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  1. Hi Nikolay. Can you please explain what the "criteria" is in this formula? I want to get the incrementing value integer of a data tag into a worksheet and I can't figure it out. Thanks
  2. I can vouch for the detailer tool! I use it throughout my architectural 2d detailing. It took some work to familiarise myself with it, and also to customise it to my own needs, but I now have a good set of styles and detailer symbols that I use a LOT.
  3. Rather than use classes to toggle off or on different heliodons I find it quicker to use the visualisation palette. Not sure this is in all versions of vw tho.
  4. That works. The only issue I have with that is that you will see all the keynotes even ones that aren’t represented on the sheet. I find, especially for big projects, that this is just unnecessary clutter. The drawings are a lot cleaner and easier to read if only the keynotes that are on the sheet are represented in the legend on that sheet.
  5. The eye dropper tool is the quickest way to take the attributes of one object and apply them to others. I use it all the time. The custom tool command is good for creating new objects with preset attributes. I have a bunch of scripts made from the custom tool command. When I dble click the script it selects a tool I use to draw an object( line, polygon, rectangle, wall tool etc) and when I draw the object it will be on a preset class with the correct line weight hatch fill etc. It saves a lot of time.
  6. Check the stake is actually over or under a DTM.
  7. There are some standard Windoor schedule templates that should ship with vw that list both doors and windows. They are shown in the OzCad vids. I haven’t had the need to use them so can’t comment on their usefulness.
  8. I suggest checking out the WinDoor videos which go through scheduling. https://www.ozcad.com.au/training/training-videos-windoor.php
  9. Go to tools>workspaces>edit current workspace>menu commands tab. Find and select the command in your workspace. At the bottom of the window you can set the shortcut.
  10. I suspect that vw was not completely uninstalled from the old Lenovo. I think you can only have it installed on 2 computers at a time. I would check the Lenovo to see if it has completely uninstalled. Failing that try tech support.
  11. I don't know what "Cotations" are but I do know that arrow marker sizes, lineweights, etc are page based. If the design layer scale is at something big like 1:1000 but your view is only of a small area as per your screen shot then markers placed on the design layer will be scaled up and look huge when you zoom in. I suggest you try to set the design layer scale to something like how you want the view to look on a sheet layer, i.e. the same as the viewport scale you would use to present the drawing on a sheet. You should find then that the markers should be more in proportion to your view. Alternately don't put page based items on your design layer. Place dimensions, notes, etc in viewport annotations and then you won't have to worry about this scale issue so much. Hope that helps.
  12. I don’t think that is possible but you could use a data tag for the text.
  13. Boh

    WinDoor query

    The lines in 2d may be for reflected ceiling plans. The visibility of these are controlled by turning off the WD-Ceiling class.
  14. Important to note that class overrides only work on the attributes of an object which are controlled by the object’s class. Attributes which are set by object aren’t effected by view port class overrides. This is one of the reasons I like to use classes to control an object’s attributes.
  15. Global editing of callouts via worksheets is really useful however the notes database manager has improved somewhat in the last couple of vw releases so I try to use that to globally maintain note consistency across a file. Editing the callout note text via a worksheet can break the link to the database. i also now use worksheets as replacements for keynote legends on each drawing sheet as I found multiple keynote legend objects could make my computer sloe down when editing keynotes.
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