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VW2013 teaser...is this the best you've got...?

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Great, so there still might be a chance for my top 3 then :smile:

1. Materials

2. Live sections

3. Improved window and door tool and schedules

I'm putting #3 first on my list -- I've had to make my own Door Record, because among other things, the Architect Door Schedule doesn't put a dash between feet and inches.

If NVW ever does #1, they can probably do it much better than Autodesk, by making it easily accessible via the Resource Browser.

#2 Live Sections would be helpful, but I think of it more like an Autocad feature - editing inside the sheet viewport. In the past, I avoided doing this in Autocad, because zooming inside a viewport always unintentionally changes the scale.

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tsk, tsk. People, people. How can you all get excited about all these "new" features in vw2013.

I'm totally not excited for this release. There hasn't been any feature until now that is 'worth' a new version for me. VW really need to step it up this release, and I hope for there sakes that they do. Many poeple will move away if it isn't much much better, especially for the architect branch. Even I, who truly love vectorworks for many reasons, am thinking to look for other solutions.

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Revit 8 Years ago was a joke. And unless you were building skyscrapers, Revit 2 years ago was a joke. I have not used it since then, and I have heard they have made some improvements, but for the "smart sized firm" it does not seem to hold a lot of benefit. My friends at larger firms who use it say they "Love it!' but then say they do not use it for design or details - only documentation of plans sections elevations ect. I have been pushing my firm to consider moving to Revit for compatibility issues with consultants, but as a small firm that does mostly 3-5 story brownstones, it is a tough tough sell.

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Revit 8 Years ago was a joke.

I would agree. 2011 version seemed to be the turning point for Revit though.

My friends at larger firms who use it say they "Love it!' but then say they do not use it for design or details - only documentation of plans sections elevations ect.

I wonder why that is. I used to do all my details in Revit. In regards to design, in larger firms you tend to get people specialising in certain aspects of the program. For example, you had the presentation specialists who would use their software of choice. The drafties (using Revit) would then create the documentation.

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isnt it a bit early to comment on the worth of the release?

I would agree.

(Though Nemetzchek has sort of set themselves up in a way. They introduced Service Select in the US on the same cycle as new versions, so all those initial subscribers are judging the worth of renewal on the basis of an unseen product.)

The article link I posted above is an interesting read and depending upon how much is added in this upgrade it may be more than worth the price.


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The conclusion I got from my friend at Pelli is that Revit was too restrictive to design in. It was easier and less restrictive to design in Rhino and then when things are more settled move to Revit. He said that it was good for documenting a design rather than exploring design options and they did not want their thinking to be restricted by software limitations.

When I was using both, I did feel VWs allowed me to create and develop more complex ideas. The freer interface and capabilities come a cost of being more chaotic on the back end. Revit seems to document and coordinate extremely well at a cost of user freedom.

The old adage: Revit mades easy things hard and hard things easy.

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I wonder on what this is a teaser, on the glass roof made of a roof object? Can the new roof object be that good?

I think you can forget that!

We can be happy if we have visual control over roof Top/Plan View representation.......

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