchy

    Asking Advice on custom built system

    Thanks for the suggestion, I have a 28" 4k screen now, and my boss still has a 2k screen. Whenever I have to help him with something on his computer it always seems blurry and fuzzy. I'm not sure I could go back to that resolution. But yes for the price of 1 4k 28" I could get two 28" screens. Thanks, @Art V, yes same price here as well but it comes with a factory cooler so I could potentially use that rather than going for a liquid AIO and save $150. For day to day mundane drawing Vectorworks only uses one core though right, so would the I7 be better for that, and the Ryxen better if I wanted to lots of rendering? I guess you could rely on the boost function which will put it up to the 4.2 under demand.
  5. Itchy

    Monitor recommendation

    Over in New Zealand, TV wise there is only 1 40" out there, the next step up is 43" which may be too big. 40" TV - https://magnessbenrow.co.nz/panasonic-th40ex730z-40-4k-uhd-led-smart-tv 40" Monitor - https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/MONPHS3375788/Philips-BDM4037UW75-Business-Curved-Monitor-UHD-4K - https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/40-aoc-uhd-60hz-5ms-curved-monitor-with-10-bit-colour/26852252 The Philips monitor though has had some bad reviews about Ghosting otherwise I almost purchased it a couple of months ago. Just found the AOC counterpart though so that could be an option if I go large.
  6. Itchy

    Monitor recommendation

    so after reading all this, I'm still even more undecided whether to go for a 28" or up to a 40". I have a 28" at work but now working 3/5 days remotely from home so needing something there as well, $600 NZD for a 28"4k or if i went with a 40" monitor or TV looking at about $1000. Just wondering if the 40 is going to be to big, but the 28 feels to small... Which makes you think why not go for a 32", well a 4k 32 seems to be even more expensive then a 40" at about $1400... another week gone by with no new monitor, ha.
  7. Itchy

    Asking Advice on custom built system

    I'm looking to build a new PC for my home office, In the past, I have just used my Surface Pro to do the odd bits and pieces from home. But now due to the commute getting frustrating, I am working from home 3/5 days so the Surface Pro isn't up to par for 3 full days of work. Over in NZ so I'm pretty sure we pay a premium on parts but this is what I'm looking at for $2600NZD (about $1800USD). I'm probably at my budget as I also need to get a 4k screen but just wondering if there would be any trade-offs that you may suggest? Maybe reduce the CPU for better GPU? However, my understanding is that most the day to day work is handled on the CPU so I went with the 4.2GHz. MOBO: Asus Prime H270-PRO CPU: i7 7770K 4.2GHz (4core/8thread) Cooling: Corsair H115i 280MM AIO Liquid cooler Memory: GSKILL 4 series 2/8GB DDR4 2400 (extra 2 slots available on the mobo for future if needed) Graphics: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1 6GB Storage: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SSD Power: Corsair 750W 80 Plus Gold OS: Windows 10 64bit Thanks.
  8. Itchy

    export webview opinions

    2m is our standard door height, so a lot of the time when in walkthrough mode you get stuck on the door frames. Must be a bunch of tall engineers over at Vectorworks It would be ideal to have the height tied into the view that you export from. That way we can set it before it gets sent to the client. If you do bring back the previous selection, it needs to be looked at as the conversion from imperial to metric didn't work, you couldn't select any height between 1m12cm and 2m. The tool seemed to just convert 1" to 1cm. Thanks.
  9. Itchy

    How to make colored elevations with shadows?

    Shall we all post some renders and see if @JimW can guess the render settings?
  10. Itchy

    export webview opinions

    @Dave Donley what determines the height when using the walkthrough option? I have my camera height set at 1.6m so it looks fine when webview opens, but when I change from orbit to walk through the camera moves back about 2m and up in height to almost 2m.
  11. If I have a job with a large number of windows/or doors, I will skip a number (ie. 9, 19, 29...) that way if later in the job a window needs to be added, it just takes up one of the spare numbers closest to it. With my number sequence I used to go clockwise as well on plan, but now go anti-clockwise. That way on elevations you view the numbers left to right counting up.
  12. Itchy

    Sharing Vectorworks files

    Isn't that what IFC should be good for as you can't change it, only import it. That way if any clashes are found and changes made they need to go back to the original creator and get them to revise.
  13. Itchy

    BIM standard file

    \programfiles\vectorworks 2018\Libraries\Defaults\Standards\ You should find all those files listed there.
  14. Itchy

    Soffit Ceiling

    There is also the ceiling grid tool but has minimal input - you can't change depth or the size of the T, only the size of the grid and rotation. It does have other uses as well - I sometimes use it to create quick decking or floor planks.
  15. Itchy

    Soffit Ceiling

    Another option is to draw your poly and turn into a floor object if a flat ceiling or turn into a roof face if sloping. This way you can control the 2D display of the object as well as the 3D.