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  1. EAlexander

    SLVP border option

    This is what I do.
  2. Looks like Pat has you covered - here's a few more thoughts. Symbols = Blocks in AutoCAD. I would make my first table and chair symbol - and name it something descriptive: "72" with 10 Chairs". Then, in the resource browser, right click on the symbol and choose DUPLICATE. When you do this a dialogue will pop up asking you to name this new symbol - so call that "72 with 9 chairs". Now right click on that new symbol in the Resource manager and choose edit - go in and remove a chair and redistribute your 9 chairs. Keep doing this to make all the different symbols you need. You can nest symbols (symbols inside of symbols) - so in the example above - the 72" table could be a symbol - then 10 chair symbols could do around it and all of that can be made into your symbol. This way - if you want to change linen color on the 72" tables, no matter how many chairs - you can update just the table symbol. Symbols inside of symbols - make sense? Say you've laid out your gala with 400 tables and chairs - all 72" with 10 chairs. Now, you need to change half of them to 9 chairs. Select the tables you want to change on your design layer - right click and choose REPLACE - then pick the 9 chair symbol from the list. Vectorworks ideology: Important to know that double clicking/editing on any symbol, be it on a design layer or from the resource manager, will change it globably in all instances. There isn't a parent child relationship with the resource manager. Finally - If you have just one table that you need to have a custom layout for, you can select that table symbol on the design layer and Cntl+K and it will break the symbol into just a standalone group. Then you can edit it. Just know that it is now just a group of objects and not linked to anything anymore. Hope that helps! e.
  3. EAlexander

    Exporting "OBJ 3D only" files

    I'm guessing that it is lost in your workspace somewhere. I run vanilla Spotlight and it is there in the File menu drop down.
  4. EAlexander

    Black & White Output in Open GL

    I think this is where Image Effects comes in: https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2019/getting-started-guides/rendering-in-vectorworks/viewport-image-effects
  5. EAlexander

    Final renders

    Yes - you are talking about Progressive rendering as opposed to Bucket rendering. In bucket rendering - the image is divided into squares and each processor core takes a bucket - renders it and then moves onto the next unrendered bucket. Progressive rendering refines the whole image in passes.
  6. EAlexander

    fix file size

    Forgot one more - Purging is a big one as well. Any resources in the Resource manager but not on design layers is still contributing to overall file size.
  7. EAlexander

    fix file size

    Hard to say without seeing the scene, but a few things to make sure: Use Symbols whenever possible - any repeating objects or geometry should be symbols. This will cut down on your overhead. Any parametric objects that you can let go of the parametric history will help i.e. any solid subtractions or Solid additions that you don't need to be parametric anymore - convert to Generic Solids. Good layer and class management - turn off layers you don't need - work in "zones" to reduce the overhead. One fast way to do this is to group things together and jump into that group so you can work on selected objects without everything else in the scene getting in your way (visually and from a CPU load point of view). Anything more specific, we'll need to see a file to help. e.
  8. EAlexander

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    I haven't forgotten about this - just been buried in client work. Summer is coming!
  9. EAlexander

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Yes - but haven't had proper time to dig in yet. It's on the radar though. Just.need.to.clone.myself.
  10. EAlexander

    lighting for interior rooms

    Without seeing the shape of it I would guess Spotlights. If they are truly down lights, then spots would be right - you can adjust the beam angle to make it more focused and narrow, or open up wider to give you more coverage. Omni light is like an exposed lightbulb (without the socket) - so a ball of light emitting in all directions. So if you had just exposed bulbs, this is the way to go. Directional light is about parallel beams of light - think sunlight here - so not a cone of light but a even direction of light rays. (Technically, the sun is hitting us in a cone shape, but it is so large and so far away, that to human eyes, the rays appear to be parallel.) For level - you just have to try it out and see what feels right. e.
  11. EAlexander

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Set your symbol bottom to 0 with it sitting on the ground, then raise it in Z 1/2" in the OIP - Peter is correct and this is expected behavior as designed. The OIP is only feeding you back what your insertion point is, so it's up to you to put your symbol (inside the symbol editing envelope) at the right place. VW doesn't know what the bottom of the object is, it can only get data from the insertion point.
  12. EAlexander

    3D trouble shooting

    You're going to have to post up a file for us to be able to help you.
  13. EAlexander

    3D trouble shooting

    I know this sounds simple, but have you moved your navigation after you hit render? Lots of times I will do a function - solid subtract, for example, and the render will glitch until I orbit or pan and the scene refreshes the geometry. A longshot I know. Also - does all your 2d geometry have fill turned on? EDIT: I just reread your posts and you say it was working fine until you copied and pasted. That is odd.
  14. EAlexander

    3D trouble shooting

    Looks to me like you are extruding polygons that are not closed all the way. Double click an extrude. Select the 2d geometry you originally drew. In the Object info Palette, make sure Closed is checked. Exit the extrude. If you mean something else, you'll need to explain more. e.
  15. Took this for a spin this morning - pretty fun stuff. More experimenting to be done.


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