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  1. I have a script I can share which updates all SLVPs on a sheet. I can do it when I’m back at work on Monday if you want.
  2. Sorry I can't provide useful comment on vw2019. You can update your signature on your account settings:
  3. I take it you are working on vw2016 as per your signature? I haven't used the space tool on 2016 but have on 2018 with success. I have a standard space object symbol I use with multiple labels that has my preferred space object settings including classing of elements. I am not using 2019 yet as from what I understand, mainly from this forum, that it is too buggy.
  4. Boh

    List All Classes in file

    Thanks @Pat Stanford & @twk. These are really useful.
  5. Boh


    There are a couple of 3rd party plugins for breaklines you could try. The Breaker_v1 pugin is really good and seems to do what you want. I got them from this thread:
  6. You might be able to do it with cloud services or tech support. Not sure. Anyway here is your file in v2018. I need to be careful as soon everybody will be posting here wanting 2019 files converted! 🙂 Antwerpsesteenweg 840 19-03-07_app v2018.vwx
  7. Boh

    Thumbnail Views for Page-Scale Symbols

    Apparently this is better in VW2019.
  8. You can’t turn the classes on off inserted symbols to my knowledge. Someone cld prob write a cscript for that tho. You can can however change the class a symbol is inserted into in the edit symbol dislogue sorry bad spelling was on the bus!
  9. I am interested to know how people set up their sheet layers on their various templates? As we use 3d more and more we are putting much more info directly on sheet layers. This info can't currently be easily imported from file to file, so templates need to have all their sheet layer info included. So how do we manage that across multiple templates as they all develop? i.e. I wan't to be able to update sheet layers in different templates quickly. E.g. a "Site Plan" sheet layer is updated with revised notes, viewports etc. I then want to update the "Site Plan" sheets in my other templates. Any suggestion or workarounds would be appreciated. I've also recently posted to a separate wish-list item requesting an upgrade to the sheet layer import command. Have a read and upvote it! Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. Vectorworks really needs to attend to this wish! There are a number of threads wanting the same or similar functionality. Currently the Import Sheet Layer command is useless as it only brings in an empty page. You could use it for different Sheet Layer page set ups from a template file but that is it. As I move more into a 3d workflow, more and more of the information in my drawings is on sheet layers. Much is within VP annotations, but also a lot of notes, worksheets, north points, etc are placed directly onto sheet layers. I want to be able to transfer this info easily from file to file. As this info can't be imported with a sheet layer it makes it difficult to set up sheet layers in template files and bring in additional layers as needed from a standard library file (as we do with design layers). The dialogue box for the Import Sheet Layer command could really do with some love. This is how I would like to see it: List Sheet Numbers, (not outdated "Layer Names") List Sheet Title Layer description is ok but who uses this? Checkbox to show layers already in the current document Checkboxes to include viewports, titleblocks, other objects Other options could be: import sheet layer overrides. import visible classes / design layers.
  11. Boh

    need help with Wall in a symbol

    I have had similar problems using walls in symbols. It seems the wall height reference gets lost in the symbol definition. I think this is because the definition has it's own z height reference. I haven't found a consistent workaround using walls in symbols yet. I'd be interested to hear if someone knows a good way. Could you try making design layer viewports of the garage instead?
  12. Boh

    Space Object Delay

    I second this! happens to me too.
  13. I haven’t done it for a while but pretty sure it works on vw2018. I haven’t come across the clipboard corruption chaos so far...
  14. You could try grouping the viewport, copying & pasting into another file then using the eye dropper. Edit. Ahh I see you already tried that.
  15. Boh

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    Sorry no. There is a class mapping feature which lets you map the classes of regularly imported classes. Though I have never used that feature.


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