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  1. Kevin McAllister's post in Models disappearing when I switch to Top/Plan View was marked as the answer   
    My guess from your images is that your floor is a hybrid PIO or symbol that is stacked on top of everything else except the projector. You can just see your pipe and drape peeking out on either side of the floor in the top/plan view. You will need to adjust the stacking order of your objects and send the floor object to the back (Modify>Send>Send to Back or Command B). You can see the projector because its a hybrid PIO. If it was the last object you placed, its on top of everything else.
    Stacking order affects all objects both 2d and 3d, but screen plane objects sit on top of everything else. The hybrid objects contain screen plane objects as their 2d component.
  2. Kevin McAllister's post in How to determine or set print order of sheet layers with multiple pages was marked as the answer   
    I think you'll find the difference is related to the page orientation (portrait vs landscape) -

    Its also consistent with the arrow direction shown when choosing the page orientation -

    I suspect you could work around it by defining custom page sizes that have their measurements reversed if you wanted more control.
  3. Kevin McAllister's post in Extrude as path extremely laggy was marked as the answer   
    Don't use 3d polygons. If you right click on the EAP and choose edit path you can see the conversion to 3d polygons created a piece of geometry with way too many points.
    In this instance you don't actually need to convert the path to anything. The conversion to EAP will do it for you, converting it to NURBS. I would recommend always using NURBS curves anyway if you need 3d paths. See attached file for an example using just a simple arc instead of your converted arc. If you edit the path you'll see VW converted it to a NURBS curve which only has a couple of points.
    Remember that VW is not a polygon modeller and is not optimized for dealing with polygons in the way you're using them.
    Alan's method of building a single shelf in plan and duplicating an array to create the stack would also be a good approach. Add extrudes starting in plan for the verticals. Alternately you could also create the shelves with a sweep since its a radius based curve.
    extrude-test KM.vwx
  4. Kevin McAllister's post in Today's Date and Time was marked as the answer   
    Use the Data Stamp Tool. It will allow you to do this as long as Reset all plugins checkbox is selected in the Print Dialog.
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