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VW2013 teaser...is this the best you've got...?

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ja, its true.

Speed is not a Feature, but without speed features are worthless.

Panning zooming and the use of the Flyover tool is very clunky. Even in

just halfway Complex scenes.

It is high time, that the Open GL Dinosaur, that presented the "Lack of Memory" message is renewed.

What Tamsin Presents seems to make VW usable.

but I agree: This improvement should have been part of an update.

My guess:

Tamsin presented that improvement as a her #1, because the daily workflow/usability specially in 3D and panning zooming is now wearying,

and if it works in VW2013 like the Video shows, that will be a big relief for almost every moment of using VW.

My Hope:

There will be a couple of well thought and fully tested and working new features specially in the 3D modeling part.

The experience/doubts:

New (real) features has always needed 1 or 2 Versions (and therefore Years!) to come close to the expectations caused by the promo.

I'm sooo curious.

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Is there a chance that this might be related to implementation of multi-core/multi-thread processing (for background rendering, etc.)?

Hopefully it is indicative of general improvements / fixes on that front. When parasolids was introduce Biplab Sarkar revealed the underlying state of Vectorworks in an Architosh interview when he said "our code goes all the way back to the mid 80's" in reference to better performing softwares.

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and if it works in VW2013 like the Video shows, that will be a big relief for almost every moment of using VW.

?? On my pc here at work VW2012 works way faster than what I can see on the video. I really find that strange. What they do have solved is that it doesn't redraw at points, so it does look more fluid, but it's not faster from what I can see.

Guesse I have to wait and compare once the demo is out.

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Trust NemV to make something a "feature" that's not. Anyway this type of redraw was available in vw11 [not vw2011] until they took it out ever since.

Also NemV usually has 1 major feature per release so I don't think vw will be challenging Revit anytime soon. For vw to match Revit, it will have to have 5-10 major features in this release alone. Anyway we'll see.

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Unfortunately that video failed to excite me.... actually feeling a bit depressed now after watching it... if that is the best they have got.

A welcome improvement, but I was hoping for quite a few big improvements this year in Vectorworks, especially to help with modelling, like materials, live sections etc, there seems to be no additional tools on the palettes (although they might be hidden) .

Maybe VW have concentrated their efforts on getting rid of the bugs and making things work as they should this year, but thats going to put them further behind the competition in the BIM race.

Guess we will have to wait to the 18th and see if they have any big surprises

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I see the catch phrase for v2013 is "evolve".

Is it really possible to feel disappointed before it's even released?

Thats a good one.

may be its a reversed marketing strategy than in the past.

Lower the expectations in advance, so the the shock with the reality is

not so hard..

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