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  1. Boh

    Stair Tool

    I think the "Custom Stair Tool" is now a legacy tool, (i.e. no further development). There has been a lot of discussion on the forum about improving the "Stair Tool" however and there were some improvements in 2019 as I understand things.
  2. Boh

    Worksheet simple help needed

    You could add a couple of extra columns with "=L" & "=C" in the database headers so you can narrow down what class and layer the spaces are on. Other than that I think we would need to see the file to see what is going on. What are the columns in your image? areas? and?
  3. Boh

    Worksheet simple help needed

    In the works sheet, if you right click on the row header you get a pop up menu. Go "select item" and it should take you to the space object you are trying to find.
  4. Boh

    How do I remove "m" from dimension?

    Hi Sandra. Go to File>Documents Settings>Units> and uncheck "show unit mark". Hope that works.
  5. I just had a quick play with settings and couldn't find a way to do it.
  6. Boh

    PDF Workflows

    Like you Andrew we also mostly print to A3. We have set up our pages for A1 (with 50% reduction for printing). This is means we have set up a large 14pt standard text size for A1 that is still readable in A3. So text in any symbols throughout our library are typ set to this font. We are using PCs which, when set up for 50% reduction in the printer set up can mean hatches sometimes don’t scale correctly. I don’t think this is an issue on Macs. Srtting up for A1 and printing at A3 does give a little more printable area than setting up straight for A3. we are considering moving to an A3 set up so interested in other thoughts. For renders and presentation drawings as opposed to construction detail drawings we will sometimes set up straight to A3.
  7. Does editing the wall style help with image 2?
  8. Boh

    Symbol Images Disappear in worksheets

    Occasionally symbols may contain some information on "NonPlot" classes which you wouldn't want to see in the worksheet image, so this is a good reason for the images classes visibilities to be controlled through the current class visibilities. What about putting the worksheets inside a viewport and having the viewport visibilities control the image classes?
  9. Haven't used pattern fills much, thought I'd try them. Looks great on the screen in vectorworks, also looks great when exported to pdf, but when I print the pdf it messes up any overlaid text. This is a scan of a printed hardcopy: This is what it should look like: I've discovered that if I have "Rasterise text" checked" in the export pdf dialogue then this sorts out this little problem. The next question is how do I make this the default PDF export option so I don't have to remember to have adjust this setting everytime I export? Thanks in advance!
  10. Maybe I've misunderstood but, in the criteria dialogue can you not just keep adding an additional choice for each layer for which you want to select objects? I thought that if the object criteria are mutually exclusive then it will select objects that conform to both criteria - an "or" scenario (in this case layers). If the criteria is not mutually exclusive then it is an "and" scenario, i.e. only objects that conform to all criteria are selected.
  11. Thanks TKA, but that's not quite what I was asking... I'm talking about the dialogue box that pops up when you hit "File Expot Options..." You can add custom naming schemes for when you are publishing multiple drawings to their individual pdf's. Just can't figure out how to remove the naming schemes from the presets.
  12. Boh

    Windoor Classes

    Ah yes I forgot to mention that they sometimes don't update. One of those little "issues". I take your method just updates one windoor object? I'd like to find a way to refresh all of the windoor objects so they display correctly (or at least all the selected ones). Overall though it is a pretty good tool. I think windoor has had a bit of work in vw2019 but I haven't gotten around to playing with it yet.
  13. Boh

    Windoor Classes

    This is a bit of a headache. I've had issues trying to understand class settings with WinDoor with various things. Door swings suddenly having a solid fill was one of these things.This is what I do: I make sure that all my WinDoor classes (i.e. all the "WD-* classes) do NOT have "use at creation" select in the edit classes dialogue. You can then edit the attributes of the various WD classed objects in the settings dialogue so that they actually apply to windoor objects in your drawing.
  14. Is there any way to remove items from this predefined naming scheme list? You can add them but I can't see how to remove ones I don't need or added by mistake?


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