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  1. Hi all, When i'm creating a new file to use as a site plan and import the house file to the site plan, the roofs are never rendered properly this is happening since Vw 2018, i have submitted several reports but still no one knows how to fix this, does this happens to anyone else ? To mention that i've checked classes which are turned on but still doesn't render, saved, closed the file, opened the file again still the same. EDIT: Forgot to mention that the render is being done by component and not by object
  2. FBernardo

    Imported files not rendering the Roofs properly

    No, i'm importing them as two separate viewports, The issue i believe is in the way the render is done on the main file, if i change the render style from Component to Object the roof will appear so it seams, but i'm supposing that it shouldn't happen like this as both options should render properly, in vw2018 was much worse as neither options would work.
  3. FBernardo

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Thanks i've sent the email to them!
  4. FBernardo

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Hi Jim Wilson, I would like to enquire if there is an OFFLINE file link to use with the updater, as my office internet connection is not really good and updating 4 machines can be quite a heavy duty.
  5. Hi all, I wanted to know if these issues are recurring to you guys too. I don't usually have Heavy files as per some of you might have with huge projects. So my issues are The data bar when i'm drawing a line (i usually use this to take quick measurements) bugs out and i cannot write more than a single number on the L: (see attached image) but this bug doesn't just stays in the Line command also goes to the Dimension tool (Unconstrained linear Dimension tool) Another one is a constant random crash even thought the file is not a heavy one (working on a single Dwelling house with 2 floors), it does have a few symbols and textures working on it and i've already done a new file(the original and first file i spotted this was an import from Vw2018) and drawn from scratch same crashes and issues happen. Is this something that is happening to anyone else and how can i fix it, if there is a fix? My VW is 2019 SP2 (Build 463397)
  6. FBernardo

    Trouble with Window tool

    that comment of mine comes from reading the forum and i saw people mentioning it, but to be honest the whole thing needs a complete overhaul design 😄
  7. FBernardo

    Trouble with Window tool

    Why can't you change to the original version of Vectorworks, i don't know if the licence will be the same but is worth to ask! I always though that the localisations would be just Text translations, not complete overhauls in the software, apparently in a german/dutch version they have a very competent stair tool (i think, don't quote me there). In the symbols options there are (at least on mine) a few options for Full break; Half break - Center line; right or left position which makes the symbols work properly in a wall. In regards to Stair tool they are going to redesign the whole tool there is a post asking for suggestions and so on how to improve the existing one, so if you have some good input go there leave your 5cents 🙂
  8. FBernardo

    Trouble with Window tool

    @Phileas I'm using the 2018/2019 english version (i believe it's the original, and as far i'm aware there are localisations that change the interface of the menus) sadly i cannot help you with that 😞
  9. FBernardo

    Trouble with Window tool

    I believe you can do that in the Custom section of the window tool, where you can give it multiple rows and columns and even make them fixed, openable (see the picture attached, i've marked the options)
  10. FBernardo

    Window/door - ID TAG

    Hi all, I'm using now Vw2019 and this is happening to me, I usually use the ID Tag option in the window and door tool to identify and now on the elevations it just shows a blank square while it should show the id tag, am i doing something wrong or missing a tick somewhere? See attached pictures ID tag - is how it shows in Elevation mode ID tag 1 - is in Section Mode ID tag 2 - is the Elevation Properties ID tag 3 - is the Background render settings All the classes are showing up, if i go to the model it shows normally and in the Window/Door Settings it shows on the preview. EDIT: missed the information that in the WINDOW/DOOR tool the options "Show Tag in 2D" and "Show Tag in 3D" are ticked. Many thanks in advance for the help, and WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😄 ID Tag 1 ID Tag 2 ID Tag 3 ID Tag
  11. Hi all, I've come apart with this (see attached file) while i'm working on a layer i have usually the roof layer greyed out so i can see where things are going, but today i came across this RWP showing pink instead of Grey, and in my head just comes "HOW"? because everything else is greyed out. Any ideas ???
  12. FBernardo

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    I have stopped relying on this tool and use a website (uk based) for designing the stairs and is so easy that even offers a good 3D visualiser. The simplicity of this website is in giving values when we set the floor height that then will generate accordingly the design that we will see in Plan and then in 3D, we can then add accessories and so on. I would suggest on trying to contact these people and see how they've built this tool and use similar features. Also i would suggest a better "rules" management on the stair, as i've setup the UK Building regulations in the stair tool and i never know if it's actually using it or not. The possibility to actually change the drawing shape of the geometry offered by the tool, the existing one is just impossible to work with. I hope this helps and let's improve the stair tool! I've attached the stair tool vs the website i've mentioned and it's the exact same values and the geometry created is nothing alike. (the stair values in vectorworks are rounded up, but are the same)
  13. FBernardo

    Are Apple's "turbo boost" MacBooks worth it?

