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  1. What is the plan going forward with the native door & window tools. Will we see updates with services packs, or do we need to wait for a full release? I have been playing around with the window tool, and have managed to get it to work in both 3D and 2D to suit my needs. Then trying to copy those same settings over to the door tool though and you can't copy between the two, and there are simple differences between the two (not able to have the architrave under sill/stool in the door) that mean I can't get it to look the same as the window, and will have to revert back to WinDoor again. My hopes were built up with the window, and then came crashing down with the door...
  2. @Matt Panzer, Is there anyway to get this to work with the detail level? I want high level detail for my renders & 3D models, but when doing sections it needs to basic otherwise it grinds the process to a halt. Everything looks so much better in 3Ds when modeled correctly, but need to swap to suit the situation. My option at the moment is to have two symbols and swap between them, one with the detail, and the other with just a loci. I can't seem to find another way around it to get the best of both worlds. Similar issue with roof cladding, using framing members with a custom symbol, but need to be able to use the detail level but it doesn't seem to work? Or do i just need two objects, the detailed roof object, and then the simple roof face?
  3. you can also see the videos if you change 21 to 22 on the Vectorworks main page. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-GB/2022
  4. Thanks @Matt Panzer this is great. I have been using framing & structural members with a custom profile to create vertical & horizontal siding... This will speed up the time greatly and means I don't need to cut around windows.
  5. Same issue persistent in 2021. Text style fill & text color won't override class settings.
  6. thanks @rDesign, while I was messing around, I also made the splash screen the same color as the icon. Not sure why they have stuck with black icon and a lime green splash screen for the last few versions.
  7. You don't have a 2021 version and something compatible with windows by any chance?
  8. Having this problem now, even if you set the class object to have a fill, it doesn't take the style color at all? I would have thought that the text styling should override object settings. Otherwise it makes the background color selection in text styling useless with call outs? It works with standard text (by automatically changing the object fill settings) but not with call outs, so either a bug or an oversight? Might be fixed in 2021, waiting for the localized version so I haven't been able to test.
  9. Not sure if you are still around @Assembly, but did you develop this any further by any chance?
  10. Thanks @rDesign that has done the trick and will suffice. Just now need a BIM piping tool...
  11. Any work around to get a dashed line onto a 3D polygon so I can have my 3D pipe run and still keep my 2D plan without needing to maintain a separate 2D and a 3D object? Structural Member - Can get the view to look as I want and for the most part easy to overlay on my existing 3D polygons at the right height, bit that is super frustrating is that they keep trying to auto join and placing the risers/drops is a nightmare. Framing member, no way to draw in 3D between two loci, which means having to guess/calculate the pitch/falls of the pipework rather than just inputting start & finish (as the structural member) Piping run - only 2D Any other tools that might do the job that I am missing? I think to get it as I need, I will need to EAP to get the 3D shape, and then draw a 2D line over, either symbol or have a 2D & a 3D class
  12. Problem is that the drawing name text width also changes, so if it is too short or too long, then it looks odd. I think I'll just have to set up two styles, single digit and double digit. Thanks.
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