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  1. There may be a bug there but note that the object type has changed from a "Section-Elevation Marker" to a "Section Line". If you ungroup the section line it should turn into a Section-Elevation Marker and you can then link it to a viewport. Hopefully it doesn't bug out again.
  2. Hi Wes. Glad that was helpful. To add more criteria right click on the data base row header and click edit criteria. For the downpipe worksheet it is just the same process as for the symbol count worksheets except instead if selecting "Symbol" as the criteria select "Extrude" and for the columns instead of selecting "Count" and "Symbol Name" functions select "Length". If you want to list the DP's and their respective lengths then you will need an identifier for each downpipe. One simple way to do this (there are various ways) is by simply selecting a downpipe and at the bottom of the OIP type in a name for the object such as "DP1". Then as well as selecting "Length" for your worksheet columns also select the "Name" function. The name I think has to be a unique name for that object that is not otherwise present in the file. Edit: Note also Wes that you can add additional data base rows to existing worksheets so all your symbol count lists could be in the same worksheet. You can do this either by right clicking on a row header and turn it into a database row and then from there right click on it again and edit criteria. Alternatively at the bottom of the "Create Report" dialogue there is an option to append a new report to an extg worksheet.
  3. Hi Bruce. First question I can help with - see vid: Second question I'm not sure. What sort of object are the pipes? Simple extrudes? We would need to know the object type and there should be some function of it that relates to it's length (hopefully). 2020-03-28 12-45-15.mp4
  4. Boh


    What sort of viewports are they? If section viewports do they simply need updating? Happy to have a look if you can share the file.
  5. @dtheory I use a range of native VW tools to get my text and notes on drawings. My resources include: A notes database with lots of different notes sorted into different works sections Notes listed using the General Notes PIO and saved as symbols - e.g. "Demolition Notes" etc. Legends also saved as symbols Custom finishes saved in the Room Finishes txt files in the Libraries/Defaults/Space/Space-Room Finishes workgroup library folder. These are used by space objects and can be listed in worksheets as finishes schedules. I also use callouts and keynotes extensively. Both these and the general notes PIO have access to the notes database mentioned in 1. I've recently started using worksheets to edit callouts and keynotes globally within a file which so far is working really well. E.g. at the moment I am doing a whole bunch of detailing. I can make callouts which simply say "Wall cladding". Then once I'm done drafting the detail, in a database worksheet I can summarise all the notes that say "Wall cladding" and add more detail such as ".35 gauge colorsteel metal profile cladding etc etc" then I can also change those notes into keynotes via the worksheet. All the notes will update throughout the file (at least the ones covered in the worksheet criteria). If I later need to change the wall cladding note it's easy via the worksheet. In this way I can keep all the notes across the file accurate and consistent.
  6. Boh


    Here are a bunch of worksheets I find useful (v2019). Mostly for keeping files tidy and global edits of PIO's. 😊 Worksheets.vwx
  7. If the stair is simply duplicated as it rises floor by floor then it could be turned into a hybrid symbol?
  8. Thanks Pat. I finally have it sorted. It was because I am now working remotely which both myself and my IT consultant thought wouldn't have anything to do with it. However he finally figured out that the remote connection software he put us on didn't support openGL for the type of GeForce graphics card I have (everyone else in the office has Quadro cards so didn't have this problem). I am now using team viewer which is working so far. I only wish I found that out before I un and re installed vw only to find that it didn't make any difference! aargh!! Just yet another unproductive day....
  9. Having some big problems with VW today. OpenGL is not rendering at all. I can select stuff but can't see it. Have toggled around the OpenGL options etc - no joy. Have now reset all my vw preferences - no joy. Have updated graphics drivers - no joy. Does anyone have any other suggestions? My work has ground to a halt and I have so much to do.... Thanks!!!
  10. Hey Nikolai. Could you please share this custom link formula?
  11. This looks really useful! I fail to understand how this nested IF function critieria works but that doesn't matter as it does! It even worked after I did 26 different issues on the same sheet and the most recent data always showed so not sure why it is limited to 3? At what point does it stop working? We would really like the same thing but instead of the current issue date a worksheet displaying the current revision date. Is this possible? I tried simply swapping out "Issue" in the criteria for "Revision" but of course that didn't work... Edit: So I see it breaks down when other sheets are given issues... Is there no simple way to get the current revision date and or current issue date listed on a worksheet next to the sheet name and number?
  12. Boh


    Some suggestions: A really good one is setting up default tool settings. Go through ALL. the commonly used tools and set defaults. Anither is document settings like units and dimension styles, We have a whole bunch of custom markers that are in the templates. (Marker styles can’t easily be imported like other attributes). Design layers set up for a typical project type complete with storey settings. Sheet layers set up complete with correct page settings, titleblocks, scale bars, north point etc Snap settings to office defaults. Commonly useful scripts are handy. As viewports can’t be easily transferred between files it can be useful to set up a few commonly used ones complete with class and layer visibilitiy and override settings. In particular section viewports as there are many settings options for these it’s nice to have some “preset” how you like them, Note that not everything has to be in a template. Just commonly used items. In conjunction with the templates it’s a good idea to have a shared library of commonly used resources so other items can quickly be imported. Im sure there is another good thread on this so if you do a search fit “templates “ you might get more ideas.
  13. You can drag them onto your sheet straight out of the Resource Manager. And yes a double click opens the worksheet for editing. Alternatively in the Worksheet FIle menu click on "Worksheet on Drawing" Hope that helps.
  14. I am having a good experience at the moment using space objects and I am just on 2019. The project I am on atm has only about 20 space objects in it and it is just used for room names, areas and finishes which is generally all we need space objects for. Others may have more complicated setups but here is what we do: We have some custom space styles with custom tags. My biggest advice would be to get your first space style set up correctly. And by that I mean go through every setting to how you want it. You can then happily go and duplicate/edit this space style to create new ones and they will retain the basic set up. We have set up everything by class with all nested space objects using "by-class" settings where possible. These are the classes we have set up: These are some of the styles and tags we have set up:
  15. Hey Taproot. I’d be interested how you get on with that I couldn’t work it out when I tried...


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