    Hi all, I was thinking on getting the Apple macbook pro (for quite a while that i'm thinking on buying one) the only ones that are adequate for VW use is the 15" model or the 13" is also a good machine to work?? (the screen size obviously is a downside but would it work with the intel iris) ?? Has anyone tested the VW2018/2019 on these new macbook pro's ??
  14. FBernardo

    Brick Calculation

    Hi all, we are a relatively small company and we aren't using BIM to it's fully extent is there any way to actually have the information to calculate bricks and blocks throughout the project? If so, is there any tutorial or videos ? Many thanks for the help!
  15. FBernardo

    Create a fence gate with no frame along top.

    Hi all, I wanted to add a door to a fence what would be the best way to proceed? Create a fence and plunk a door in it which won't look good is there any other way of doing this?
  16. Hi all, I don't know if i'm writing on the right section but here it goes, 1 - Why not add some stair information when selected on the object info palette (might be grey) like the door/window, showing thread, riser sizes and width ? This gives information without having to go into the stair tool that might take some time loading! Edit: "2 - Is it possible to make the Scroll wheel from the mouse scroll up/down in the classes selection when you are trying to change it in the OIP tab Shape besides pressing the up/down arrows (it just makes easier to scroll with the wheel)" Kind Regards,
  17. FBernardo

    Test rendering time by the community

    My pc specs (personal pc, not work pc) AMD Ryzen 1600x 16gb ram 2333mhz (waiting to upgrade it to 32gb) m.2 ssd 250gb (where software is installed) Gtx 1080ti H115i cooler And i've rendered the Jim W style in 11m 11s the other one i haven't tried out! I have a question regarding the grass, how to make this kind of grass ?
  18. Hi all, i was wondering if anyone has a better/more efficient way of drafting a full planning documentation from a Location plan to detailing? (Presently i'm using single houses type files and referencing them to a "main" file that i call "SITE PLAN" and here i do location plans, landscaping, highway works etc) and leave the sheets with the house type plans for the single house type files. 1. is this the best way of doing it? (in terms of file size, workflow/less time consuming) 2. for different type of plans i have to multiply the references so i can use different presentations from the house files, (to avoid changing layers, classes every time i want to publish a different sheet, usually making the drawings a bit heavy load) Any better ideas? Kind Regards,
  19. FBernardo

    For SITE PLANs what is best in workflow

    This was a long due bad import i believe it was done in the VW2017 and i just picked it up to do some corrections and additional work on the file! Well we will have to work with it until they figure it out how to change class names like the German side of the VW does! Thanks for the input and that file i might use it for another thing but i don't know if it will actually works for what i want.
  20. FBernardo

    For SITE PLANs what is best in workflow

    I've found this post Have this been implemented yet? as i actually wanted to do something similar after a "bad" import from DWG file...
  21. FBernardo

    For SITE PLANs what is best in workflow

    Thanks for the heads up on this one!
  22. FBernardo

    For SITE PLANs what is best in workflow

    OHHHH this is a nice magic trick can i import several at the same time ? (hope so)
  23. FBernardo

    For SITE PLANs what is best in workflow

    Many thanks for this! although it's an option i think it will not work for what we actually want as we're using 4 different styles of houses in a single site plan and i believe would make a big mess with too many layers! But is another option! Another question is it possible to actually COPY classes from another file to an older one without copying an object within that class ?
  24. FBernardo

    For SITE PLANs what is best in workflow

    How do you reference layers ? The file is not that "huge" at least comparable to the ones Art V uses they're like small parks, but there is always so many issues with them that i really don't understand what is going on with the software. So what we started doing to avoid getting the files very heavy and with loads of layers (the group of layers for each house) we've tried put the same floors on the same layers and so on, but what we are seeing that works the best is referencing the file as we have almost the same control as if the building is in the file but is not. The problems start when the reference system go bust and roofs disappear (while in the file they're fine and working fine). My question here was to see other options besides this one and we might try the symbol system as Art V mentioned to see if it works for us...
  25. FBernardo

    For SITE PLANs what is best in workflow

    ok, i'm using the references as the way you said with the symbols, i use the reference of foundations in a layer the ground floor in another and the roof in another. so kinda putting in some examples, to be sure that i understood it correctly, i can make the foundations plan from my several houses, into a symbol which i can then copy and will be lighter than the reference itself ? Then how will the symbol behave with several rendering textures, as for example, i have the exterior walls with bricks, plinth and some timber cladding into them wouldn't it be the same "weight" in the symbol as it is in the reference ? What we are doing is, Drainage sheet will have the drainage layout and the foundations plan for the houses, Landscape plan will be the Roof plan, private roads, tress... Site plan will be with ground floor and other informations etc So you think making the symbols with the foundations, ground floor and roof would help and work in the same way ?


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