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  1. Hello @D_C Since you are on Windows, check this tech bulletin to see if this is the issue you are experiencing:
  2. For IES you need to know that Redshift does not render "From User Input" brightness it only does "From Distribution". Set your lights to "From Distribution". You can attenuate the brightness inside a symbol with the brightness control in the Obj Info palette Shape pane, to make it go up or down. HTH
  3. Hello @Sky Redshift uses the GPU functions on the M1 to do rendering, and VW will be using Redshift more and more in the future. So GPU will be used more, if that info helps.
  4. Hello again @thijsdebock I am able to see the problem with your file thanks so much. This is fixed in 2022 Service Pack 2. This bug is file specific, it has been bothering me awhile because I have seen it before but wasn't able to reproduce it. Your file shows it easily. The bug happens when there aren't any lights on the current active layer. In that case the panorama gets added default lighting. There is a workaround which may help until we get the code fix in, if you make sure the currently-active layer is one that has lights in it then that should keep the default lighting from blowing out the rendering. HTH!
  5. Redshift is a different render engine entirely, it pays off when you are using effects that require a lot of rays/samples. There is a limit that the existing Renderworks render modes will reach, that you can see in the renderings. For example, when I look at existing nice renderings it turns out in the setting that Blurriness quality was set to Medium. Why? Because this effect is expensive. With Redshift there aren't any effects that make it hit a wall like the Renderworks settings did. When I zoom in to a Redshift rendering that may have taken the same amount of time, there is often more detail to see in it than what is obvious when zoomed out. Some of the time to render may be because Denoising is on, this makes the rendering take 2x what it would take without. Denoising does not have to be used unless you want it. Also, if you go to the Edit Render Style dialog, make sure it says that you are rendering with Redshift. You can choose a Redshift style on any machine; on machines that don't support Redshift you will get a Renderworks rendering. VW documents are portable, which means a Redshift render style produces different results depending on what machine it is used on. Redshift is a big change and will ultimately affect many things over time. It is a new tool. @Kaare Baekgaard This doesn't sound like you are getting a Redshift rendering, it sounds like abnormal behavior. We will need more details to diagnose this. Does your system meet the requirements in the Redshift section here? https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq
  6. @aheininen There are other operations that will cause the crash, that are pretty common like tearing off palettes or any window or multiview pane resizing. We are working on alerting the users when we detect this situation so that finding and resolving it is not such guessing game. Thanks for sharing your experience and info!
  7. Hello @aheininen We know about certain utility apps on Windows that can cause windowing operations in Vectorworks 2022 to crash. These apps modify DirectX 11 behavior. We are currently writing a tech note about it. For now, see this thread for how to disable items from startup to find the problem app:
  8. @hollister design Studio Thanks for the file we are taking a look. I don't see flashing on my Mac we will try Windows.
  9. Hello @Kaare Baekgaard This bug about multiple viewports not updating is fixed for Service Pack 2.
  10. Yes this wish has been asked for for a long time I will revive the wish.
  11. @hollister design Studio First thought is is Unified View turned off in this file?
  12. @adam covellWe are aware of this issue and have a potential fix for it for Service Pack 2, we are testing with the latest Twinmotion 2021.2 to make sure. A workaround for now would be to modify your VW file, save the VW file, close it, open it again, and then sync it to Twinmotion.
  13. Um, creating image props has always recognized any alpha channel in the image as long as the alpha is not all ones or not all zeroes. When you create an image prop the mask dialog has a radio for use alpha channel, this is enabled if the source image has an alpha channel. This pre-dates support for alpha of images, even. Unless this is currently not working?
  14. A couple workflow ideas are that if you import an image as a referenced image, you can then modify it outside Vectorworks and then refresh the reference to bring in the modified image. You could start out with the unstylized image and stylize it with an app and then update the reference as needed. Another thought is that the newest version of Vectorworks Nomad integrates with the iOS Files app. This lets any other mobile app get access to your Vectorworks Cloud Services files. So you could stylize an image using mobile app and bring it back to desktop more easily. The Files app integration is intended to help workflows like with Morpholio specifically, to sketch on a starting image that comes from Vectorworks and get it back to Vectorworks. HTH
  15. @eleppWe have an excellent relationship with Enscape and you can expect we will be very supportive of their Mac version!
  16. That is really odd that all files are affected and that restart doesn't shake it loose. Does an empty file with a sphere added to it also show as black? And is this only Shaded mode or also with Renderworks?
  17. @Simon Allan 2022 service pack, what meta data (there is an infinite ocean of meta data available) do you need in particular? I suppose plug-in object type so you can distinguish truss plug-in objects, and ID if the object has a UUID? What else?
  18. Thanks for the help @line-weight The demo video made it look like export button had to be pressed first and it doesn't. We have the file export mode button to match other CAD app Datasmith tools, and it seems to be confusing.
  19. @bjoerka Can you send me this file? The brightness of IES lights is only from distribution file not ever from user input, that is a limitation of the Redshift implementation. The IES lights that are showing plain spherical distribution must not be loading I would like to look at those.
  20. Hello @billtheia If you create a new Renderworks Render Style resource and choose Redshift by Maxon from the Type popup, there will be a little message saying whether VW thinks your computer can run Redshift or not. If you choose a Redshift style and your computer doesn't support it then you will get a Custom Renderworks rendering.
  21. @Tobias Kern Yes thank you for the wish, I agree style resources are the best way to collect and reuse the settings. And templates are the way for now, thanks @zoomer
  22. Hello @Simon Allan we are aware that we need to put more metadata into the Datasmith files so that Visual Dataprep can get traction, we are adding this to the Roadmap for a future release.
  23. Hello @bcd in the test file the Crease Angle is set to 1 degree which is why this one shows so many noisy edges. The default for crease angle is usually 70 degrees. Set it higher and this one will not show so much noise. FYI Also if you set to 0 degrees you will get pretty much only silhouette edges which might be a look you might like.
  24. Hello @trashcan This might be the edges of the viewport clipping out some pixels at the edge. We inflate the size of the viewport to account for this but you might try editing the viewport crop and putting a rectangle in to make the viewport area account for the lines more. HTH
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