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  1. Tolu

    Un-joined walls

    @tomk @Jeremiah Russell Hi Jeremiah and TomKen, Are the walls that become unjoined all on the same layer, same classes? Do you know if those walls were recently modified? Thanks.
  2. Tolu

    "Read only" vwx files on windows server

    Could you please provide more information on your setup - the version of VW you are using, server type and version, connection, etc.? Thanks
  3. For completeness: the OP's( @Tom Klaber 's) problem was his use of Google's Drive File Stream. Project Sharing does not support Drive File Stream at this point. Thanks, Tolu
  4. This user was using Google File Stream, which is not supported. Project Sharing supports Google Backup & Sync. You can also use Dropbox and Box. If you are looking for a cloud solution, I would recommend Dropbox because of its LAN Sync feature.
  5. Understood. Please save the files when next it happens, and send them to me. I can look at the History to determine what happened. Vectorworks already has this feature. An admin can release the exclusive lock that User X has on an object/layer using the "Release" command. In VW2019, it has been renamed to "Administrative Release". Note: I suggest only using this as a last resort, however. Because doing this will prevent User X from being able to commit their work into the PF.
  6. If you are getting the message the that "The commit operation failed because your permissions were changed..." and you are certain the administrator did not release your objects, could you please send me your PF and WFs (in a state that exhibits this problem) via a private message? Thanks, Tolu
  7. Tolu

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    You cannot select a network folder as you Google B&S folder. You have to select a folder that resides on your machine. Once you make changes, Google B&S will then B&S the file to Google's server. If you've shared the Google Drive folder with other users, their Google B&S client will then pull your changes from Google's server into their respective Google B&S folder.
  8. Tolu

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    No, you do not. You simply need to share the folder containing the PF with other users. Each user (on their respective machine) will open the PF in their local Google B&S folder, and Vectorworks takes care of the rest. Thanks, Tolu
  9. Tolu

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    Could you please elaborate? Are you using Google Drive File Stream? Project Sharing is not compatible with Google File Stream. Project Sharing is, however, compatible with Google Backup and Sync. You will need to install the Google Backup and Sync client on your machine. The client allows you to specify a folder on your local machine where your files are synced. You can learn more about Project Sharing and how to set it up here: Thanks, Tolu
  10. Yes, I agree based on your workflow. We will work on adding this wish. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Ah, I see the confusion. Doing that accomplishes nothing. The "Check Out..." command will be ignored because the objects are inside a resource. The "Check Out" and "Release" menu commands should be disabled while editing the geometry of resources, such as Tiles and Symbol definitions. We will make this improvement. When I mentioned a "transparent process," I meant deciding who should modify the symbol definition and when.
  12. With Project Sharing, you do not (and cannot) check out resources. Multiple users are allowed to change the same resource. The second user to commit will have to resolve the conflicts by either accepting their changes or accepting the other user's changes. You cannot merge the changes. As such, a transparent process must be put in place to coordinate the editing of resources.
  13. Tolu

    Project Sharing Deleted File Recurring Issue

    "Save and Commit" uses a safe-save mechanism. Your Project File will not be completely lost. Turn on the option to "show hidden files", navigate to the location of the PF, and you should see .bak files on the server. The newest bak file can be safely renamed to .vwxp to recover your PF. BTW, I recommend that you update to the latest version of Vectorworks. Thanks, Tolu
  14. Tolu

    Project Sharing Bugs

    You cannot check out a layer/object that is out of date. This is working as expected.
  15. Tolu

    Project Sharing Bugs

    Is your backup file newer than your original WF? Because you crashed doesn't mean you need to use your backup. If the layer/object you checked out is out of date, yes, Vectorworks will prompt for a fresh first. This seems to be the case with your back WF. The excerpt you mentioned in the guide is from ”how to replace a current working file with a backup file.” The first step reads, ”Release all objects and layers in the current WF”. By the time you get to step 5, none of the layers/objects in your backup file will be checked out, so the documentation is correct. Thanks


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