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Swift Action Needed: Rendering integration so VW companies can stay Competitive

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Chaos Group also owns Corona Renderer which they ported to Archicad last year (as well as Cinema 4d).  That might also be an avenue to explore with Chaos group.  Just tossing that out there.  Any and all external rendering options for VW would be welcome.

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I wonder if, for us Mac users, there can be an option to ‘live sync’ or ‘direct line’ from our Vectorworks on Mac to the Lumion / Twinmotion that runs on virtual machine (on the same computer terminal)?


I understand Virtualisation is not officially supported by both Lumion and Twinmotion. But being about to cross the Virtual Machine border like this would just make life so much easier. 

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Speaking of Twinmotion....I downloaded the curent version with the thought of taking it for a little test drive.

i exported a c4d file and imported/opened it and could not seem to find any of the assets, like trees, vegetation, etc

that appear in many of the Twinmotion tutorials.

Either I am a complete idiot or perhaps the current free version of Twinmotion does not include anything but a few basic

materials, etc.

Somewhat frustrating too that it seems fairly impossible to contact Twinmotion/ Epic/ Unreal Engine by phone to respond

to any support questions, etc.

Anyone have thoughts about this?

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I noticed the other day that Unreal Studio can use datasmith to import Cinema 4D files. https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Studio/Builds/4_23/index.html I tried exporting a Cinema 4D file from Vectorworks but it wouldn't let me load it into Unreal. So I think you have to export directly from Cinema 4D for it to work. But this could be a good way to get it into Unreal now while we wait for twinmotion integration. 

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The content in this thread really needs a dedicated home! Something more, possibly of interest; while trying to find some use based info on the graphics options Apple's offering, I came across this AMD guy instead;  Brian Savery, who's starting a series on Pro-Render. Twinmotion Unreal gets a mention in the opening video, which possibly explains why the next version is still pending. When TM 2020 does arrive however, the videos he's promising could be handy for in-depth tips on the renderer underneath.



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* I assumed Unreal = Twinmotion, might have been presumptive.
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@JuanP thanks for your attention and updates to this topic. 


As our conversation focuses on GPU renderers (Lumion, Twinmotion, Enscape... ), and which one of them would support Vectorworks.


It occurs to be that elephant in the room is REDSHIFT , and it's potential to integrate with Vectorworks. 


REDSHIFT is part of the Nemestchek family. And according to most of the forums I have came across, gives incomparable results to any other GPU renderers (by far). 

So, I have a few questions on this:

- Will Vectorworks get a REDSHIFT plugin?

- Has this conversation for REDSHIFT plugin been had between Vectorworks and Maxon?

- If Vectorworks will get a REDSHIFT plugin, when will this happen?

- If Vectorworks will NOT get a REDSHIFT plugin, why is this so?


I'm more than willing to pay the $600/licence for REDSHIFT (and I'll get a few!). Moreover, if such a plugin can allow us to do EVERYTHING within Vectorworks, instead of porting our model in to Lumion/Twimmotion/Enscape, that would be the most ideal workflow. 


Are you able to shed some light on this? Many thanks. 



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Hi @fabrica @Zeno I hear your concerns, but I would let the nay-saying come from the official channels.


Our job as users is to push them- and not give them excuses. 


Correct me if I'm wrong, but:

(1) REDSHIFT itself does say if you have a MAC with the correct CUDA-compatible NVIDIA graphics card, and the right OS (10.13), it will work [see screen shot]
(2) NVIDIA has MAC OSX driver for OS 10.13, and older Mac Pros  [see screen shot]

(3) The NVIDIA OSX drivers does indeed support some of the CUDA-compatible NVIDIA graphics card [see screen shot]

(4) Two examples are QUADRO K5000 and GTX680


I would hope to get an official answer from Vectorworks @JuanP, before we as users enthusiastically apologise on their behalf.



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1 minute ago, Diamond said:

Redshift are about to release a Mac version that is Metal 2 based. That is, Radeon graphics compatible. They have been showing demos of this at recent Mac events running beta versions on the new Mac Pro. Apparently it is screaming (faster than CUDA) fast. 


Yes @Diamond I saw this article from last year that Maxon are developing REDSHIFT for Mac too. 


So, back to the questions to @JuanP :


(1) - Will Vectorworks get a REDSHIFT plugin?

(2) - Has this conversation for REDSHIFT plugin been had between Vectorworks and Maxon?

(3) - If Vectorworks will get a REDSHIFT plugin, when will this happen?

(4) - If Vectorworks will NOT get a REDSHIFT plugin, why is this so?



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I just noticed the following post by @Tom Klaber back in 2009, expressing a similar thought to this thread.



I’m honestly my current wish to get GPU renderers for Mac Users will not also take 11 years.


@JuanP I note that you have moved this current Wishlist item to ‘wishes granted’, which is slightly cheeky because apart from Lumion, which is only for Windows users, we don’t have a solution for Mac Users (a significant part of my original post).


So, can we move this thread back across to ‘Wishlist’ until we have at least ‘Twinmotion direct link’, or REDSHIFT plug-in released and available for both Mac and Windows?


Many thanks.

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11 minutes ago, Amorphous - Julian said:

I’m honestly my current wish to get GPU renderers for Mac Users will not also take 11 years.

If you look over on the Redshift Forums (sign-up required) there, an employee making it known there is keen back and forth between Apple and Maxon in getting C4D optimised for Metal 2. Maxon typically loves the MacOS platform, and it think it will be a point of pride for them to have one of, if not the fastest rendering workstation solutions available.

The Mac rendering scene has been lean on options for years, and thankfully with the release of the Mac Pro, that is changing.

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That’s really awesome to know @Diamond I’ll sign up to follow the news. 


I’m open to getting C4D + REDSHIFT for our office, but than everyone have to learn another software (C4D) just for rendering our models, it would be so much better if a REDSHIFT plug-in was available for Vectorworks directly.


Lets hope the guys from Vectorworks will shed some light on this.

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