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  1. Hi All, I am new to vectorworks and been using revit and archicad for years. These software it good and would be better if VW improves the following: 1. make project sharing as effective as worksharing in revit. 2. Please come up with cloud server like BIM360, would be extremely useful during these covid. 3. File referencing in VW makes the file bigger. It shouldn't be, the reference file should function as proxy file and should not add to the file size of the base model. Please check how revit did it. I am doing big and complex project and once I referenced IFC files (YES, only relevant components are loaded), the files become very big. 4. provide more video tutorials, cheat sheets and create a books like "vectorworks for grandma" for new users
  2. Please check the attachment files, it is showing the data visualization. And this files are 3 years old, would be great to see an updated one.
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