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  1. Yoo Hoo! over there at VW...got some catching up to do. Kind of an important tool to drop the ball on for a couple years!
  2. Created a heliodon and then changed it classes, it showed up fine in the OIP but something stuck with the originbal class I created it on. If I turned it off, I then lost all shadows. In viewports that did not have the original creation class active, shadows were lost and heliodon disapeared in the Visualisation Palette. Solution was to change it back and forth between classes and magically got fixed....only wasted 2 hours trying to figure it out. Geez! Ok wrong, back at it again and it was following another class, but solution was the most obvious (Friggin Occam's Razor!); delete old heliodons and just create new ones!
  3. Hi I'm trying to import these bicycles from the Ressource Manager and I get this error message saying it canot import? I've imported many other resources with no problem. Tried in a blank document, no success.
    Hi Dom, could really use this but does not seem to work in VW 2021? I upload my text file but get no spaces returned? Thanks,
  4. Nothing working yet, there is this new Message at the top of the videos to download Quicktime 7.... hope this is not their solution as it's unsupported by Apple.
  5. Hey Juan, thanks for the speedy response by the way. Check here https://web.dev/fixing-mixed-content/ you need to try it outside your office... security compatibility
  6. Looks like there's 15 errors and 2 issues, see bottom of image, mixed content blocked in Chrome?
  7. I have tried to play these videos on all my browsers and none want to play. (Firefox, Chrome, Edge and iOS). Let me know when fixed. https://www.vectorworks.net/sketchtobim
  8. Can someone at VW tell me what method is Energos using to calculate the U-Value of wall/slab styles, Effective or Nominal? I know it’s pulling the lamba for each component but not sure how it’s adding them up...I suspect Nomimal as framing type and spacing is not specified in the styles. If so I will just use the U Value override with my own effective calcs until this can be done in Energos. Thanks
  9. With the rising need and advancement of the Energos tool, can we have a forum section dedicated to this tool. The search function is not fun. Thanks,
  10. Got the same message here...quite bizarre !
  11. Is there any future development planned for Energos? Currently I see a lack of; Usage documentation explaining each input parameter. Advanced training webinars or Service select training. Real world compliance certification with any Environmental Design standards (Even the ones available in the dropdown menu are not certified) Here in British Columbia Canada, we now have the BC Step Code https://energystepcode.ca/about/ that we need to comply to. So Energos would need to have been tested with ANSI/ASHRAE 140 "Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs". Kiddy up VW! This ball of mud is melting as it spins!
  12. Add to your list that it does not makes sense to have the control handles for up/down text on same floor, should be controllable on each respective floor...it's like a guessing game position the upper floors text currently. see attached.
  13. Again, it's a basic tool that ALL designers need to use and it's been neglected by VW so they choose to put resources into currently useless point clouds, virtual reality and mobile Nomad junk that does not event work....All the Bling Bling will end into a Bang Crash for VW
  14. Yo! VW developers...Either fix the tool or take it out as it's a useless piece of junk...NO results since this was submitted in 2016 and probably before...sad! Oh but don't tell me we have point clouds instead, more junk bling bling!
  15. Can anyone reproduce this? In VW 2019 sp 2 When I use the measure tool in a viewport it rounds to the nearest inch, despite my document settings being set to 1/16" precision.
  16. Slab edge offset does not highlight the selected edge, so it essentially a guessing game which edge we are trying to offset components on.
  17. Here's a bug i've replicated at least ten times today; If you replace about 25 to 30 sheet styles and their sheet size on already existing sheet layers, VW 2019 Sp2 will consistently crash...more joy!
  18. @Charlie Winter Was wondering the same here but simply discouraged with VW 2019 bugs reporting. Just sloppy.
  19. I've ran into issues, some were fixed by simply entering and exiting the "edit bitmap" dialog. But in plan view viewports, i have bitmaps that dot not show on my screen but when I export out to PDF they export as usual...It's painful
  20. Still very unstable and frequent crashing after update to SP2...Disappointed to say the least. Again...WHO CARES ABOUT POINT CLOUDS AND VR IF I CAN'T EVEN DRAW A HOUSE EFFICIENTLY. Burning hours.
  21. I cannot believe this 2019 version was actually released to the public....simply horrible experience. I cannot put up with this any longer. CIAO.
  22. This is not done yet...since 2016 !!!! Seems more important than point cloud toys to me... I have a slab not perpendicular to the axis and have to workaround.
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