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  1. Boh

    Fit walls to objects

    I had a similar problem recently. Finally realised there were a bunch of objects in a non plot class that were not visible that the walls were fitting to. Try and turn all classes on to see if there is other hidden geometry in the layer you are fitting objects to.
  2. Boh

    Fonts changing

    Wow that's pretty awesome! Did a quick test and seems to work in 2018. Even changed the fonts in my title blocks. Will test more thoroughly before using on an actual file but yes that will save me a good chunk of time next time around. Thanks Pat
  3. Boh

    Fonts changing

    It is very odd as my colleagues all have Arial Narrow installed as our office standard font for drawings. We aren't using a font management utility (at least that I'm aware of). So still a mystery. I am very wary now of window updates. I suspect this was the culprit. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a quick way of changing the fonts back. Atm I have to go through every sheet layer and every viewport annotation layer. Thanks for you response.
  4. Boh

    Fonts changing

    Thanks for your response RickR. No I didn't change the VW preferences or see any font replacement dialogue. ive noticed similar thing happen occasionally when other colleagues open my files on their machines.
  5. Boh

    Fonts changing

    I posted this in the wrong part of the forum. So reposting here. I hope someone can shed some light. Thanks: I opened a file a had been working on only a few days previously and most fonts had changed to arial. Took about an hour to go through it to revert it back to my preferred arial narrow. can someone explain why this could happen? I opened it on the same machine. There was a Windows10 update but apart from that no changes.
  6. Boh

    Roof section fill

    Can someone please tell me why my roof objects have no fill when using the clip cube on a design layer? This also means they disappear from view when viewed from a orthogonal side elevation. The wall sections show up red which is good. Why don't the roof objects?
  7. Today I opened a file a had been working on only a few days previously and most fonts had changed to arial. Took about an hour to go through it to revert it back to my preferred arial narrow. can someone explain why this could happen? I opened it on the same machine. There was a Windows10 update but apart from that no changes. edit: I have reposted this question in the general forum here:
  8. Boh

    Perspective/Orthogonal view issue

    Is the stuff being clipped on a design layer viewport? If so delete the DLVP crop object. See also:
  9. Thanks Iborisov. The issue is a bit erratic. I created a new file from a template of mine and pasted my Keynote Legends into it. I then created a new keynote. initially the keynote wouldn't appear in any of the legends. i thought to post this file on the forum. But in the process of stripping out everything except the keynote & legends the keynote started to appear in the correct legend as it is supposed to. Also in my original file where I was having the initial problem I suspected the problem might have been from using keynote legends originally created in vw2016. I found when I created new legends in vw2018 it seemed to work ok. I will monitor it for now and see if I have further trouble... Thanks for your help.
  10. I have another related issue perhaps someone can help with? When I turn a call-out into a keynote it appears on all the keynote legends in the file. I have used keynotes/keynote legends really successfully in the past on previous versions. This is my first attempt with 2018 using multiple keynote legends. Typically I set up my construction drawings with a "Notes" sheet that has multiple keynote legends for different aspects of the project. The keynote legends are numbered in accordance with the CBI numbering system. This way I can place keynotes throughout the file which are all displayed in their respectice Keynote Legends all on the Notes sheet. In this way I can quickly and comprehensively update or revise specifications/selections all in one place via the Keynote Legends. Unfortunately it is not working for me in vw2018 so far. Any advice help would be much appreciated!
  11. Boh

    Parking spaces

    So far I've found only restarting works. Anyone else got a workaround?
  12. Boh

    2D to 3D

    You will find your own workflow but I have found that modelling in 3d means precisely I can monitor the junctions and details as I go. I can edit the model and fly around it to see how it works.
  13. Not sure what you mean here... DLVP's can't be pasted onto sheet layers or SLVP's pasted into design layers - even within the same file. I may have misunderstood. I thought you were interested in sheet layer viewports. You can transfer SLVP's between sheet layers in different files by grouping then cut and paste,. You can't transfer DLVP's this way however. I don't know a method of transferring DLVP's between files other than creating new and using the eyedropper tool to match properties. Note that the actual objects in design layers visible in the viewport will not transfer - only the SLVP itself (along with it's crop object and annotations). If the files have the same classes though then the visibility settings for the viewport should be maintained. To get the design layer content you would have to copy & paste it separately to the viewport (or import the design layer and incl content in the import. Hope that makes sense and is helpful.
  14. You can't import sheet layer objects that way as far as I'm aware. It would be really good if you could as I often want to import a sheet layer from another drawing complete with all it's layer objects such as titleblocks, scale bars, north points, worksheets, notes viewports etc etc. At the moment all you get is a page set up and sheet title & sheet no. For all the sheet layer objects you have to do a cut & past in place. For viewports though you can't directly cut and paste them from one file to another however a cool trick passed onto me by @Jonathan Pickup is if you group a viewport you can then cut & paste the group from one file to another. The viewport will transfer inside a group. Very handy trick! So there are two wishlist items here (they may already be on the wishlist part of forum?): To be able to include sheet layer objects in the import layer command (including viewports). To be able to copy & paste viewports between files.
  15. There was another Wishlist item to make class overrides editable in the organisation dialogue which would make this appoach more tenable but yes I see what you are saying.