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  1. Got the same message here...quite bizarre !
  2. Is there any future development planned for Energos? Currently I see a lack of; Usage documentation explaining each input parameter. Advanced training webinars or Service select training. Real world compliance certification with any Environmental Design standards (Even the ones available in the dropdown menu are not certified) Here in British Columbia Canada, we now have the BC Step Code https://energystepcode.ca/about/ that we need to comply to. So Energos would need to have been tested with ANSI/ASHRAE 140 "Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs". Kiddy up VW! This ball of mud is melting as it spins!
  3. Add to your list that it does not makes sense to have the control handles for up/down text on same floor, should be controllable on each respective floor...it's like a guessing game position the upper floors text currently. see attached.
  4. HEY! Are you guys going to fix this...GEEZ!
  5. Again, it's a basic tool that ALL designers need to use and it's been neglected by VW so they choose to put resources into currently useless point clouds, virtual reality and mobile Nomad junk that does not event work....All the Bling Bling will end into a Bang Crash for VW
  6. Yo! VW developers...Either fix the tool or take it out as it's a useless piece of junk...NO results since this was submitted in 2016 and probably before...sad! Oh but don't tell me we have point clouds instead, more junk bling bling!
  7. Can anyone reproduce this? In VW 2019 sp 2 When I use the measure tool in a viewport it rounds to the nearest inch, despite my document settings being set to 1/16" precision.
  8. Slab edge offset does not highlight the selected edge, so it essentially a guessing game which edge we are trying to offset components on.
  9. Here's a bug i've replicated at least ten times today; If you replace about 25 to 30 sheet styles and their sheet size on already existing sheet layers, VW 2019 Sp2 will consistently crash...more joy!
  10. @Charlie Winter Was wondering the same here but simply discouraged with VW 2019 bugs reporting. Just sloppy.
  11. I've ran into issues, some were fixed by simply entering and exiting the "edit bitmap" dialog. But in plan view viewports, i have bitmaps that dot not show on my screen but when I export out to PDF they export as usual...It's painful
  12. Still very unstable and frequent crashing after update to SP2...Disappointed to say the least. Again...WHO CARES ABOUT POINT CLOUDS AND VR IF I CAN'T EVEN DRAW A HOUSE EFFICIENTLY. Burning hours.
  13. I cannot believe this 2019 version was actually released to the public....simply horrible experience. I cannot put up with this any longer. CIAO.
  14. This is not done yet...since 2016 !!!! Seems more important than point cloud toys to me... I have a slab not perpendicular to the axis and have to workaround.
  15. BUG, if I divide my window in 4 columns, then lock the 2 center panes, then divide the unit in 2 rows, I get what you see to the left of the attached image. The BUG comes in when I make the 2 top end panes as operable casement (as they were all fixed type initially). This cause sash and glass panes to get change sizes and misaligned to one another.
  16. VW is still not remembering the last view of a saved file with 2019 SP 1.1.....note that I posted here as Juan locked his forum post, guessing he did not want to get beeped with all our comments!?
  17. Glad to see the Hamster wheels are spinning at VW 😉
  18. With all this AI and machine learning stuff going around on the internets, would it not be feasible to enable Autosave but have VW software recognize that we are in the middle of an operation or viewport rendering, in which case it would either abort the autosave & reset it's timer OR monitor the usage till the next inactive opportune moment to autosave.
  19. Hey Peter thank you once again for putting me back on the right path, this is what I tested out and resolved my problem. The fit walls was not working properly as my gypsum ceiling plane extended to the interior face of the exterior walls only (as it would be built). But because my interior walls have T-joins to the exterior walls, their control point in plan view ends up at the center of the exterior walls. So to remedy, as you suggested, I simply duplicated the and offset temporary "dummy" geometry for the ceiling plane and ran the "fit walls to object" command again, all was resolved. @Jim Wilson this is odd behavior as every-time I have a sloped ceiling with wall joins i'd have to create temp "dummy geometry" due to the control point being offset outside the ceiling plane.
  20. The frustration with VW 2019 on this forum is very reminiscent of several years ago...what has happened to the quality control and pride of issuing stable software. I personally feel that VW should be paying me/us to file all these bugs as it's become ridiculous. Sorry but here's NOT HAPPY. I mean issue a release with less new features, but it's got to be usable software at a minimum.
  21. Fit walls to object not working is not working in 2019 see screen capture below.
  22. I have a Marionnette object written by DomC in German, can Vectorworks translate to English?...Can a Marionette object be done to translate another Marionette object using Google Translate?
  23. Ah found it, now to translate and figure out how it woks! The forum link is here , I was searching for Nesting instead of Packing. Thanks,
  24. Hi, I thought I saw somewhere a Marionette network for nesting geometric shape parts within a rectangle. I need this to layout parts quickly on a plywood sheet for CNC cutout. Here's an example, Anyone?
  25. I don't know if VW get's it, but they need to slow down on the annual release features that simply make the latest version UNUSABLE. To top it off they actually advertised that this release as follows and I quote "Dr. Sarkar said this year when they approached the development of version 2019 they divided 90 tasks into three major categories. These three categories were simplifying workflows, enhancing modeling, and lastly, enhancing quality and performance." Pretty hard to do when the software barely works, Rant over!


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