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  1. Boh

    Tools Menu/Class and Layer Mapping...

    Can this command be used to quickly convert the classes in an older vectorworks file to the class and layer structure in our new template file? I can't seem to load the proposed classes I want from the new template file. I could go "new" and type each class again but that would take too long. Am I missing something? The vw help isn't very clear to me... Thanks in advance!
  2. Boh

    Scale Bar

    Yes I don’t like the vw scale bars and I like to place the scale bar on the sheet rather than in the viewport as my viewports often move and I like to have my scale bar stay in the same place. My workaround is Ive made a bunch of custom scale bar symbols the way I like them for the range of different scales we use. They work on either A1 or A3 sheets and are tucked nicely in the bottom of my sheets and stay there Our drawing template sheets already have a “dummy” scale bar symbol on then which is replaced with the correct scale bar symbol prior to issue. Of course the symbols don’t auto update if the vp scale changes so this needs to be done manually. However we always check our drawings prior to issue anyway. if there was a way to incorporate the scale bar into the title block, similar to North points, but also have the title blocks auto update to whatever scale vp’s are on the sheet that would be ideal.
  3. Boh

    Backup file lost

    We auto save backups to a custom backup folder located on our desktops. These are our settings, choose the custom location as highlighted. (May have changed since vw2010).
  4. Boh

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    Thanks Tom. Yes I can see how that works, I think similar to @JMR's method. Do you have a central notes resource for all your finishes and then initially copy and paste from there into your worksheet or OIP? Or do you initally have to retype from scratch? I'm interested in this part as the advantage of using the VW assign room finishes is that all the notes can be standardised across the office and accessible to everyone via the workgroup.
  5. Boh

    Scaling PDFs that aren't correct XY

    To scale a pdf on one axis only is tricky as you cant use the scale objects command asymmetrically on pdfs. You can however stretch pdf's in one direction so my workaround is to graphically work out how much I need to stretch the pdf to get the correct dimension. Scale the whole pdf as you did initially. Check if the current (incorrect) dimension is longer or shorter than the required new (correct) dimension. If it is shorter then stretch the pdf page so that the current dimension is longer than the new dimension. Draw a line at the current dimension (trace on the pdf). Drag this line off the pdf and draw another line right next to it at the new length. This new line needs to be shorter than the current line. If not delete the lines and repeat steps 2, 3 & 4. With two ends of the current and new lines aligning group the two lines. Move the aligned ends of the line group to align with the side of the pdf page. Stretch the group to match the pdf page. This stretches the new line proportionately to the current length line. Stretch the pdf page to align with the shorter line. Delete the line group. Your pdf should now be scaled correctly in both axis 2019-07-19 09-23-32.mp4
  6. Boh

    Saved views wrong visibilities

    With saved view there are a whole bunch of settings that dictate what about the view is being saved. I think by default it should save your currrnt class and layer vidibilities but perhaps these defaults were altered. Check the saved view settings next time you make a view.
  7. Yes, confirming that it only crashes on this file. New files created from my template seem to be ok. Thanks for your input Wes.
  8. Boh


    If you want the text and or dimensions visible in more than one viewport then they will need to go on a design layer. A feature of VW that I don’t think auticad has is Design Layer Scale. You can edit your design layers to each have their own scale. This will set page based annotations such as text, dimensions, line styles etc at a “normal” size. As a rule of thumb it’s best to set your design layer scale the same as the scale of the main sheet layer viewports. In your project you cld try setting the DL scale at 1:500. This will make say 12pt text appear the same size on your DL as it would if it was placed in your 1:500 viewport annotation.
  9. Thanks Wes. Might be a document specific problem. I’ll. Test it out when I’m back at my computer.
  10. Anyone else found that when a Floor object is in a Section VP then VW will crash when you try and update the Viewport? Is this a know bug? Ive just updated to the latest service pack of VW 2019. I hardly use the floor tool, tend to use slabs, but saw in one of @Jonathan Pickup ‘s recent webinars him use it as a quick hybrid 3D object for benches and thought that’s a great idea!
  11. Could be related to the dodgey "Leader Attributes" settings on the OIP (seperate post on forum). I didn't get the ghosting but had the weird edit attributes highlighting come on after editing the callout. Double clicking on the vertex setting in the OIP seems to help get rid of the prob. Not sure it will sort the ghosting however. 2019-07-17 09-58-42.mp4
  12. Boh

    Layer scale without moving drawing position

    Design layer scales are confusing and a bit of a misnomer. Your drawing won't have physically moved or "scaled" (i.e. changed size), it's just the page based title blocks and the page size which have changed size relative to your world based drawing. Page based symbols such as your title blocks will change size when you change the DL scale so that they stay the same size relative to your page. The effect is that it looks like your drawing has moved but it is actually in the same place and the same size. A think a better set up for drawing files is using sheet layers and viewports. The title blocks are on sheet layers rather than on design layers and instead of using saved views of each drawing page your drawing is viewported onto sheet layers. Viewport scales, class visibilities and much more can be adjusted however you want and are independant of design layer scales without effecting your page/ titleblock set up. This way the DL scale is used only to standardise the appearance of things like lineweights, markers, text size etc across your file which may have many design layers at different scales.
  13. Diving deeper - were they created from templates which were originally created in a previous version? I occasionally get the issue with callouts not picking up the by-class fill. Seems toggling to another colour (not the by-class colour) and then back to by-class seems to work. If you want to post a copy of a file happy to have a quick look on my machine. I think callouts definitely need some love. There are issues with drop shadows too - not to mention linking to notes databases...
  14. Is it just that file or any file? If the file(s)were created in a previous version of Vw then maybe that’s the reason? just guessing here but try it on a native new default vw file.
  15. Boh

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    So I'm finally on vw2019 (sp3) and working with spaces and yes running into this issue where ceiling finish info is available from a database but not floor, wall or baseboard info. I have found though that the issue is only when trying to assign room finishes from a worksheet. It does work via the OIP when selecting a space object. Does this suggest it is a "worksheet" issue rather than a "space object" issue? See short vid. Has anyone else got anymore wisdom to share on this? It is quite an important part of how we work. I spent some time a year or so ago setting up custom room finishes I could access via two-way finishes worksheets and have used it succesfully (with a few workarounds) until now. The beauty of the worksheet is that you can quickly do global editing and checking of room finishes. Having to select space objects and do it via the OIP is workable for small projects but will get really slow with larger projects with lots of rooms. I would really like to keep using this system. I like how all the custom finishes can be held on a server and accessible for everybody and they are easy to edit and keep up to date. However if the two-way finish schedule can't be used then it will not be efficient to use on large projects. 2019-07-16 10-52-25.mp4


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