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  1. If no joy please post the file and we can have a look.
  2. “Object Styles” is a folder name in the User Libraries. It contains folders for Titleblock Border styles, Data tag styles etc so they can quickly selected when the relevant tool is activated. Wall, Roof and Slab styles though don’t go there. I guess Object styles are plugin styles that use symbol resources whereas Wall, roof and slab styles are plugin styles that have there own non-symbol resources. But yes totally agree with you. Someone learning VW must find this all terribly confusing.
  3. Agree with the above. The terminology is confusing. Can someone clarify the difference between an object style anda plugin style?
  4. Maybe your classes are off or your current visible design layer is empty and you somehow checked the “Use current document layer/class visibility settings” box in the class or layer settings dialogues?
  5. I didn’t get any further with this unfortunately.
  6. Boh

    Info bar

    I don’t think you can change these as the a record fields of the plant symbols in the Vectorworks library file.
  7. Hey everyone. Any response to the above post would be appreciated. the key question I guess being when retrieving uncommitted changes to a Crashed working file does it still require a cut and paste from a backup. Or can the the crashed wf simply be overwritten with a backup? Keen to know what the best practice / work flow is for project sharing thanks.
  8. There are some experienced project sharing afficionados on this thread so can I ask how you go about retrieving uncommitted changes made in a working file? It seems that when using a backup you still need to do a cut & paste. Easy enough if the changes are all in one part of the file / on the same design layer. Much more problematic if the changes are between viewport annotations, design layers and whatever other miscellaneous uncommited changes which could be all over the file. Is there any way to do it without having to do a cut & paste between files? Simply overwriting a crashed working file with a backup (as you would do when working on a normal .vwx file) is not best practive for project sharing. In this thread @rb-arch suggest changing preferences to not use backups at all rather simply overwrite the original working file every 50 operations. What do you do? We are embarking on a large project so we want to get this rolling the most efficient way. Thanks.
  9. Thanks @rb-arch Do you retain the same preferences when you are not using project sharing? As you don't have any backup files what do you do if a file not only crashes but gets corrupted? Or has this not happened?
  10. I am wondering if there been any improvement in best practice for retrieving work from backup files for project sharing since this was last responded to? What is the current best practice? We are now using vw2019 and we still seem to have the issue of trying to retrieve stuff from backup files. We would appreciated any info. Would upgrading to vw2020 make any difference? Thanks in advance.
  11. No worries. That dialogue is not very intuitive to say the least. I remember coming across the same confusion with it.
  12. You need to select the sheets. See my screen shot they are blue.
  13. In the Publish dialogue select the sheets and hit Options...
  14. Boh

    Hatch Scaling

    So the hatch is definitely set to world based and not page based?


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