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  1. i'm assuming this must be a bug (read: major oversight), but in 2013 there is no longer any way to apply a render texture to a site model...or am I missing something? this is one of those things that is really making me regret switching to the newest version before the bugs are worked out...
  2. yeah, its been really bad while trying to extract planar objects, specifically when trying to command select multiple planes...
  3. also make sure that the design layer that contains the roof is higher than the designer layer that contains the wall..for example if you you walls are on 2nd floor wall design layer that is set at 10' above the ground plane, and the roof is on a roof design layer that is at 10' above ground plane or less, even if the roof baseline is raised above the layer plane (say 2' above the layer, thus 12' above ground plane), VW still has trouble calculating the walls to meet the roof because if has to be on layer that is "above" the wall. in this example iw ould revise the roof design layer to be at 12' above ground plane and the roof baseline to be 0' relative to the design layer and thus still 12' above ground plane. i hope that makes sense.
  4. I have noticed a lot of glitches with layer plane/working plane with extrudes when i copy, paste and then rotate the extrude. there is something about the rotation that really screws up the extrude, and then when I click in to the edit extrude environment, i can no longer see other objects (regardless of my "see other objects in group editing" mode), and the working plane is not what it should be...
  5. we upgraded our iMacs to 32GB RAM which seemed to help, but still getting some crashing, which is not great, but 2012 was also still crashing fairly often even with SP5, so I/we have just become gun-shy and now save every few minutes, or anytime before doing something that regular crashes (rendering especially) the worst scenario seems to be large complex files that were started in 2012 and have been converted to 2013. files started new in 2013 seem to be at least incrementally better.
  6. at the office, 27" iMac single screen, and its gets the job done, but i am very particular about my toolbar, palette, and drawing window set up (see attached screen shot) at home I use 17" HP laptop wit a second 19" monitor; its really nice to put the toolbars and palettes on the other screen...
  7. one workaround is to do duplicate viewports: copy the viewport and paste in place...for the viewport in front, use hidden line or wireframe and adjust layer/class visibilities to show what you want to show (dimension and anything else), on the viewport in the back, set to renderered view...
  8. OK, so the detail viewport works fine if you are view porting from design layer to sheet layer, but their is a major shortcoming when detail view porting from one SLVP to another sheet layer: it doesn't copy the annotation from the original viewport!!! this makes it nearly worthless for doing detail from a larger section, or any viewport/drawing that you have 2d'd annotation in the viewport. you copy and paste the annotations from the original viewport into the new detail viewport, which effectively makes the detail viewport a waste of time... not so great...
  9. aaarrrgghhh...really having a hard time with the new pad-with-retaining edge.... i am trying to draw a pad under the existing portion of the house, and then draw an adjacent pad (touching, but not overlapping/intersecting), when i convert the polyline object to a pad, for some darn reason it forces the pads to overlap, and then it gives me an error message about intersecting pads... I have done several test now to make sure that my original polylines were not overlapping, so it is clearly something that happens during the "create objects" conversion to site modifiers...
  10. now I think it is actually a bug (will submit bug report): when the pad with retainer edge is set to modify existing, it won't send the retainer edge to the surface of the topo model, but it will if the pad with retainer is set to modify proposed....
  11. Has anyone been able to figure this out? I can sort of get it to work sometimes, but its seems to be lacking sufficient control of the retaining edge... sometimes I can get it to send the edge to the surface, but other times it just does;t seem to work right....anybody feel like this makes sense? if so, help me, please!
  12. looks like some solid improvements, can't wait to the full reveal later today...i'm hoping that they bring back export to epic (piranesi) file format...
  13. yeah, this is yet another flaw that needs to be addressed in VW modeling. With walls you can specify the scale and rotation of textures, but with columns, slabs, and many other objects, there is no control of the texture size or rotation in the OIP, so one has to resort to copying and editing the texture itself to get the desired results. It works, but is a time consuming work-around.
  14. Fo some reason, i now can't revise the edges of my slabs. previously, i could draw a rectangle and add surface/clip surface,a nd the slab would change accordingly. Now not only does this not work, but when I edit the slab path, the slab doesn't reflect the changes? is this a bug? anyone else have the same issues?
  15. I think it would be helpful to be bake to organize layers (and classes, sheets, and views, for that matter) into expandable/collapsable groups or folders. On larger project, we often have a lot of layers and sheets, and it ouwld be helpful to be able to organize them and collapse them.
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