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  1. Boh

    Template page creation

    Hi Christian. Slightly tricky question. Does the layout have any viewports? You can’t make viewports into symbols. But also if you make it as a template you can’t easily import that sheet layer into another file. The import function will not bring in sheet layer content - just the sheet layer itself. I think the intention with drawing templates is to have not only content but drawing organisation all set up complete with class, design, layers, sheet layers viewports, tool settings etc etc if you just need the content then probably easier to make it a symbol sans any viewports. You would then have to create the viewports each time. another option might be to make the front page a custom title block. This is how we do it. That way you can update all the project info along with the other title blocks in the file.
  2. Boh


    I posted it on a similar thread on Tues 21 (maybe 20th for you).
  3. I haven’t explored ifc data yet. Will check it out. Cheers
  4. Sorry confusion re link - was late last night... I meant the link between the callout and the notes database . The callout database controls have a "locate" function which would find a callout note in a database. I thought there was an option to "auto-locate' but that doesn't seem to be there anymore.
  5. Are you familiar with worksheets? If you set up a database worksheet with the record format as the search criteria you can list all the fields for every instance of the record format in your file. You can summarise them and do global editing from the worksheet. There is a lot of info on this forum about using worksheets if you do a search. I hope that is helpful.
  6. Just be careful not to put shortcuts to any of your network folders in the VCS folder. You may end up with anything placed in that network folder being uploaded to VCS. See end of this post:
  7. Cool. I’ll have to work out how to do it on a pc. Re the link. I think all the link does is when editing a call out ( directly rather via a WS) you can use the link to ‘auto locate’ the note in the database (and then update it if reqd). Again I’m still learning this stuff so someone else may know better.
  8. Also re your question on the database. Again I think you are correct changing the note via the worksheet does not change the linked note in the database. In fact I think Erich made the point that the links could be corrupted though I haven’t found that to be an issue. another feature of worksheets is that if you right click on a row entry header then an option to select the item in the file appears. Very handy for finding that rogue keynote that needs to be deleted so it no longer appears in your keynote legend which could otherwise be difficult to find. (Only works on single unsummaried rows). The worksheet may need updating for this to work.
  9. Re multi line text I think you are correct that you can’t create multi line text from the worksheet side though some of the worksheet experts may prove me wrong. Re distinguishing between summarised notes. You can summarise by more than one column. So if you also summarise by another field that will distinguish between your wall and roof insulation they will list separately and you can edit them in group batches that way. Summarising the ‘note description’ column as well as the ‘note’ column may serve for this or perhaps these notes are on different sheets, layers or could be placed on different classes or if they are keynotes they are in different keynote legends etc.
  10. i'm not yet using worksheets of callouts for legends (yet) as @ericjhbergis but I am using them for housekeeping which I am finding more and more useful. Via the worksheet I can check the consistency of the notes, font, style format bubble type etc. Recently I just found you can also do a spell check on the worksheet with corrections pushing through onto the actual callouts (you can't do spell check directly on callouts). Attached is my generic housekeeping worksheet and a short demo vid. Many of the fields are two way including the note field so you can edit the callouts directly from the worksheet. You can change the worksheet database worksheet criteria to limit the selection of callouts to a particular layer or class which is sometimes handy. 2019-05-21 10-46-10.mp4 Housekeep Worksheet - Callouts.vwx
  11. You might be eligible for a refund or getting the next release free.
  12. Boh


    So yes, I've just tested this and it works. It just happens that I've just started using housekeeping worksheets for callout objects so that I can quickly check multiple callout notes in one worksheet. So this is good to know I can check the spelling this way too.
  13. Boh


    Could a workaround be doing a spell check on a work sheet listing call out text records?
  14. So I’m trialling twinmotion too. If you export vw to a c4d format you can then import into TM. Hope that helps.
  15. Can you not add it to the workspace?


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