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  1. Just checked it on my old laptop with a VW 2018 version: It seems to be the other way around: In VW 2018 neither extrudes nor other solids could have a linetype. It seems that the possibility for extrudes to have linetypes appeared later, in one of the last 3 Versions. So indeed, for this time it's not a bug, it's a feature. 🙃
  2. Call me quixotic, insane, backwoods, an ideot, but THIS is my main communication device: I am definetely NOT kidding. (For the millennials: The buttons are real, you can feel them click when you press them, and when someone calls you, only a simple bell rings, not the latest chart hit, and no, you can't go online or run whatsapp, and yes, live ist still worth living with this device.) hmm, just wondering what's the quickest way to draw it in Vectorworks.... 😀
  3. suggestion for a workaround: Export to dwg and re-import to other file ? Should do a similar job like the group trick.
  4. Hi MrPilot, at first I could not reproduce your picture in wireframe, but I guess you used hidden line or dashed hidden line rendering. In Hidden Line the dashed lines mix up as they are either on the backside of the objects, or they use the Line Type of the extrude. As far as I know, there is no "regular" way at all to show 3D objects with a Line Style. Extrudes seem to be an exception. But you are right, it is not logical that extrudes can have Line Styles in hidden line rendering, while solid additions or subtractions can't. I'm not shure, but I think this problem exists since VW 2020.
  5. Maybe this helps: You can find some XLR sockets in: Vectorworks Libraries /Objects - Ent Controls / zNested Parts.
  6. Solid subtractions often fail when the solid parts overlap in a complicated way. This can be very small parts, often overseen unless you zoom very close. You can try to add the solids instead of subtract and you may find intersecting edges and lines in places where you do not expect them. That is where you have to edit the geometry. If you have more than one solid to subtract you can also try to subtract one by one. b.t.w.: Worked with this microphone when I started my business around 1985.... Seems I'm getting old ... 😉
  7. I'm using this workaround: - activate the flyover tool - use Object center mode - select an object and move it a bit via the flyover tool. After that, the space mouse will use this object as center. Not really a smooth working process, but it helps with big drawings when the space mouse bumps the plan uncontrollably around because the rotation center is somewhere at the other end of the drawing. Worked in VW 2020 and 2021, with the last two 3D connection drivers.
  8. just an idea: - for colors and textures you could use data visualization, this overrides the attributes based on data and you do not need to touch the objects. - another possibility would be to use symbols or nested symbols. You could define your wall as symbol and lock it and then do the changes via 3D component of the wall symbol in the recource manager without touching the drawing itself.
  9. Yes, that's it ! Thank You 😀
  10. Hi, maybe anyone here can tell me why this is not working? Procedure CustTool1; VAR Name:STRING; Result:BOOLEAN; BEGIN PushAttrs; CallToolWithMode(-209,1,3); PopAttrs; END; Run(CustTool1); I simply want to call the Insert Symbol Tool with pick up option. This script calls the tool in the correct mode but I cant select a symbol in the drawing.
  11. Yes, I always have the same thoughts, but the solution seems not to be trivial: Which is the correct height ? Is it the height if the bounding box ? Or the average height of the containing objects, or the max/min height of the objects ? Anyway, it would be great to have at least one fixed point in th OIP, so movements relatively to that point can be made. But when you want to have a tool to align several different objects including groups in 3D, this will result in an "options monster" and it will be simplier to use the workaround with the 3D locus.
  12. Is it correct that detail components with level "high" inside symbols are generally ingnored in thumbnail views in the resource browser ? I have nested symbols with detail components leve "high" only, which results in an empty thumbnail.... Looks a bit confusing ...
  13. maybe anyone here knows why this happens ? - draw a rectangle with fill - set a 2d locus as sweep point - select both - do the Model/Sweep command - as Parameters set the pitch identical to height (which is the rectangles height) - Start angle 0,000 - sweep angle 360,000 - press enter => a spiral object with a 360degree turn is generated, as expected. - select the object - do the Modify/Convert/Convert to Generic Solid command => the object dissapears. This happens only when pitch is identical to height


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