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  1. Hi Sara, When using Project Sharing with a Cloud Service (VCS, Dropbox, etc.), Vectorworks will generate this error message if Vectorworks detects that the Project File in your cloud folder was renamed, moved, or copied using Finder or Windows Explorer. Which Cloud Service are you using? Vectorworks will prevent additional changes to the Project File (until you perform a reset) to eliminate data loss when this error is detected. Only an Admin can perform a reset. The Admin must decide which version of the Project File is the latest. If you are the Admin, check with your teammates to determine which Project File is the latest. Move the most recent copy of the Project File to your local cloud folder, and then perform the Reset. Alternatively, you can recreate the Project File. You can refer to this Project Sharing FAQ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/faqs/project-sharing-faq-r427/, or you can visit https://university.vectorworks.net and explore courses on Project Sharing. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks. Tolu
  2. It is dependent on your internet speed and the size of your Project File. If your upload and download speed is 10 mbps, and your Project File is 300 MB, your experience will be poor. However, Project Sharing Server will still function. Even with a cloud-service, like Dropbox, a 10 mbps internet speed will result in a poor performance. Below is an excerpt from the system requirements for VW2021 on Project Sharing: "As the network bandwidth increases, so does project sharing performance. Slower network speeds can still provide a satisfactory user experience if you minimize operations that transfer large amounts of data over the network (such as committing changes to the project file or refreshing a local working file)." https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/vectorworks-2021-system-requirements-r829/
  3. Google File Stream is supported. However, Google File Stream does not have Delta Sync, so its performance is subpar compared to VCS, Dropbox or Resilio. If you are/were having issues, could you please send me a direct message? No, the Project Sharing Server allows you to put your files anywhere. We just need to know where the files reside. This is done by setting the "Projects Directory" to where your files reside. The Project Directory can contain any file (not just Vectorworks file). For example, you could set the Projects Directory to be the root folder that contains all your files. We fully support installing the Project Sharing Server on a NAS. You can install the Project Sharing Server on a Mac, Windows, or a NAS device. Please refer to this link on how to install the Project Sharing Server: https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=297 If you want this to work with remote workers that's when you need an IT department (or a network guy) to setup a VPN so that access to the Project Sharing Server is secured and authenticated over the internet. If you do not have a IT department, I recommend you use Project Sharing with a Cloud Service (e.g. VCS, Dropbox, Resilio, One Drive, Box, Google Backup & Sync, or Google File Stream). I hope this clarifies the conversation.
  4. Hi @Christiaan, I agree it adds complexity. However, a solution that works out of the box, using your servers or machines without any maintenance, is non-existent. You will have to manage certificates at a minimum. Encryption relies on certificates. Certificates are tied to a specific domain. Vectorworks cannot give out a certificate that is tied to your domain. You have to purchase a certificate from a Certificate Authority and install it on your servers. This is why AWS, Windows Azure, etc., have a business. You pay a fee, and they handle all the security and certificates for you. The caveat is that you do not use your machines. Yes, we have been using Project Sharing Server over VPN for more than a year. When our office was closed last year due to the pandemic, anyone that wanted to use the Project Sharing Server had to use it over VPN from their homes. Besides, we did all our acceptance tests for VW2021 using Project Sharing Server over VPN.
  5. You could do this today with the Project Sharing Server. You essentially have 2 options: Host the Project Sharing Server on your internal server, and open up the server so it is accessible over the internet. (This is not recommended because your connection is unsecured) Host the Project Sharing Server on your internal server, but only make the server accessible over a VPN. VPN will provide authentication and encryption.
  6. After investigation with @Kal, we found that the permission of files in her colleague's local OneDrive folder was incorrect. If you have similar issues, please check that everyone working on the project has full access.
  7. 1. Does she have the latest version of OneDrive installed? 2. Does she have the Project File in her OneDrive folder? Is the size of the Project File the same as yours? Make sure you have "Files On-Demand" turned off? This ensures the Project File is actually synced to your computer.
  8. @str Here is a link to download the latest docker image: https://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2021/SP0/564899/NNA/eng/ProjectSharingServer/565726/rebuild_20200917/ProjectSharingServerInstaller-565726-docker-image1.zip Thanks
  9. The docker installer seems to be corrupt. We are working to resolve the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. I suspected as much. Using Dropbox is the best solution for your setup. The Project Sharing Server will not help you. Our hardware recommendations are here: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq. You need at least ~50 mbps.
  11. @str Once you unzip "ProjectSharingServerInstaller-565726-docker-image1.zip", you will see the docker image file named "project-sharing-server.tar". Thanks
  12. @_James If you are using Project Sharing and working remotely, you should be using Project Sharing with a cloud service (Dropbox or Resilio provides the best performance). This setup is the best. If that setup is not feasible, you will have to connect to a shared drive using a VPN, but your internet speed must be fast relative to your file size. If you currently connect to a shared drive (Win, Mac, NAS) in an office or via a VPN, I recommend installing the Project Sharing Server on the shared drive. With the Project Sharing Server (PSS), we no longer rely on the operating system (OS) when locking the Project File. With users using different operating systems and multiple file protocols (smb, AFP, etc.), there was no reliable way to lock the Project File. The PSS eliminates this problem. We now have a process running on the server or NAS that handles all operations on the Project File - this gives us full control, and it eliminates any surprises. Also, we no longer rely on smb and AFP with the Project Sharing Server. Vectorworks communicates with the PSS using HTTP, which works irrespective of the OS you are using. You mentioned you had problems remotely connecting to a NAS. What were the issues? Did you get any alerts? Were you using a VPN connection? Understanding these problems might shed some light on the root problems, and I can provide a more specific recommendation. Thanks, Tolu
  13. Could you please clarify what you mean by this? It seems you only have read permission on the Project File. Please check that you have full access to the Project File.
