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Ability to bookmark specific posts within the forum software



@JimWcould you have a look to see if there are any ways to add bookmarking for specific posts within the forum?


Every now and then I come across posts that I'd like to save for easy recall, little gems like this:



The reason I'd like bookmarking within the forum software rather than using an external bookmark solution is that URLs can change over the years with forum upgrades, so internal bookmarks are more likely to remain in place over the years.

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I was just going to post a wishlist for this very thing. As @Christiaan said way back in 2017 — the ability to bookmark individual forum posts would be a great timesaver on the user forum.

Right now the only way I can reliably save Vw solutions that I found on the Forum which I need to refer back to later is by Following topics. This becomes cumbersome when you’ve got dozens of topics you’re following and no way to find which exact post you were interested in. And the title of the Topic chosen by the topic’s author may not be of much use in finding what you were trying to remember.

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On 3/3/2023 at 9:21 AM, Christiaan said:

Third party Bookmark plugin available here, @JuanP?


Bumping this topic, it would really be great to have Bookmarks for topics on the forum.

The link that Christiaan posted is now dead — but I found a new link for it, or at least another possible third-party plug-in.


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