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  1. Dave Donley

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Zeno this bug with image effects and Renderworks rendering showing black is fixed for SP4.
  2. Dave Donley

    lighting for interior rooms

    If you will ultimately be rendering with Renderworks, consider trying out making a texture resource that uses Glow for the Reflectivity shader, and apply that to the shade/glass of the lamp. You can control the brightness of the Glow effect in the shader controls. Then, to see the glow effect you have to render in Renderworks render modes with the Lighting Options using a choice other than None. The glow effect is produced by the indirect lighting engine. This technique is probably the best for producing soft lighting from non-point lit surfaces.
  3. Hmm that should work. If you can attach that VWX file here maybe we can debug it. I get the same thing when I tried. I'll file a bug.
  4. Hello Bruce: What have you tried so far? The Hyperlink Object should allow you to put a graphic on the drawing and take you to the online help. Export that to PDF and the hyperlink will work when you click on it. There is also the new Cloud Presentations, which let you make boards and web views and panoramas all in a collected set. There isn't yet a general hyperlink "hot spot" but I have asked for one. Until then the PDF with Hyperlink Object in it technique would work there too. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/presentations/11e94995b9599ad8b33b0ed66c18f16a
  5. Dave Donley

    Network Publish

    Hello Amorphous-Julian: AFAIK VSS doesn't have a credits system, you can render as much as you want as a VSS subscriber. I will check that. There is a queue involved and I think we do limit how many concurrent tasks you have running, to allow others to also use the system. The function is "Update All Viewports"; for a local network this would involve copying the Vectorworks file to all the computers and having different update different viewports then combine the results. On the cloud we launch Vectorworks, open your file, update all viewports and publish it, then close the file. Control is a double-edged sword, the render servers for VSS are all running known OSes with known installs and are in a software box that is tightly controlled. There is a cost to administer a render farm on an intranet, and from experience with project sharing and firewalls and odd network settings we would likely have new classes of bugs where the intranet renderings would fail because of the combinations in some offices.
  6. Dave Donley

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Zeno we are working very hard to get that fix into SP4 which will be available in about a month.
  7. Dave Donley

    Network Publish

    Not sure if you are aware but VSS customers have access to Vectorworks Cloud Services, which will perform Publish using the cloud, so you can offload that work to our network. We upgraded this to use our own in-house servers and so the render service has a faster turnaround now than previously. This option is available from the Publish menu/dialog box, under the "Process On:" popup menu.
  8. Dave Donley

    Network Publish

    Hello Ben: This is something that has been asked for for a long time. What specific renderings do you spend time on? Do you render viewports? Hidden line, Renderworks modes? Which scenario do you use most that should be distributed over the network, that would save you the most time?
  9. Dave Donley

    Final Shaded Poligon with materials

    Hello Tony: Try OpenGL with Edges turned on, and shadows. Turn up ambient lighting in the lighting options to make the geometry more flat looking like the polygon modes. Also try turning on ambient occlusion you might like that kind of look.
  10. Dave Donley

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Hello SNOJNKY: Is your Vectorworks preference for Default Compression set to JPEG? If so, does this get better with it set to PNG? The default is PNG and there is a bug when it is JPEG that affects Renderworks viewports.
  11. Dave Donley

    Render mode problem

    Hello meaolivera: Since this is one object, if you do Modify->Convert to Mesh or Convert to 3D Polygons does that render better. These look like shadow or shading artifacts.
  12. Dave Donley

    Line Light Rendering

    Hello Holly: Can you attach a (simplified if you want to keep your model private) file with just like a line light up against the wall in a viewport that shows this?
  13. Dave Donley

    viewport rendering turns blank

    OK good, sorry for the issues!
  14. Dave Donley

    re: iPad Veiwer

    Hello Kevin: Vectorworks Nomad is our Mobile product. To use it you copy your Vectorworks file to the Vectorworks Cloud and Nomad views it from there. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/#faq Let us know if you need help getting started with the cloud and/or Nomad!
  15. Dave Donley

    viewport rendering turns blank

    Hello Rob: Which version are you running? Also, do you have your Vectorworks prefs set to compress images using JPEG instead of PNG? There is/was a bug when JPEG is used that the final image would disappear like what you describe.
  16. Dave Donley

    Light symbols completely dark when rendering

    Hello symo: One way is to use a texture that is set to Backlit for Reflectivity, and that is also set to not Cast Shadows. It should also have the Indirect Lighting turned off in the texture so that it doesn't add extra light to the scene. This allows the lens to glow when the light behind it is turned on. Another way is to use Glow Rfelectivity, but that has to be controlled by class and it not affected by the light object On/Off, so that can be less convenient than using Backlit which will automatically glow when the light object is on. HTH
  17. Dave Donley

    Panorama Render issue

    Hello SarahISO: Are there any light objects in this model? It looks to me like this might be default lighting. The second one looks like it might be an OpenGL preview panorama. VW saves out an OpenGL preview before the RW rendering is done. Then when the RW rendering is done the OpenGL one is overwritten. Maybe the RW rendering wasn't done yet? You could also try saving to a different file location.
  18. Dave Donley

    VW2019 Performing very slowly & Crashing regularly

    Hello PeterF: Before trying anything else make sure you are using the latest video driver from the card manufacturer. Basic operations crashing on Windows is a hallmark of out of date video drivers.
  19. Dave Donley

    Cloth Shader - What's the deal?

    Hello markdd can you attach the VWX file for this so we can look? Thanks for the feedback.
  20. Dave Donley

    Does anyone make use of mesh from drone data?

    Hello J.: You might want to try using the Modify->Mesh Simplification menu item, which will let you reduce the heavy load from the mesh without hurting quality too much (it is a smart function).
  21. Dave Donley

    How to assign a texture to a 3D object (Solved)

    Thanks spaghetto for helping! I think one detail is that the texture part for 3D polygons should be 3 (for overall texture part). HTH
  22. Dave Donley

    I need a texture for polycarbonate sheets.

    Hello cberg: Well it was 10 years ago... I think I would use the Tiles with a Vertical pattern and adjust the margins. You could fiddle with the settings as a color shader so you could see easier, then choose Tiles for Bump and the settings should be copied over. Then set Color to Obj Attribute or Plain.
  23. Dave Donley

    Files made in VW 2018 - Lighting Not Working in VW 2019

    Hello rjtiedeman: Is this a design layer rendering? Can you send me bug file please so I can look? We added environment reflections for design layers in VW 2019, so that glass and metals rendered more realistically. This may be what is going on here but I can't confirm without a file. This should not affect output formats like printing, image exports, render bitmap tool, or viewports.
  24. Dave Donley

    BimX for Vectorworks?

    Thank you for the feedback arqteran, hopefully we can improve to better meet your wishes in this area.


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