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  1. EAlexander

    Crowd with LED wristbands

    Thanks - I'll look into it more - haven't dived into Marionette at all yet. I asked, not as a challenge to you, but because I really want to know. I have a fair amount of randomization I need to do within VW and I always find it a challenge. It's so easy in Cinema4D and lots of times I do it there, then combine everything and bring a mesh back in VW, but I would like a more elegant solution within VW. I'll check out Marionette. Thanks!
  2. EAlexander

    Crowd with LED wristbands

    Those look great and I am not trying to slag on your product or company here - I too don't work for Adobe, but it seems to me that the bracelet part is easy - it's the distribution for a render in VW that is the challenge. In VW, how would you distribute 25,000 of them onto a crowd through a stadium - with random placement and rotation, but still following the seating layout (voms, rows, etc)....? To me, this is why I do it in post. Again - no disrespect intended.
  3. EAlexander

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Hi, My issue was that the Lighting designer had place the moving lights as symbols, but then converted into Lighting Instruments to then focus them. So if I imported the lighting instruments to Cinema - they came in correctly, but they are all raw geometry i.e. not one Master symbol and hundreds of instances - So I would have to texture each and every one. If I convert the lighting instruments back to symbols before I export - they all rotate back to their neutral hanging position (barrel straight down, clamps straight up). For basic movers, this isn't such a huge problem, but that show had an array of truss and the fixtures were X-bars that lined them following the angle of the chords. I had to go back and manually rotate them to align with the truss. The Stage plug in looks cool, but I don't use the native Cinema render engine any more, so that is a no go for me (I use Corona). There are no shutter cuts on spotlights, but as Zoomer indicated - you can exclude objects from lights or even set them to only include whatever objects you select and this seems to cover most of the problems. BUT - this is Zeno's thread and we have hijacked it - apologies Zeno! If you want to talk about this more - let's start another thread. In regards to Zeno's scene - touching on Zoomer's earlier comments - I never deal with bringing lights from VW into Cinema, because I never place any lighting or materials in my VW work - I find it really hard to control. I do all of my lighting and textures in Cinema and only use VW for modeling. e.
  4. EAlexander

    I heart OBJ

    Great work Jeff!
  5. EAlexander

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Zeno, Have you ever considered adding Cinema 4D to your workflow? You can do amazing things in it with your Vectorworks models. Better lighting and cameras, easier texturing, lots of options for add on render engines (Gpu rendering) that gives you results in minutes, not hours. Look into it, ask questions. They have a nice, long trial period. I've seen your work and the issues you have with RW and think you could really benefit from it. You would have a lot more control over your images. Food for thought. e.
  6. EAlexander

    Lines, anything 2D disappears

    Usually the disappearing thing is related to plane modes. I agree - this is basically f***ed in the last few releases. If you are inside a symbol - you might need to be in either "Symbol definition" mode or "3D" from the pulldown before you draw. I don't know if this is the issue, but try it out.
  7. EAlexander

    Crowd with LED wristbands

    I have had to do this a lot and I always come back to doing it in post (photoshop or aftereffects). I can't imagine doing it in VW. I found in Cinema 4D it to be much easier, but still a bit lacking in flexibility for updating "content" or density revisions. I've made some scatter brushes in photoshop that address this pretty well.
  8. EAlexander

    LED Screen Tool - Blow through video wall?

    Video wall tiles with gaps in the housing so you can pass light through it and it works like a scrim effect, albeit not as fine or gauzey.
  9. Nope - not an automated one. If I export to Cinema as Lighting instruments - the fixtures come into Cinema in the correct position, but they are all actual geometry, not symbols with instances. My machines can even handle that much geometry, but texturing each fixture and lens for lighting was just going to be too much work. If I convert them back to symbols from lighting instruments - then they come in rotated back to baseline angle, but the xyz positioning is still correct. This set was an array of truss fingers all lined with X bars...hundred and hundred of them as well as Sharpys and Robe Blades. This way, I have one master model for each fixture and everything else is an instance. So - I ended up doing the second option to manage poly count and only have to texture 5 instruments instead of hundreds. Fortunately, Cinema's rotate tool has an option to apply rotate on a per object basis, so I could grab one whole row of x bars and rotate them by eye back into the correct position. Took a while, but worked okay. I would very much like a better solution to this though.
  10. EAlexander

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    What happens if you check "Decompose 3D symbols and Groups" - does that help? I'm guessing you're having problems with plug in objects not translating, but I'm not sure if that check box will address this. I have also gone to an iso view (to reveal all hybrid 3D) and then select all and then Convert to group (Cmd + K) before exporting, but that is a last resort.
  11. Not a candidate for the job, but just dropping in to say - really lovely work on your site!
  12. EAlexander

    Best way to Create a Large billowy Sail?

    Yes, I would loft this in VW. I would draw a squiggly profile for the bottom, duplicate and modify that a few times for the internal profiles (you'll need to experiment a bit. Off set these left or right to create that swag feel. And then one more for the top that is flatter/thinner for the top hem/pleats. Better to modify the original base profile instead of drawing new ones as you are sure to keep the same number of points (this is important and will give you better lofts).
  13. Thanks Kevin. I have a few thousand lights, so mesh isn't an option. I also need them to be symbols so I get instances automatically in Cinema. I rig my moving lights to focus them for renders, and that way, I only need to do one of each kind of light. I feel like there has to be a way to bake down the positioning info.
  14. Hi - I have received a light plot that I need to move to Cinema 4D for rendering. All the symbols have been converted to lighting instruments - these wont carry over to Cinema. If I choose the lights and Cmd + K - they go back to being just symbols, but they lose their rotation(s) and all just sit vertical like the base symbols. Is there any way to make the conversion and keep the rotations? Thanks, e.
  15. EAlexander

    "Contracting/shrinking" objects

    Also, note the the offset tool will modify tight corners to avoid overlapping points.


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