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  1. You are not alone 😉 Extrude along path in 3D is complicated, because you always have to check what objects you combine and how they are located in the 3D world. Together with the varios parameters of the tool I always need 2 or 3 attempts until I get the right combination and orientation. It's simply too much things that you have to keep in mind when creating an EAP. I am more and more generally using nurbs as a path, since it's quite simple to span a workingplane perpendiculat to the nurbs curve and draw the profile as 2D object on that working plane. That way the profile is usually correcty oriented and EAP will work as expected. Whats more, it's easy to edit path and profile, since the path is always a nurbs and the profile always a 2D shape.
  2. The solution I have so far is to rotate the clip cube according to the model and create section viewports from top, side and front of the clip cube. But that's a slow processing.
  3. Hi Mark, thats a great idea, haven't ever thought that this is possible. Never did that before and just tried it, but this effects only the viewport crop. What I need is for a front, back, top and isometric view which are not perpendicular to the layer plane. I dont want to rotate the model, since it is part of a bigger drawing. Imagine a drawing of a house with 50 garages, where the houses walls are perpendicular to the Layer plane and the garages are all individually rotated by some degree and have seperate design. Now I need a front, back top and isometric view of each garage on a seperate sheet layer. That's 50 sheet layers with 4 viewports = 100 viewports. Only it's not garages Im drawing, but a very crazy stage design.... Thats why I need a "quick and dirty" solution 😉
  4. Hi @ all, for the creating of quick viewports I sometimes use the multiple viewports command. This works fine as "quick and dirty" solution when creating a lot of sheet layers with multiple viewports. But now I want to create multiple viewports, related to a working plane, not to the layer plane. Seems to be impossible. Maybe someone has an idea for a workaround ?
  5. Oh, yes you are right, I completely forgot about the space bar. I think I haven't used it for years. Good thing you remember me before I retire 😉 But it's a bit like playing "finger-twister" 😀
  6. A problem with the "c-mode-zooming" appears when you already have made the selection of an object and chosen a tool, for example: - select an object - pick rotate tool (for example) - set first rotation point and now you want make a precise selection for the rotation end point and need to zoom in our out to find it. => no chance to do this without a scroll wheel. Similar with move by points and other "two-click-tools".
  7. This problem occus mainly with the move by points tool: Although I'm almost permanentely working in 3D, I use screen plane a lot. I very often have objects are already correctly oriented in the 3D world, and they only need to be moved in top, front, or sideview. So the quickest way to achieve that, is to move the object in screen plane in the corresponding view. Before that and after that I'm mostly moving things around in 3D on layer plane. This workflow leads to the problem that every 4th or 5th click is changing the layer plane mode from layer to screen plane and vice versa. Maybe my workflow is completely wrong, but at this point I always wish that there is a shortcut for toggeling Layer/Screenplane mode with my left hand on the keyboard while drawing with the right hand, and not being forced to click the drop down box with the right hand mouse every 5 seconds. This is not a question of automatic plane mode. Automatic plane mode works fine with all planar tools, the problem occurs when plane/layer mode ist intentionally changed to get either the result to move from screenpoint to screenpoint or to move from layerplanepoint to layerplanepoint. Hope that someone can follow me, and looking forward to all comments. 😃
  8. No chance, nothing works. ...is IS dissapointing...😗
  9. yes, tried that, disabled everything exept Master Snap ( At least there has to remain ONE Snap, otherwise move by point makes no sense at all). But no effect. I just made a test with the same file in VW 2020 (which has no preview) and the result is that move by points with a group of 24,000 objects is slow, but it works within a few seconds and does not crash or freeze. Seems to be a typical "programming-disimprovement" issue with VW2021.
  10. I fear it's not only the preview which causes this problem. But the possibility to deactivate it for slower computers could be helpful. That was my first thought too, but in the described case, which causes VW to freeze, the selection is already a group. But the idea to reduce the handles is the right way: Making a symbol out of the group works ! A good workaround, but quite embarassing for a CAD programme to force the user to create a symbol before moving things around. Whats more: I can't create a symbol with objects on different layers, so moving several objects on different layers in Show/Snap/Modity mode is not possible.
  11. Thank You, but after checking all prefererence there is nothing that helps. Recently I worked with a group from an imported dwg which contains 24,000 objects. (2D) I accidently activated this group with the move by points tool. Result: VW freezes for more than one hour. But even smaller groups of 100-500 objects can not be moved by points properly. Anyone else here has this experience ? I generally use move by points instead of drag and drop objects, since it is more exact, so this compelety kills my workflow...
  12. In the DXF/DWG Export options dialogue choose "Selected Sheets" and "Export Viewports as 2d graphics in Model space". This wil export only the chosen sheets and create a 2D symbol for each viewport.
  13. Hi Boh, I'm creating my own symbol library for several years now and it's growing and growing. Here are some of my experiences: At first I tried to add as much information as possible to the symbols, that means lots of data fields in the Record Formats and several Record Formats attached to a symbol. In the end I gave up. The problem is simply the maintenance of the data. Imagine you get a new price list from every manufaturer every year,- who will update all this information on every symbol ? Since Vectorworks is NOT a Database Management System like SQL it will become a "maintenance horror". I ended up in keeping the symbol information as small as possible. I have indexed all my symbols, which means there is only ONE Record Format that has an integer field called "Index". This field marks the symbol with a UNIQUE, NON DUPLICATE integer number. You will NEVER find this number on a second symbol. Additionaly this Record Format has a "description" and a "notes" field. That's all. Prices, weight, manufacturer, version number, or any other information that is needed, are stored in an external database or dispatching/accounting program, whose records have the same index as the VW symbol, so references and reporting can be made. Simpliest way to store the data is in an excel sheet if you don't have a database system. Any other information in Record Formats I only use for the functionality of the drawing itself like calculation of surfaces or Data Visualization. They are created "on the fly" while drawing. I have Record Format and Worksheet Templates, but they are empty and will be populated during creating the model. In short, my rule is: "What you need in the drawing, is stored in the drawing, everything else is stored in an external database and imported to the drawing when needed." Maybe someone here has other approaches to this ?
  14. I think this happens since 2021/SP3: Move by points preview seems to limit the functionality and it's nearly impossible to move larger objecs. Moving around a few 2D/3D objects is still working properly. Whats not working is to grab all objects from an enitre drawing or a big group, and move this by points. Before SP3 doing this was slow too and there was a lack of 3-5 seconds, depending on the amount of objects, but it dit work. Now it's impossible to do that, after selecting the objects and doing the first click the "wheel of death" keeps running for minutes now. It's no problem to move such big groups of objects by drag and drop or to do this via move command, only the move by points command fails. Anyone else here has this problem ?
  15. Thank you Pat ! Thats a great start. I'll give it a try 🙂
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