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  1. Thanks for the explanation Stephan. Nevertheless, as an architecture practice, Interior XS is sufficient for our needs and we only use it occasionally. We certainly do not need to draw our cabinetry to that level of detail. So to have these classes, which are if no use to us, appear in every drawing we open is a bit annoying. It would be good if there was an option whereby this functionality can be disabled. Can it be controlled within the xg folders? Thanks
  2. On the other thread @Stephan Moenninghoff said: 'Those are some special classes which I think we reset hard after some operations. I think this is new. " I have asked if we can stop it somehow...
  3. Thanks Stephan. Is there anything I can do to stop it? We don't use Interiorcad enough to warrant these classes popping up in every file. Cheers.
  4. It pops up in all files incl template files.
  5. It's odd that this happens with no apparent way to disable it. Please let me know if you manage to fix it. Cheers
  6. Hey @michaelk. Did you get an answer to this question? I have just asked the same one here:
  7. Can someone please explain why I get these interiorcad classes auto generated everytime I open a file and how I can stop it happening? I have just downloaded interior xs onto vw2021. Cheers
  8. You can do exactly what you describe with symbols but not with groups. You can turn a group into a symbol via the create symbol command on the model menu.
  9. If they are all have the same override then why not change the class attributes and have no overrides? Overrides come into their own when you want some viewports to show different attributes to others. That said viewport styles would indeed be very useful.
  10. I only use referenced symbols when the symbols are still in development but I need them in multiple files at the same time. Each time I edit the symbol they are then updated across all the files. Once the symbols are fully developed I break the reference.
  11. So note to self - after changing vw preferences restart vw to avoid this happening!
  12. By linked details I take it you mean referenced symbols? I would recommend that only under controlled circumstances to reference symbols from a library file. Certainly not where multiple users could edit the detail symbols which would change them in the library. We import symbols rather than reference them and they are also set up so that when placed in a drawing they convert to groups. If the detail is then edited into a new detail that could be useful in other projects it can be exported back into the library.
  13. I would think site specific details do not need to go into a details library. The trick is to have a good range of generic details set up in a library so that they can be imported into a file and easily edited to suit the project requirements. Id be interested to hear back on how the training goes. Good luck! ūüĎć
  14. Thanks Pat. It seems to be successfully restarting after editing preferences atm. I've had the error message twice now but have also had a few crashes trying to update a Library file which was originally created in a previous version - maybe that is what caused the prob corruting the prefs. I'll keep an eye on how it restarts after crashing. Cheers
  15. Does anyone know why I am getting this when I startup vw2021 and how I can stop it happening? I am just setting up vw2021 and one of the first things I do of course is set up my preferences. Unfortunately on start up vw decides it doesn't like my preferences and to start up I have to reset them to factory defaults and then redo them (there are quite a few...) Any help / suggestions appreciated! Thanks


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