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  1. Yes but in the name of efficiency, please. We can do it with the Grid line tool so why not with the Elevation Benchmark tool, seems like a functionality oversight.
  2. Simple request, The Elevation Benchmark tool should have the option to display Label at both ends.
  3. Would be great if someone at VW could develop a marionette network to send data to Passive House energy modeling tool PHPP similar to what Perkins Will has done here in Rhino. https://research.perkinswill.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/2020-Fall-incubator_CheneyCillian_compress.pdf Maybe this should be tied into the Energos development team.
  4. Getting a Geopy missing popup in VW 2023 and then this error after it said it installed?
  5. Handrails and guardrails are still a mess in the stair tool…like 20 years later!
  6. Anyone know how to get the licence manager to work properly in 2023? I have VW 2022 and 2023 installed and can only open VW 2023, I get the attached message. I tried the obvious, restart and complete shutdown of commuter but no luck. Thanks
  7. @Matt Panzer Yes they cross over each other. It's the section thru the carport. Weird because all the other ones are fine.
  8. I am having issues with the gridline tool in VW 2022; in some random section viewports they will only show if I reverse direction? Is this a known issue? Things I did check, Class and Layer are on in VP, Section line is perpendicular to Grids, and I tried recreating the VP wich gave me same issue. Thanks
  9. There is some quirky behavior with almost anything being updated, the computer screen does not seem to get refreshed automatically. For me it's just a matter of zooming/pan with my mouse to get this to refresh. Maybe same for you.?
  10. New computer here, all is running fine but I was wondering if there are any recommended settings I should tweak in the Radeon Pro W6600 settings for Vectorworks Designer 2022 since it is a certified graphics card thought there would be more details from VW guys? Running Twinmotion as well if that would be affected. Thanks
  11. Thanks, exactly what I needed. Some GC's will love that I dare give them quantities!
  12. How to create a "Wall Schedule" or "Finish Legend" from DATA TAGS TOOL ???? If possible at all, documentation is poor on this. I currently use the Callout tool...but my VW Roadmap understanding is that we should be migrating away from this process? Thanks,
  13. Would like to be able to rotate it so I can use it in roof plan views (ya I know I can decompose and group it but that's not a time saver). Also need more control to stop the rounding especially for roofs that are below 1:12"
  14. Well this post is from 2012...but WE STILL HAVE UGLY UNRESOLVABLE STAIR GUARDRAILS AND HANDRAILS....pretty simple basic stuff a BIM software package needs to be able to do. RANT OVER,...NUF SAID! BLA!
  15. @Wes Gardner Another problem with the Wall component offsets in the OIP is that what is allowed is different weather the wall has a Slab object bound to it or Not. 1. If the Wall has a slab bound to it YOU CAN ONLY OFFSET THE BOTTOM NOT THE TOP. BUT 2. If the wall is not bound to a slab you you are free to offset top or bottom. This renders the slab bounding function useless and it should have the same flexibility as the unbounded wall. Not to mention it confuses everyone why their able sometimes to offset wall tops and not another as it not obvious a slab is bounded or not to the walls...This should be filed as a bug IMO.
  16. @Wes GardnerI have a question regarding how VW handles worksheet calculations for component areas of the same Wall Styles with DIFFERENT component offsets in the OIP . The fact that the most obvious shown wall height in the OIP is not accurate will bring all users to hesitate and question VW when we try to use it's BIM data. In your Split Level Model both main floor walls (shorter and taller ones) show up in the OIP as 9'-0" height...when they are clearly not the same height? So my question is; Despite this OIP wrong information will VW calculate component areas accurately in a worksheet? This stuff need to be CLEAR AND ACCURATE as Serious monetary consequences will result in sharing data. Thanks
  17. VW needs to have a setting in VW Preferences so that when I import anything, let's say a "Material", I am able to have mapped that it's dependent sub-orjects like Texture and Fill will land in a preselected "Texture Folder" and "Fill Folder" as opposed to creating a new folder (in this case a zNested Folder). Because my files keep getting messy and I feel like the maid wasting a lot of time re-organizing. ....will be funny in 20 years from now for me to revisit this wish and still nothing done.
  18. Maybe VW should just ditch their Family product Redshift for AMD Radeon ProRender....https://architosh.com/2021/11/amd-supports-hip-based-rendering-for-blender-3-0/ Using GPU & CPU to it's max! Many plug-ins available already here https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-prorender ....but not for VW unfortunately More AMD ProRender info here: https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-prorender I'm fine to use Redshift...but you gotta make it work with AMD on PC
  19. @Matt HagenGot it, 2 WinDoor objects far in space. Deleted and all good now.
  20. @Matt HagenGotta run get my Daughter...but pretty sure your problem is that there are stray items floating off in layer space, super far from the origin. That always causes problem. turn on all layers and classes, do "select all" from the edit menu and then zoom to selected items and you'll see how far out things are spread. Just unselect the required model geometry and delete, should do it for you.
  21. Is it something like this problem with Redshift?
  22. To expand on this request I am finding that the New Materials vs using Component Classes (as previous VW method) there are some limitations in "Materials" visual control in Viewports on a per item basis. Example, I often need to show multiple Exterior Cladding Schemes to clients, With the classes method I need to have several wall style for each cladding type and then override the viewport Class to do iterations. Now with Material, I still need to create several wall types using a specific cladding Material for each but my options now to control iterations in Viewports is to either; Use the new Data Visualization feature to override each specific Material, OR Link each Materials Fill and Texture to a Component Class...but this would just end up as previous VW method (and would be incredibly long to re-setup all the Materials already provided in the Library) What is odd to me is that with the new Materials method, I am saving on adding classes but I now have Many Materials to manage. If Material will have further implementation uses then it makes sense but not currently IMO. One thing that materials need is the ability to be used in Section Details in Viewport Annotations, as you can see in the attached screenshot we need to be able to select which Material Part we want to use (Fill, Texture or Hatch) AND we must be able to control the selected parts Scale/Rotation/offset(alignment). With such a system then we could use the same Materials at deferent scales in Layers AND Viewports.
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