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On 12/17/2021 at 1:16 AM, Christiaan said:

1. Subforum for forum

Back in the day when Jim was around the forum took leaps and bounds, but since his exit there's been less active management, and things seem to be slipping through the net. See item 2 to 4 below as a sample.


To help mitigate the loss of Jim, can we have a subforum for the forum so that we separate out topics about the forum from everything else? I think this would help us users and VW staff to actively maintain the forum a bit better.


All of these posts could be moved to such a subforum: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/search/&tags=forum


2. Ability to mark trouble-shooting solutions

1678919533_Screenshot2021-12-16at11_39_18.png.89bd92b0a43ac4f07836d579e622dfdb.pngIn June there was forum update and I noticed this little tag for the first time (which isn't always visible for some reason). I'm not sure how long this has been around but it's the number of one's posts that have been marked as "solutions" (or "community answers") in the trouble-shooting sub-forum.



But we seem to have lost the ability to mark posts as "solutions" many years ago. Certainly if I go to any of my trouble-shooting posts I'm unable to mark any of the answers as solutions.

  1. Can we have this ability back, to mark answers as solutions? https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/68627-ability-to-upvote-responses-to-my-own-trouble-shooting-posts/
  2. Having the ability to upvote helpful answers (but which are not the solution) would also be useful.
  3. And can we also have a Solutions leaderboard widget: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/85002-solutions-leaderboard-widget/

3. Events calendar subscription all-day events still not resolved

This problem is still not resolved, where all-day events blot out the calendar: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/80308-correct-configuration-of-all-day-events-in-community-calendar/


4. Datamanager subforum

This seems like a good idea, but it's been lost in the VW Wishlist subforum, as my posts above have been, so would also benefit from have a subforum for the forum.



I belong to a group blog (30000 members) and they have a meta-page to raise issues, suggestions and problems about the forum. Might something like that be helpful here? I see this forum as critical to being able to operate with VW, I'm surprised VW does not involve themselves more in it. Rhino's forum is slightly better, Sketchucation is probably the best working forum.


This forum definitively needs to enforce a users VW platform (win/mac) and version  - that wastes a lot of time, and if I don't see (or already know) that info I wont go and look at topic.


(a good forum is almost as important as the software IMO as there's plenty of good CADs that are basically useless without a user-group working out how to operate.) 

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