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Tom Klaber

Project Sharing - Where are we?

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Hi All, 

I am new to vectorworks and been using revit and archicad for years. 

These software it good and would be better if  VW improves the following:

1. make project sharing as effective as worksharing in revit. 

2. Please come up with cloud server like BIM360, would be extremely useful during these covid. 

3. File referencing in VW makes the file bigger. It shouldn't be, the reference file should function as proxy file and should not add to the file size of the base model. Please check how revit did it. I am doing big and complex project and once I referenced IFC files (YES, only relevant components are loaded), the files become very big. 

4. provide more video tutorials, cheat sheets and create a books like "vectorworks for grandma"  for new users

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We are experiencing problems with project sharing.We are using 2019


There are three of us but only two people can access the file. The Administrator and one other.

I am unable to check out drawings because it said the "Project fIle is in use by another user"

I am not able to ADD myself to the administrators list of people.


We have two vectorworks licences with the same company names but not the same licence obviously.


Is that the possible reason?


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Hi - we do all have licences ( three in total) only two of the programmes are named  the same.

We don't know if this is causing a problem with " finding' other users or not which basically isn't letting me access other than to read only? 

attached the  message i get. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 15.05.05.png

Edited by Victoria Casey Fierro

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10 minutes ago, Victoria Casey Fierro said:

only two of the programmes are named  the same

Could you please clarify what you mean by this?


It seems you only have read permission on the Project File. Please check that you have full access to the Project File.

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Thanks for your response. 

That is the problem the person who is administrator of the drawing cannot find me to give me permission.

I do not come up in order to give me access to the files.

The other non admin person who has a vectorworks using her name as on the licence comes up as a user that can be added to the list of people.  

Maybe that's what I need to change my user name. 

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Thanks Juan, 

We are having real trouble with the project sharing set up! 

Now we have managed to have all the users open it and able to use it but project file does not update and doesn't save on our server!! 

It's a nightmare - we will have to go back to copy pasting the old fashion way!

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On 11/20/2019 at 6:12 AM, Christiaan said:

Pretty solid on Dropbox.

You keep saying this but you should do the VW community a favor and document your setups and process so others can also be successful. There is a lot of pain going on with Dropbox and cloud services—so urgently needed now in this pandemic time—and Project Sharing. My office is having new issues now that we were not having a year ago. 

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We are using google drive file stream.  All working from home.  One user is on PC and one is on mac.


We have the network protocol set to SMB


we have been successful at working, sharing and saving our project.  We have gotten a message about permission being changed and not being able to commit our work.

(see image)


we can rebuild from saved copies and get things going again but the problem sees to keep showing up.  


Its becoming a serious problem with our work flow

any thoughts on this issue

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 11.09.42 AM.png

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