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  1. Also: Delete or Backspace key (can't remember off the top of my head) will undo your last point, and you can keep hitting that and back up point by point.
  2. ...annnnnd, if you miss the end point, you can check the CLOSED box in the object info palette to close the shape (must be closed to extrude correctly if going to 3D.)
  3. Hi Nick, If you ever think you want to do any rendering - be it via blender/Cinema 4D or right out of VW with Twinmotion or Lumion - I would go with Nvidia hands down. Modern rendering leans heavy on GPU and it's fastest on CUDA based cards. If you are just using VW, I'm not sure it matters anymore, but I'm not up to date on AMDs latest offerings for GPUs. The question will be when can you actually get your hands on a 3xxx card.....
  4. Wow - amazing! So which way is north then? *runs
  5. I wish, with clip cube, I could create a 3D object and use it like a boolean directly to viewport. I'd be able to move and manipulate that parametric object like any other solid (or add solid/subtract solid/generic solid) and be able to build variation in length, height and depth. Then update viewport.
  6. @Charlie Winter any insight on the Stage plug in?
  7. This is one of my big gripes with the spotlight to C4D workflow. If you have lighting instruments focused, they come over in the correct orientation, but all as raw geo. If you make them symbols, they come in as instances, but not pointing in the correct orientation. Maddening.
  8. I tend to make one floating Window on a second monitor and put this into open GL in perspective and then on my main monitor I work in wire frame ortho views. It gets confused sometimes, but in general it's nice to see the perspective while adjusting the model in front or top/plan. Admittedly, I never use saved views, and I could see that making havoc to the system.
  9. Same. I melt the triangles together and then manually slice the geo to the level of subdivision I need for the task at hand. You have no control over the VW export.
  10. Take a look at hybrid symbols and/or auto hybrids in the help files. These will let you have 2d geometry in top/plan view and 3d in all other views. The two are similar in concept, but work a little differently. Quick video on hybrids here:
  11. Hmmm. Can't see the video, but I'm doing it on win 10 as well. Sorry it's not working for you.
  12. Hi Nick! I just tried this (in VW 2019) - I grabbed a PNG that is on a design layer and copied to my clipboard. Opened photoshop and made a new canvas - this defaults to the size of what is on your clipboard - and then pasted and it worked a charm. I can also paste into a new blank layer on an existing file. What steps are you taking for your copy and paste?
  13. Double clicking on the polygon/polyline should launch the reshape tool for you automatically. If you are in the first mode - I think corner vertex mode (not in front of a computer) - the control handle should be selectable. I have a video on it here:
  14. A mesh is a group of 3D polygons. Usually, you have to remodel these to get them to behave when modifying. You can try going inside the mesh (double click on it), select all and run ADD SOLIDS. You can then try push pull on the parts you want to modify. Might work, might explode depending on complexity. Save before you try this ūüôā
  15. Is ambient occlusion coming into play here? I wouldnt think so, but it looks like it. *longshot


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