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  1. Boh

    Enhance break line tools

    Just imported these and like them a lot!
  2. Boh


    I am brand new to marionette. There are some very cool resources coming through which I would like to take advantage of (and eventually contribute to...). After looking through training vids though I couldn't find anything on the best way to incorporate marionette tools into your workspace so that they can be used on any file. For example this gradient offset just posted by @herbieherb looks great but how do I incorporate that into my workspace as a command or tool? If someone could point me in the right direction that would be really helpful. Thanks
  3. Boh

    favoured window schedule workflows

    I just did a schedule yesterday by making a viewport of each window in front elevation. It is live and you can dimension in the vp annotations. It is a bit more work creating seperate viewports however once one is set up you can duplicate and just adjust move section line instances to the next window.
  4. Yes I like to work with colour too for the same reason as you. Overrides can work well but as mentioned do require object attributes to be set by class, which in turn means if you want a lot of different colours you'll need a lot of different classes. A good trick with vp overrides is to use the eye dropper tool to copy the overrides from one vp and apply them to another. This avoids manually having to readjust multiple class overrides for every vp. I personally like working with lots of classes to categorise the many different types of objects I work with and it gives me a lot of control with visibilities as well as consistency throughout a file and between files.
  5. Boh

    What is the Set Up Best Procedure for 2019

    I would find this difficult as one of the main advantages of my templates is the class structure complete with custom hatches, textures, lines types, textures etc. Other resources like symbols, wall styles, are easy to import from a library.
  6. As mentioned above you can adjust the vp settings to b&w. I think this is in the oip advanced settings or perhaps the oip render settings. if you want to try class overrides you need to have your object colour attributes set to by-class. Then in your vp class settings you can select the classes and override their attributes to black/grey. They will appear black/grey just in that vp. Also I understand vw2019 has an image effects capability that allows image effect adjustment of objects, images, viewports etc incl converting them to black and white. I'm wondering why you want to work with colour then publish to b&w? Are you coming from an autocad background? From my memory of using autocad colour is used to set line weights. This isn't necessary in VW as you can set line weights independently of colour. I use a lot of colour in my drawings and I always export my drawings to pdf in colour, however I also choose colours (and line weights) that print well in b&w as construction drawings are usually printed in b&w.
  7. Boh

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    As well as being stable and providing good presentation control the biggest thing for me is that the tool has to be a DESIGN tool. It has to be quick and easy to edit/customise the stair. Keeping the tool interface simple and intuitive is important. The current stair tool is so overwhelmingly complicated that you need to take a deep breath before delving into it. I like the suggestion of being able to choose between different complexity level modes in the tool so that it can be used as a basic "sketch" design mode so that general layout and headroom etc can be quickly checked/modified, then a "developed" design level mode of complexity so that the styling and look of the stair can be customised, then a "detail" design level of complexity so that all the finer details can be incorporated. This process of sketch through to detail design would reflect how an architect actually works. Many concepts are quick and sketchy and only need the first two modes.
  8. In file>document settings you can set the file to display in b&w.
  9. Yes please!! My standard call out has justified text to the same side as the leader. It used to be automated now I have to do it manually and it is very annoying.
  10. I suggest using a design layer viewports of your site model. Sim thread here:
  11. My clumsy work around is to use empty sheet & design layers as visual dividers in my layer's list.
  12. Wow sounds pretty complicated. Multiple titleblocks on a single sheet but on different classes? How do you manage that? With saved views and worksheets?
  13. I’ve noticed a lot of forum traffic on the new title blocks ever since they came out but understand that much of it is addressed in VW2019 Is that correct? I hope so as for now I’m sticking with the VAA title blocks and holding my breath for the new release...
  14. Boh

    Paste Remembers Classes

    A work around is to convert the selected objects to the none class before copying them. Once copied undo the conversion so the selected objects revert back to their original class. The copied objects will stay in the clipboard in the none class and you can paste them into another file.
  15. Yes, maybe there are other users out there who know why this should be. For me it would be nice if you could have default sheet layer class settings seperate from design layer class settings. This could be built into the saved view function.