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  1. Go to the menus tab Is there a miscellaneous?
  2. At the bottom of the tools menu I think is the workspace editor.
  3. The file is all 2d. There are a couple of bitmap images of 3d renders in there they are quite large so not sure can pm you them. I'll try..
  4. I don’t think this is possible with top:plan view
  5. Hey @AmandaM22 If you can post or pm me the file I’d be happy to take a look. Ta
  6. If it is just the pdf that is rotated why don't you use the rotate tool and put it back to how you want it?
  7. I think you have to rename whatever your current dimension class is.
  8. Now there is a semi amusing feature that would have had me guessing for a while - thank you for the tip. Actually I just checked and it seems that it not the case anymore. Maybe it was a bug in previous versions but I'm on vw2019 now and it seems to not be an issue.
  9. If the shuttle files aren’t too big then I would suggest just importing them into your main file. Creating multiple referenced dlvps might be over complicating things. A tip for this is before importing them add a “zDWG-“ prefix to all the classes so they collapse down and drop to the Bottom of the Class hierarchy list.
  10. Be aware tho that if a class is set to invisible in the workspace it may be visible in vp annotations but you can’t edit annotation objects in that class until they are set to visible in the workspace also.
  11. I think best practice is to keep pretty much everything on sheet layers in the none class so that it is always visible. Sheet layers should only have Viewports, title blocks, scale bars, northpoints, maybe some notes and all of that should be classed to none. Revision bubbles and tags I put in a revision class and put them in vp annotations. Legends too shld be in vp annotations. Everything in Titlblocks symbols should be on none. vp annotations can be in any class as their visibilities are controlled by the VP. So if you do this then sheet views only need the none class on.
  12. So this is working as designed as I understand it. For viewports, in the edit viewport dialogue there is a "Display using viewport attributes" option which, when you enter a design layer from a VP it will change the class settings to whatever the viewport visibilities are. If you return to the sheet using the "Return to Viewport" button on the top right of the screen it will restore your visibilities back to what you had before you entered the viewport. I don't think there is a similar functionality for saved views so you have to adjust them manually. When working on sheet layers I usually want all classes on which is easy to do by just holding the alt key when turning one on they will all turn on.
  13. You could create snapshots of the DTM as you modify them.
  14. Boh

    Deleting Classes

    Attached worksheet is helpful in finding objects in a class. zzHousekeep - List all objects in a sel class.vwx


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