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  1. When you make a section viewport - there is a class created called Section Style. This will have the default line weight and fill color for a section cut - adjust this class, and your section should update. Note, you'll have to use the UPDATE button on the Object Info Palette to update the viewport with the changes.
  2. I don't think it helps with live feedback much, but overall on large projects it can cut down on file size.
  3. Well curious about this, but I don't think it matters which one. Some of them make editing, say, C easier with less clicks, but I wouldn't think it really matters. Curious what others think. This is definetly a case where I would keep it parametric for the design development phase, but then I would throw a copy onto a hidden layer or separate file in case I need to adjust later, and convert the original to generic solids once it's locked in to save on overhead.
  4. You're going to need fill on those objects for them to show up in Cinema. I always use Export to Cinema4d (3d only) and then I merge that file into a clean cinema scene. I find if I just open it, I get too many culling issues. Make sure geometry is checked in both the export and import dialogues.
  5. In your example, it is really the light falloff that gives the space the vastness. I think you just need to model a huge floor and a grid and keep the lighting focused around the stand so it falls off nicely. Once you build a few basic scenes, you can use them for templates to render out multiple projects.
  6. Keep in mind that hybrid symbol and Auto hybrid are two different things. Hybrid, you have to draw the 2D manually. Auto hybrid will draw the 2D for you automatically, but you can only control the appearance/attributes via classes. It's up to you which makes more sense for your workflow.
  7. Just to follow up on @mjms post - yes, when you make Hybrid symbols, you can use opacity on the 2d data without affecting the 3D. I do it all the time.
  8. My approach to this issue has always been to use Hybrid Symbols. You can look at AutoHybrids in the Help section as well, but I prefer to control the 2D properties myself. e.
  9. Hi, The cube and the cylinder are currently two separate objects, so they cannot be filleted. If you Add Solid them together, you can then fillet that edge with no problem. e. Untitled2_EA.vwx
  10. Two ideas come to mind: You could create it as a loft with three profiles: start finish and middle. You can use align distribute to get the middle centered truly between the start and end profiles. Or you could use sweep (assuming a constant radius and adjust the pitch value to get the rise. e.
  11. My take on it. For beginners, but covers a bunch of what you ask :


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