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  1. I get this when there is something really really far away from the origin or my model is way off of 0,0. If you copy and paste that stool (don't just select all, since you might grab the offending geometry again) into a fresh file and make sure you're around world origin, does it still happen?
  2. Check out Align and Distribute with your objects preselected. Cmd/ctrl + =
  3. Chaos Group also owns Corona Renderer which they ported to Archicad last year (as well as Cinema 4d). That might also be an avenue to explore with Chaos group. Just tossing that out there. Any and all external rendering options for VW would be welcome.
  4. Sometimes it is desirable to draw in a scale similar to your intended viewport scale to see and keep an eye on lineweights. Somayya Abu Hayeh: I don't know the exact answer to your question, but you should be able to hit Cmd/Ctr + 3 to center on all visible objects after you perform the rescale. Maybe try that. e.
  5. Corona does have volumetrics, but to be frank, they aren't very good. More about exterior god rays and less about Sharpys in a ballroom or arena. This is what led me to Redshift which does amazing volumetrics. So my convoluted workflow is to do all the rendering with Corona, and then to jump over to Redshift to do volumetric passes that I then comp together in Photoshop. Attaching some volumetric pass examples from Redshift. TL;DR If volumetrics are important to you, you should look at Redshift.
  6. No, all the texturing and lighting is happening in Cinema using Corona's material and lighting system. I only model in Vectorworks and move the raw geometry to Cinema before texturing, lighting or cameras. In VW I make my plans, sections and elevations and in Cinema I do the rendering.
  7. Okay, that all makes sense. I don't know what is happening with soft goods for you, I believe they have a texture applied upon creation, so you'd need to be tweaking that. I don't have any examples with Renderworks, but if you look at my website, everything there is built with Vectorworks and rendered with Cinema using Corona or Redshift. www.evanalexander.com
  8. You'll have to try them out. Some will work if you just add a Tag from that engine, others would require you to replace the whole light. Focus on the engine that speaks to you most in overall workflow once you try a few out. Corona was not what I was looking for, but it spoke to me right out of the gate with ease of use, integration with Cinema and the way that it handles light (the best, in my eyes). Redshift and Octane have given me great stuff as well.
  9. Hi, Render time should decrease with Physical a bit, but mostly your time in setting up lighting and doing test renders will decrease dramatically, so this is where you will mostly see the benefits. Moving to a third party render engine will save you tons of render time right out of the gate. All the third party render engines for cinema use their own materials, cameras and lighting systems. A lot of them CAN render native materials and lights, but not as well or efficiently as using that engines native systems. I know Corona and Redshift have automated conversions for materials - these still need some tweaking, but it gets you close to where you want to be automagically. Since I switched to Cinema for my workflow - I don't do any cameras, materials or lighting within VW - but that is just me. Others might have other workflows. See what Grant says and also talk to @Wesley Burrows who does a VW to Cinema with Corona workflow similar to mine. I know Grant is trying out Corona as well. GPU rendering on your 2080ti will blow your current rendertimes out of the water. Also - most of these engines have free trials - so download some and try them out. e.
  10. This is a really good start - I think it's mostly lighting that needs work. Here's a few things that jump out at me on this render: The chairs are hot, but no clear direction or motivation for the lighting - and no shadows for anything, which feels odd. Screen isn't giving off any ambient light. If you put white chairs in front of a LED screen with rainbow streaks on it - the room and chairs would pick up that color i.e. bounces light. Also - white feels too white/hot. I use 70-80% grey as my "white" for objects. Camera lensing is pretty extreme giving you a Cezanne like perspective. Camera should be lower. Blacks are too black. Are you setting your black color to pure black? This is unrealistic and keeps any light from reflecting or bouncing off these surfaces - even matte black. I use 3-5% grey for "Black". So the stage apron skirt and the masking left and right feels like a black hole. When I do shots like this, I try to let the screen be the main lighting source in the room. I'm sure you've been in a ballroom with a 40' wide LED screen and had to shield your eyes, right? Ceiling looks good since you are getting gradients of value from the cove lighting. Photoshop paint over could push this along a lot to balance the lighting and then make it pop. Hope that helps some! Keep going! e.
  11. How about making a pitch to your supervisor about them (the company) buying it for you and the benefits that could bring to the organization.
  12. If you just want to view it in section, you can go into OPEN GL and then turn on the clip cube for a live section view.
  13. I think my initial post comes across as a bit harsh on VW - I love VW and I use it every day. I think VW and Cinema together are a great combination. VW frustrates me and I stay about a year behind development for stability - but all software frustrates me to some degree. Renderworks has improved a lot and I do open GL and realistic white interior renders of a lot of our work for clients. I appreciate the work that goes into it.


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