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  1. Do the original symbols have a solid fill? If so then after courting to group there should be a poly in the group with that fill. If not then perhaps using the compose command will join the ungruoped lines into a polys and then use the add surface command to combine into one poly. Failing that you may have to trace. Setting the poly tool to selected area in the mode bar might be useful.
  2. With the magic wand tool click on the settings (spanner) icon in the mode bar. You can set the tool to select all items of the same class. My suggestion would be to make all attributes “by-class” then adjust the class attributes to your preference.
  3. In New Zealand the “tread” depth is the distance from the front edge of the tread to where it hits the riser. The “going” is the horiz distance from front edge of tread to front edge of the next tread. (I.e. tread minus nosing). I only recent realised vw treads are different from NZ treads....
  4. The legend maybe small and / located somewhere unexpected. It should be on the current layer and on the none class. If you can’t find Use the custom selection tool to search for keynote legends.
  5. There are two really good scripts posted on the forum that can rename 1. the selected or 2. all viewports to the convention: sheet number/ drawing number/ drawing name. I use it all the time . I can dig it out if you want it.
  6. How bizzare! Yes I added a couple of columns and now it works. I then deleted both the columns and it still works. Bugsville! How bizzare also that you managed to figure that out!!!!
  7. 100% positive. So yes I opened the file in vw2020 and it works, so it must not work in 2019. That's fine, good to know this capability is there in later versions. I will revisit this again when I am actually using vw2020 (or it looks likely we'll be holding off to vw2021 now). Cheers!
  8. Hi Pat. File attached. Thanks for having a look. Viewport worksheet.vwx
  9. Boh


    The easiest way to make a new titleblock is to duplicate an extg one that has all the bits you need and then just Edit it to how you want. It sounds like it would be worthwhile for you to use title block styles too. So find a title block you like. If it’s a styled title block then right click on it and go to “ locate tbb style in resource manager, then duplicate that and edit to suit. If it’s an unstyled tbb then make it into a tbb style and edit that to suit. Styles will give you more control across a file and between files. cheers
  10. Objects need to have a fill for the texture to appear on. So check the walls have a fill. If the walls have no components then just check that in the attributes palette the fill style is not set to none. If the walls have components then check in the component settinha that at least one component has a fill.
  11. So show planar objects is on? Maybe try a vp with all classes visible. Happy to take a look if you want to post the file. Or just use the data tag tool. This works pretty t good in VP annotations.
  12. Thanks Pat. Will post file on Monday. I actually hit the “always execute” option as I was trying lots of variations in the worksheet and got annoyed with the pop up.
  13. Hi Pat. I can't get this to work. What am I doing wrong? 2020-07-31 17-54-27.mp4
  14. Hey @The Hamma this is a nice script that I've finally got around to checking out. Could be really usefully when experimenting with different textures. Are you using it in your workflow? Would it be useful iof the script also placed the selected object in the newly created class as well as made the object's take on the class texture? Thanks for sharing it.
  15. Why don't you upgrade to 2109! 🙂 The latest/ last service pack for vw2019 is sp6.


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