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  1. Look in the upper left corner of your viewport. There are three different modes to the Section tool: Disabled Interactive scaling Mode Single Object Interactive Scaling Mode Unrestricted Interactive Scaling mode I think you are in Single and you want to switch to Unrestricted. EDIT: I see now you are running 2015 - the names might be slightly different, but the functionality should be the same. e.
  2. Me too.
  3. A little south in Union Square, but easy enough on a fast subway hop. Ever Ready has been printing and plotting Broadway shows for almost 40 years. You can email the files in advance. http://www.everreadyblueprint.com That said, I'm sure you can find something closer. Just tossing this out there. I used to do blue lines of hand drafting there.
  4. I get this in Open GL sometimes when there is overlapping geometry, Are their stacked duplicates in those areas?
  5. Thanks for pointing this out. I just played with this tonight (perspective) and it looks great. Opens up a lot of possibilities for explain complex builds. Thank you! And nice work engineers!
  6. I always have my students start with the 4 basics of Modeling: Extrude Extrude along path Sweep Lofts Understanding those 4 principles first will give you a great base to work from. From there you have to analyze the objects that you are trying to build and break them down into smaller parts and then see which of these 4 principles will best serve you in getting to that goal. Understanding screen plane vs. layer plane will make the process easier as well. e.
  7. Any hidden geometry? When this happens to me, I'm usually inside another object without realizing it
  8. Hey - with no disrespect, can I ask your system specs.... Because that doesn't look like too complex geometry...? And what LOD is your open GL set to? I always forget MBP for operations like this. A good solution.
  9. I always make a second extrude and use solid subtract - making sure to check "retain subtracting object" (or whatever the exact wording is....) If the shapes are really odd - make a duplicate of the original - make an oversized cube and then run Intersecting solids and keep the part you want. Then use that to solid subtract from the original. You could also so this with the 2D portion using either clip surface or Intersecting surface. Does that cover what you are after? e.
  10. @barkest anywhere online we can see your work? Curious about your workflow. I use Cinema and Corona, but have tried Arnold and liked it - Autodesk is a no go for me. But still curious to see what your doing with it from VW geometry. Sorry to hijack the thread.
  11. I would sweep a rectangle around a locus and offset the pitch of the sweep. Distance from profile to locus should be the Radius of your overall curve. The SEG field will let you adjust how many profiles are used to make the sweep - so you can adjust the "resolution" of the sweep. I believe this number changes based on what your 3d settings are : low, medium, high, very high - but you can dial in any number you want. Lower number= more profiles. Trim to fit as needed.
  12. That works - thanks Jim! e.
  13. Hi @JimW- looks like search is broken. Search for 'Extrude' is giving me zero results I was trying to find something else common with no luck, so I tested some key phrases and I'm getting nada. Chrome Version 62.0.3202.89 (Official Build) (64-bit) on OSX 10.11.6
  14. I wish there was a better way forOpen GL to handle intersecting Geometry. I understand the conflict of two objects occupying the same x,y,z but many of my open GL renders and quick presentation graphics get messy because of the garbled looking effect I get at overlaps. I don't know if anything can be done, but just tossing this out there. Oh and please add an AO checkbox from Lighting options to the Open GL menu. e.