  14. Hi @cberg, I agree the cyan color is almost unreadable. Could you please confirm the version of Vectorworks you are using? The color was corrected in Vectorworks 2020 SP3.
  15. Hi @Tom Klaber, @Jacob@tangably.com, et. al., As of yesterday morning, May 18, 2020, you can now use Google File Stream (GFS) with Project Sharing in Vectorworks 2020 SP3. You only need to shutdown and restart Vectorworks 2020 SP3 while you have an active internet connection to get the update. Dropbox and Resilio are still our recommended cloud solutions to use with Project Sharing, followed by OneDrive. Dropbox and Resilio support "LAN Sync" and "Delta Sync," whereas OneDrive only supports (Delta Sync or Differential Sync). These three solutions are more performant than GFS. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Tolu
  16. Yes, if your Working File is saved on your local machine, you always have access to the file. In addition, when you open the Working File and Vectorworks detects that you have no internet access, it will prompt you to go off-line (see attached image). This prompt only occurs when you open your Working File. Given the workflow you described (i.e., traveling and working without an internet connection), you can work offline. The message in my previous post was incorrect. I have edited it. I apologize for the confusion. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/67293-project-sharing-where-are-we/&do=findComment&comment=351177 When you are in offline mode, you are only allowed to modify layers or objects you already have checked out. When in offline mode, you cannot check out additional objects, and you cannot commit. The only limitation that exists today (Vectorworks 2020 SP3) is that you have no option to go offline explicitly. We will look into providing a solution in a future version of Vectorworks.
  17. Following the feedbacks, we will support Google File Stream in the not so distant future. However, as I have previously said, without "LAN Sync" and "Delta Sync" (or Differential Sync as Microsoft OneDrive calls it), the performance will not be the best.
  18. Thanks for the explanation. I now understand your workflow. For the 25% files, it seems you still want to be able to commit your changes while offline. Is that correct? Currently, there is no explicit way to work offline. We'll look into adding support for that in the future. However, when you are offline, you will not be able to commit changes to the PF. Besides, you will only be able to work on objects you already have checked out.
  19. This means someone created a new object on the layer, and then discarded their Working File. Please let me know if this happens again. No, not if you are using Dropbox. The premise of using a cloud solution is that you are always online, and that your Dropbox client is always running. Could you please elaborate on your workflow? Why do you want to work offline?
  20. Could you please elaborate on the "Project Files breaking"? What error message did you get? No, this should not happen if things are properly setup. No major configuration is required, but here are some tips to follow. All users must have the Dropbox client installed Create the Project File in a folder within your local Dropbox folder, and then share that folder with the appropriate users. You cannot share the Project File directly. Once the project file is in the cloud folder, leave it there, and never make any copies. Do not duplicate it. Do not rename it. If the Vectorworks program detects multiple copies of a project file, an alert is displayed that the Project File is locked, and an Admin would have to reset it. When a user opens a working file connected to a project file shared on the cloud, the user must have an active internet connection, and the user’s Dropbox client must be running.
  21. I am unsure where you are getting this information. Google Backup and Sync still works for me on MacOS and Windows. I have it installed on my MacOS and Windows machine. I can sync files to my Gmail account in Drive. When I searched for "Google Backup and Sync", the first hit I get is this link, which allows me to download and install Backup and Sync. https://www.google.com/intl/en-GB_ALL/drive/download/backup-and-sync/ Could you please clarify what you are seeing? Thanks, Tolu
  22. Either of the two solutions would work (Dropbox would be faster, however). If you already have OneDrive, try it and see if you are comfortable with its performance. Please let me know if you need help setting it up. Thanks, Tolu
  23. Perhaps our message was not and has not been clear. I apologize for the confusion. Here is a link to an FAQ post stating that File Stream is not supported: The post says, "NOTE: When using Google Drive, keep in mind that Project Sharing is NOT compatible with "Drive File Stream". It will still work with "Backup and Sync"."
  24. @Tom Klaber Correct, LAN sync does not help you when working remotely. However, Delta Sync does! Delta Sync is crucial when working with Project Sharing. This is why Dropbox and Resilio are superior to the other cloud services that we support (Google Backup & Sync, Box, and OneDrive) when using Project Sharing much like @cberg, @Diego-Resuelvectorworks, and others have stated. Note: As of Vectorworks 2020, we also support Resilio. This is not quite how Project Sharing works. There is still communication between Vectorworks and your local Project File, and Vectorworks needs to ensure that your local Project File is up to date before it can read the needed information from it. Project Sharing works with Google Backup and Sync. It is Google File Stream that we do not supported. When Project Sharing was initially released, Google File Stream did not exist. It was simply called Google Drive, which we supported. When Google released Google File Stream, Google moved the old "Google Drive" functionality to Backup and Sync. At that point, we updated our knowledge base articles and posts that Google File Stream is not supported. We only support Google Backup and Sync. However, Backup and Sync is slow compared to Dropbox or Resilio. Note that Google File Stream still does not support LAN Sync or Delta Sync either. Maybe we missed a
  25. I suspect that your setup is flawed. I would be glad to take a look at your setup if possible. We have looked at Google File Stream, and the absence of LAN Sync and Delta Sync makes this solution uninteresting. Imagine having to copy 500MB every time a user checks out or releases an object. It would be too slow.
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