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  1. Tolu

    Problem with 'locked' Project Files and Dropbox?

    This problem should be fixed now. Users should be able to use Project Sharing with Dropbox, Box, etc.
  2. Tolu

    Problem with 'locked' Project Files and Dropbox?

    I’m looking into this now. Was tour Dropbox client upgraded over the weekend?
  3. If you change the User Origin in a Project Sharing environment, it is logged in the history.
  4. The "Network Protocol" setting is stored with the Project File -- not the Working File. The admin has to change it by opening his Working File, going to File -> Project Sharing... -> Settings tab. Once modified, the change will be reflected in all users' Working File associated with that Project File. Changing this setting requires "administrative" permissions, so all users will not have permissions to change this setting. If every user is an admin, this is bad.
  5. Ah yes, you need to change the Network Protocol for each Project File from AFP to SMB via the Project Sharing dialog. This applies only to VW2019 Project Files. There is no utility to change all Project Files at once. Yes, because you have changed the protocol, VW is complaining..... but this not a "file locking" issue as you originally put it. Thanks, Tolu
  6. Could you please elaborate on what you need to change per-project? A file that has references does not store the protocol used to connect to the share or NAS device. The file stores the path. On Mac, the path is similar to this: /Volumes/ShareFolder/path/to/source.vwx On Win, the path is similar to this: \\Server\ShareFolder\path\to\source.vwx As such, you switching from AFP to SMB does not require any changes to the File. Side note: The Mac allows you to mount a shared folder in multiple ways. For example, if the admin has shared a file at smb://OurServer/SharedFolder/WGR/File.txt. On the Mac, I can mount the Share in multiple ways (using Cmd+K). I can mount it as "smb://OurServer/SharedFolder/" or as "smb://OurServer/". Essentially, a user is allowed to specify his/her mounting point. The different mounting points will result in different paths to the text files. For the first mount, the path will be /Volumes/WGR/File.txt. The path to the 2nd mount will be /Volumes/SharedFolder/WGR/File.txt. If the text file was a vwx, you could imagine how specifying different mounting point will prevent the target file from automatically finding the source file. You can get around this issue by making sure all users on the team use the same mounting point, or you can use relative paths. With relative paths, VW will neglect the mount point. The only requirement when using relative paths is that the source and target file must be on the same volume. I don't know about your NAS device, so I can't speak about what you've experienced. In our tests, we have only found that when you connect to a Synology NAS device using different protocols, the file locks (read and write (R/W) locks) are not respected. That is, if a user opens a file for R/W using SMB, another user can open the same file for R/W using AFP. This error is why we strongly recommend using only one protocol. We have never seen the case where two different users using the same protocol is allowed to open the same file simultaneously. If you have a reproducible example, I will be glad to set up a screen sharing session to see what is happening. It is essential to point out that a user can connect to the same share using SMB and AFP at the same time. You should "Get File Info" (Cmd+I) on the file through the Finder window to see the protocol in use. Thanks, Tolu Vectorworks Inc.
  7. Admin Release is not a temporary change. The alert following an admin release warns you that the user would lose their work if they have uncommitted changes. This is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend have only 1 (max 2) admin in a Project. Has someone else modified the objects that you "Admin Released"? If so, you would have to decide how you will merge the changes (someone might have to redo their work). If no one has modified the objects, the user can have to get a new WF, and then paste the objects from the old WF into the new WF. Note with copy and paste, any previous work done to those objects that are not in the old WF will be overwritten.
  8. Tolu

    Un-joined walls

    @tomk @Jeremiah Russell Hi Jeremiah and TomKen, Are the walls that become unjoined all on the same layer, same classes? Do you know if those walls were recently modified? Thanks.
  9. Tolu

    "Read only" vwx files on windows server

    Could you please provide more information on your setup - the version of VW you are using, server type and version, connection, etc.? Thanks
  10. For completeness: the OP's( @Tom Klaber 's) problem was his use of Google's Drive File Stream. Project Sharing does not support Drive File Stream at this point. Thanks, Tolu
  11. This user was using Google File Stream, which is not supported. Project Sharing supports Google Backup & Sync. You can also use Dropbox and Box. If you are looking for a cloud solution, I would recommend Dropbox because of its LAN Sync feature.
  12. Understood. Please save the files when next it happens, and send them to me. I can look at the History to determine what happened. Vectorworks already has this feature. An admin can release the exclusive lock that User X has on an object/layer using the "Release" command. In VW2019, it has been renamed to "Administrative Release". Note: I suggest only using this as a last resort, however. Because doing this will prevent User X from being able to commit their work into the PF.
  13. If you are getting the message the that "The commit operation failed because your permissions were changed..." and you are certain the administrator did not release your objects, could you please send me your PF and WFs (in a state that exhibits this problem) via a private message? Thanks, Tolu
  14. Tolu

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    You cannot select a network folder as you Google B&S folder. You have to select a folder that resides on your machine. Once you make changes, Google B&S will then B&S the file to Google's server. If you've shared the Google Drive folder with other users, their Google B&S client will then pull your changes from Google's server into their respective Google B&S folder.
  15. Tolu

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    No, you do not. You simply need to share the folder containing the PF with other users. Each user (on their respective machine) will open the PF in their local Google B&S folder, and Vectorworks takes care of the rest. Thanks, Tolu


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