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  1. "Fast Interactive 3D" = Sketchup interface You can select what you see. There is also X-ray mode in SU which allows to select objects hidden behind another objects ..
  2. SU was "Trimbled" and will be probably driven towards BIM
  3. How to handle BIG point clouds..
  4. Ninety-ninety rule ... "The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time."
  5. You can paste headers functions from dropdown menu on the left side of the table.
  6. Let's see VW 2014 Replacing "car" engine while moving on a highway was probably very tricky task. I would expect them to concentrate more on this core job and care less about improved aerodynamics and luggage space of the "car" I doubt that they are happy with half baked new "features" of the package ... And of course, there are comparable or better alterntives to VW, so anyone can easily vote with his/her feet .. ChrisD left for Revit and apparently Earth is still on its elliptical journey around Sun
  7. see comments bellow : Nicolas Rivera: I'm sorry Archicad Team, but this version should have been called Archicad 16.5.0. So far nothing impressing or new things that should have been integrated since version 13 at least. It reminds me some comments here on VW forum
  8. Slightly offtopic, but interesting http://www.deelip.com/?p=8642 Anthony Frausto comment from April 8 2013 cit: Absolutely. Changing kernels can be big work for the developer and there is serious financial reasons also. Not just about legacy data. Nemetschek Vectorworks switched kernels (went to Parasolid) about 4 versions back and they have just now finished up converting all the elements of their application to the new kernel. They spread out the work over many years so they could reserve developer resources for new features.
  9. Is the the 2013 trial version still available only for Service Select Members? Thanks. I was trying to download trial from the link below, but there is only zipped vw2011 ... http://www.vectorworks.net/trial/form
  10. Is the the 2013 trial version still available only for Service Select Members?
  11. Is the 2013 trial already available? http://www.vectorworks.net/trial I have got only wv 2011 "offer"
  12. Thumbs down for being bitmaps instead of vector-based. Or is it? The Architect video says they can be hidden line. In any case they won't be to scale so still not possible to dimension. ... scaled image, no snap points probably..
  13. yesssss! http://www.vectorworks.net/2013/feature_media.php?handleOversize=none&title=This%20is%20the%20Title&width=960&height=540&movie=Nfv-2013-images-on-worksheets (http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=31990&Number=157302#Post157302)
  14. .... http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2007-09-17/
  15. Look at this .. but it costs some bucks ... http://www.onyxtree.com/suite.html
  16. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/
  17. Another important thing to know is once you have joined the walls and they don't show correctly you need to start over completely......move all wall ends back, then remove any 'history' they retain by using the Remove Wall Breaks tool and then do the above. I usually use point split tool to detach and then delete "corrupted" wall ends... clean amputation
  18. Yes 2009 From what I saw 2012 should handle wall connections better.
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