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  1. You keep saying this but you should do the VW community a favor and document your setups and process so others can also be successful. There is a lot of pain going on with Dropbox and cloud services—so urgently needed now in this pandemic time—and Project Sharing. My office is having new issues now that we were not having a year ago.
  2. Morehouse MacDonald and Associates, Inc., is an award-winning architecture and interiors firm specializing in high-end single-family homes and estates working on projects across the US eastern seaboard, throughout New England, and in the West Indies. We are currently seeking an architect or designer at 'Architect / Designer I' level with approximately 5-8 years of experience, ideally much of that in the custom single-family residential market or similar markets. We are a Vectorworks firm but we do not hire people around what CAD/BIM software they know—we hire talent, experience, soft skills, and passion—and we train staff in Vectorworks. The right candidate can grow in this job, advance to Project Architect / Project Manager and lead substantial residential estate projects throughout the country and overseas. Some travel is expected of Project Managers at MMA and candidates for Architect / Designer I are expected to want to advance to Project Manager roles in 1.5 - 3 years. You can read about the job post in full here: https://www.morehousemacdonald.com/contact/architect-designer-level-one/ Please forward a letter of intention, CV, and portfolio in PDF format to eshields@morehousemacdonald.com, subject line: Architect / Designer 1 Job Post https://www.morehousemacdonald.com/
  3. I have discovered some strange diagonal lines appearing in a design-layer viewport but they are not apart of the original file info. See image: If I turn the layer, on which this design-layer viewport is placed, to gray line mode, the diagonal lines go away. So it is something about viewing state that affects this. Anybody know what is going on? How to fix this? I don't know why it even happened. A
  4. Apparently this is a bug that is eliminated in version 2008 SP3. So now the problem is gone. A
  5. Does anyone know if this error is implying a circular (infinite-loop) like reference issue? It says "cycle" that's why I ask. If you place a design-layer viewport from file 2 into file 1, and then you create another file 3 and place a design-layer viewport from file 1 into file 3, along with perhaps a design-layer viewport from file 2, does this mean you have "double referenced" info into file 3 and thus cause a problem? Clearly, doesn't it matter what layers you have turned on within your references? Also, if I have a design-layer viewport from file 2 inside file 1 and also have a design-layer viewport from file 1, inside file 2, does that cause some kind of infinite loop referencing going on? I have not found this problem before today. A
  6. Does anyone know why suddenly a referenced file, referenced via design-layer viewport, cannot suddenly be referenced and why this error message occurs: This reference is not legal because it causes a cycle of design layer viewport style references A
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