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  1. Thanks Juan, We are having real trouble with the project sharing set up! Now we have managed to have all the users open it and able to use it but project file does not update and doesn't save on our server!! It's a nightmare - we will have to go back to copy pasting the old fashion way!
  2. Thanks for your response. That is the problem the person who is administrator of the drawing cannot find me to give me permission. I do not come up in order to give me access to the files. The other non admin person who has a vectorworks using her name as on the licence comes up as a user that can be added to the list of people. Maybe that's what I need to change my user name.
  3. Hi - we do all have licences ( three in total) only two of the programmes are named the same. We don't know if this is causing a problem with " finding' other users or not which basically isn't letting me access other than to read only? attached the message i get.
  4. We are experiencing problems with project sharing.We are using 2019 There are three of us but only two people can access the file. The Administrator and one other. I am unable to check out drawings because it said the "Project fIle is in use by another user" I am not able to ADD myself to the administrators list of people. We have two vectorworks licences with the same company names but not the same licence obviously. Is that the possible reason?
  5. Hi Yes it is. can you drop me a line on info@caseyfierro.com and I can exchange details.
  6. Hi The licence is for Fundamental,Architect, Renderworks 2019. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  7. The licence is 2019 Fundamentals / Architect /Renderworks but we incorrectly assumed the upgrade could be transferred. We are looking to get £2000 for it as there is a transfer fee.
  8. VECTORWORKS 2019 We have Fundamentals / Architect /Renderworks Licence for sale in the UK.
  9. VECTORWORKS 2019 with 2020 renewal - We have Fundamentals / Architect /Renderworks Licence for sale in the UK. Please contact me if your interested.
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