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  1. EAlexander

    Importing Equipment

    I would add: anytime you are importing objects from manufacturers CAD - be it VWX or DWG (or others) - I open/import it into a new blank file. Inspect it and clean up anything first, before bringing it into my master drawing. I think importing unknown documents right into your master file can create issues and headaches (I'm looking at you random classes that I didn't want or need).
  2. EAlexander

    Dashed Hidden Line Lineweight Control

    I would actually use dashed hidden line if I could control it like this. Yes please.
  3. EAlexander

    Best way to create plate with hole pattern

    I do this too - try to do as much boolean work in 2d as possible before going 3D.
  4. EAlexander

    Musical Symbols

    Sell those as a kit Scott and a bunch of us would buy them. I know I would. I have a standard kit I use, but it's not as nice as those.
  5. EAlexander

    Interesting Video on Architectural Visualization in C4D

    Well you know I love some good Corona work.....
  6. EAlexander

    Basic Interior Rendering Settings

    Well I'm no expert as I do all my rendering in Cinema 4D, but I think your settings look pretty good. The lights just under the ceiling pull a lot of focus for me. I usually put "general" lights like that about mid height in the room to avoid the hot spots, but it does change shadows a bit. I almost rather up the ambient light level in general and have less point sources in the room, especially if you are capped at 8. If anything, you could lower your sheet dpi to save some time. I try to default to 150 or even 200 instead of 300.
  7. EAlexander

    Renderworks or Artlantis Advice

    My workflow is to model in VW and then move everything to Cinema 4D for materials, lighting and camera work. In VW, I turn the model into sheets and plates for bid/fabrication elevations - mostly using Hybrid symbols for almost everything. In Cinema, I use the Corona render engine and sometimes Octane and sometimes Redshift renderer. It's nice to have options for the render engine and I find the whole process of moving visuals to Cinema a nicer user experience then RW at a real fraction of the time. Dig around my site - everything there is done with that workflow and I never wait more then 10-25 minutes for a render unless it is a really large output or contains a ton of glass/crystal for example. There is a cost there and a deep learning curve. You can get up and running in Cinema quickly, but it can take a while to grok whats going on and getting into more advanced lighting and material setup. Cinema has a very generous 42 day trial, so I suggest you try it out. Most of the major render engines have demos you can try too. While Corona, Octane, Redshift, etc are not realtime engines - the IPR window offers you almost instant feedback so once you light a scene this way, you can never go back to the old way. You can, however, bridge Cinema into Unreal Engine or Unity if you are looking for real time, but that is a steeper process. Ask questions. I teach this stuff around the country, so happy to answer questions. EDIT - Unfortunately I know nothing about Artlantis, so maybe someone else can chime in on that.
  8. EAlexander

    Advice needed on Renders

    For resolution - are you rendering to viewports on a sheet layer? If you right click on the name of the sheet layer in the navigation palette and choose edit - from there you can up the resolution of the sheet layer. It defaults to 72dpi, so very low. try 150 or 300 depending on your needs. I assume the white sploches are from the blurry reflection on the floor needing higher quality settings. If you edit your renderworks style - you can up the quality of blurriness. Start there and see if that helps. It will add to render time.
  9. EAlexander

    Spot spot spot spot...

    I get this sometimes on outside corners with daylight or HDRI. If you expand the ceiling or slightly raise the walls so there is slight overlap in the geometry, does that solve the issue? I know this isn't desirable, but it can help in some cases.
  10. EAlexander

    Undo AutoHybrid

    Yes, just like a hybrid. If you're in top /plan and Convert to group you get just the 2D and if you are in any other view when you Convert to Group, you are left with only the 3D.
  11. EAlexander

    Rendering dark surfaces

    This is why you need Cinema. Corona, Octane, Redshift can chew through those like candy. Model below... Modeled in VW. Rendered with Corona at 1920 px. wide in about 4 minutes. It gives you the freedom to stop worrying about those time trade offs.
  12. EAlexander

    Rendering dark surfaces

    Blurry reflections for the win.
  13. EAlexander

    Best Imac pro setup?

    I think he is just referring to the lighting, material and camera work part of the process. You are getting near real time feedback when you are lighting or developing materials (size of scene pending). Yes, the modeling process is a separate part of the workflow. Once you light a scene interactively, it is really hard to go back. You stated earlier in the thread that preview time is what kills you, not render time. I get it - that is what made me move to this workflow - not final render times, but how quickly I can set it up to get to final render. Yes - there is a significant cost there. I run Cinema Broadcast which is about $2K less then Studio and while missing Hair, sculpting and Dynamics, it covers about 97% of what I need it to do. I also look at it this way: How much cost is there for your time and how much time can you save per render, per project, per year? If you are getting a render into your clients inbox in 1/4 of the time multiplied by x number of renders per year, then the overall cost isn't crazy. I realize this isn't for everyone and I am running a visualization business, but in the bigger picture you are talking about more then just software or hardware cost.
  14. EAlexander

    VP Open GL fixed in 2019

    That would be a hybrid symbol, no?
  15. EAlexander

    3D Views in 2019

    In Your side view - you are showing SCREEN ALIGNED as the plane mode - try switching that to SCREEN PLANE and see if it makes a difference. Not sure this is the issue, but try it.


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