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  1. Hello Toby. Apple Metal is a separate thing. These 2021 enhancements target the CPU. We are committed to providing a smooth transition to Apple’s Metal. In 2021 our focus is to maintain quality and stability as Apple transitions to its new Big Sur Mac OS 11. That said, please know that we are hard at work transitioning our VGM to use Metal and we plan to replace all OpenGL with Metal for the 2022 release. Speaking of Big Sur... It is very nice to report that we have been working with Apple and their Big Sur beta since its introduction in late June - ALL known issues have been resolved. We will be providing more updates about Big Sur compatibility in the near future.
  2. Mark, we look forward to our Developer Kit arrival on July 7!
  3. Here at Vectorworks, we downloaded Big Sur beta as soon as it was available. Vectorworks launches and Runs! We will be evaluating Vectorworks and the new macOS 11 this week. We will be working hard to make sure Vectorworks runs well on Big Sur when it is released. And, we will also be preparing a Vectorworks that is ready to run natively on Apple's new "Silicon" when it hits the streets in late 2020. We will keep you posted about our progress. Cheers!
  4. We would love to gain access to these files and workflows so we can find and resolve these issues. As Juan said, we are looking forward to receiving the info that will help us. R+D will be very happy to dig in and work on this! Thanks in advance. Please post files here: https://vectorworks.groupdropbox.com/upload/fa8538f52f8a236bb2a139a8eb4a8955 Steve Johnson
  5. The Tape Measure Tool; First of all, I would like to make perfectly clear that we do not want you to waste all this time. SO? this discussion is sure to go a long way to resolving these issues as we work hard to move this software forward. Thanks, It is very helpful to focus on specifics. Current state of the Tape Measure Tool: This tool used to be limited to the screen plane and would only work when the screen/view was lined up with the objects being measured. Frustration and misbehavior: The tool currently requires a 3D plane. It should still support measuring if the Active Plane is set to Screen Plane. This is a BUG. Currently, measuring must occur with the object aligned to the current 3D plane. In Front view, the application will align a temporary 3D plane to the front view and the tool will measure as it would if the active plane was set to Screen Plane. Additional note: We recognize that this tool should not require a plane to measure objects. Again? We do not intend for you to waste time - please know that we will incorporate this feedback into our process so we can resolve this issue. Thanks!!
  6. Jim, Consider this Crickets Chirping :-) We regret that you have lost so much time with these issues. Let's see if we can figure out how we can best address the concerns being expressed. For the purpose of this discussion, let's assume that we want our workflow to match those in 2009 and earlier - we want 2D objects to be attached to the Screen and not attached to a 3D location. This is a perfectly good workflow - it was all there was for so many years. It is a workflow that we tried very hard to continue to support. To remain competitive and viable we must continue to move forward. Please know that we place an extreme high priority on existing workflows as we consider the changes we make to the application. So? We want to set the active plane to be Screen Plane while using the Selection Tool or any tool that creates 2D objects. If the Active plane is set to Screen, then it should remain set to screen plane whenever the Selection Tool or 2D tool is active. This will cause all 2D objects created to be assigned to the screen plane. It will also cause the Selection tool to operate in the screen plane - this also provides the behavior for the 2D Selection tool of 2009. So we should have Active Plane = Screen Plane whenever we use a 2D tool - Just like 2009 and before. If a 3D or Hybrid tool is activated then the Active Plane can't be the screen plane - it still shows the active plane and this plane must be a 3D plane - usually the Layer plane. If you return to a 2D tool or the Selection tool the Active plane will show "Screen Plane" Once a 2D object is created, the Shape pane in the OIP has a Plane popup showing the plane it is assigned to. Let's consider this a start to the conversation. We certainly will get into more detail as this conversation continues. Steve Johnson Nemetschek Vectorworks


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