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  1. Do you have a slab object in the file? VW doesn't like name sharing with any kind of object or organizational label, not just other classes. Can you use: Slab_ Slab01 SlabClass etc. ?
  2. I made a wish list about the functionality of this tool - please review and upvote.
  3. Did not know this. Excellent. I usually set up the first sheet and then all other sheets are a duplicate of the first sheet, so this isn't an issue for me, but good to know!
  4. Are you rendering to a viewport on a sheet layer? By default - sheet layers have an DPI of 72 (low). Right click on the name of your sheet in the Navigation palette and choose edit - from here, up the resolution of the sheet and see if that helps. Each sheet is independent, so if you have multiple sheets, you'll have to do this to each one. And, obviously, the higher the DPI, the more time it will take to render. If this isn't the cause of your issue, can you post a file for us to look at?
  5. I just make a dedicated layer and drop all my details on there as symbols. They appear around the drawing as needed, but I viewport them from a sperate independent layer where things never move. Since they are symbols, I can update them anywhere and they will globally update. Also - you need to make a Wishlist request thread for this and let people vote on it if you want the devs to seriously look at it.
  6. Hi, Looking at your screen grab - at the top center it says "symbols/Plug-in Objects" with two blue arrows. Click that and Set it to ALL RESOURCES. Right now you are filtering your project resources to only show symbols or Plug in objects. e.
  7. You wont be able to get shading out of Hidden line - it is just....lines. If you look at the Object info pallet for your Viewport - there is background render and foreground render - so essentially, you can stack rendering styles in one viewport. So you could try shaded (without show edges) for the background and hidden line for the Foreground render. Of some other combination - just keep in mind that render styles happen to the whole scene, so you wouldn't be able to isolate just the floor and drape with a style. Alternatively, you could add a hatch or pattern to select areas by drawing polygons/polylines in the ANNOTATIONS of the viewport and moving them to the back. e.
  8. I always use export to c4d (3d only) and then I merge that file into a new blank scene. I've had scale issues or camera issues (clipping) when I just open the c4d file that VW writes. Merging solves this. Send to c4d has always been squirrelly for us.
  9. I use the first two modes the most and rarely use the third. How can you not accidentally resize things all the time? It's true, we all use the tools differently. I reset the Tilde hotkey to let me scroll through the options. Been doing that for so many years, don't even think about it anymore. Don't you dare suggest they kill those modes... I already lost screen plane amd I'm still angry about it 😂
  10. You can use color as a negative prompt.
  11. I think these last few images look great! When I try the prompt, I get wildly different results I. E. Not nearly as nice. Is oil ink architecture sketch the actual prompt or is that paraphrasing? Any negative prompts? Is your model textured (mine was not)? And what was your Creativity slider at? (Not in front of VW right now, forgive me if I got the name of that slider wrong). Is it possible to show us your original image. Thanks - I'm keen to get close to this look. Great work.
  12. Hi all. Playing with this today - question: I am just in 3d on a design layer (i.e. not a viewport) I launch AI and played with it a bit. Great. Now I go back to the design layer and move to a different part of the model, but when I relaunch AI - I'm stuck in the first view - how to get this "original image" state to update to my current view? Thanks, e. EDIT: Nevermind - I just found the refresh button on the left panel. Carry on!
  13. Thank you for adding the Transform gizmo to Update 04. This is an exciting step forward for working inside of Vectorworks and I look forward to diving into it deeper. Seems great in the firsts tests I've done with it - admittedly, I haven't tried it in a complicated and well populated model yet. I already have some wish list items for it 🙂 Once I reposition the Gizmo, it would be great if it remembered that position. Currently, it resets to center once you drop the object. Especially annoying if you have to jump to flyover in the middle of relocating an object. Similarly, if I duplicate an object with a repositioned Gizmo, I'd like the new object to retain the repositioned gizmo as well. Currently, the new object gizmo is reset to center. For rotation, I see there are three handles per axis and the small ones let me shift snap into 90 degree rotation, but holding shift on the center handle gives me strange angles and I would prefer if it would lock into the usual rotation standards that we have set for other rotations tools when holding shift e.g. 15 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree, etc. I can grab the central ball and snap it to corner points of 3d objects, I would like to be able to slide the Gizmo with the arrows, and still have the ball snap to logical points. Currently it only snaps when you grab the central ball. Looking forward to trying this tool mode in my regular practice - thanks again - it's a great first implementation. e.
  14. The cube is not an object that can be exported. It is merely a tool for working inside of design layers and gives you the ability to cut section viewports as well. If you need to export a model with the interior exposed, you will have to cut/alter/modify the model to reflect this.
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