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  1. Hans-Olav

    "Dirty rendering"

    I remember the discussion from time to time about spots and dirt in ceilings but can't remember any solutions or how to minimise it. is it a specific setting or something to do with the lighting?
  2. Hans-Olav

    "Dirty rendering"

    Here is my settings p2 interior-ny-2 is the top most picture @Phil hunt I was also tweaking the textures. the curtain is different between the two rendering the top most is just plain transparency the other one uses a image map for transparency
  3. Hans-Olav

    "Dirty rendering"

    Here are the results after some more testing
  4. Hans-Olav

    "Dirty rendering"

    @RGyori Thanks That was the discussion I was looking for
  5. Hans-Olav

    "Dirty rendering"

    Hi "Indirect Lighting" and "Environment Lighting" is maxed out. Still dirty ceilings
  6. Hans-Olav

    "Dirty rendering"

    Thanks for the post here are my settings Tha
  7. You can also use the data tag
  8. Hans-Olav

    Transferring BIM data from one object to another?

    I haven't tested but can you use the Eyedropper tool?
  9. Hans-Olav

    Trouble with slab drainage tool

  10. Hans-Olav

    Vectorworks 2019 and iMacPro

    Hi @hansfreymadl We are running 2018 and 2019 on Imac Pro´s ( 3,0Ghz 10cores and 3,2Ghz 8cores ) and everything is smoother than on our older Mac Pro's What are your problems?
  11. Hans-Olav


    Hi David Two options worth checking: Are your design far from the internal origin? Du you have unified view checked
  12. Hans-Olav

    Sloping Floors

    @jwatson4 We use roof faces for sloped floors
  13. Hans-Olav

    Project sharing walls randomly disappear

    Could it be that your project is far from the internal origin? I have seen walls disappear when some objects are far out or the origin is far from the walls
  14. Hans-Olav

    Is there a way to round off dimensions in a worksheet?

    Hi Cris You will have to select the whole column and then apply formatting, choose Number and decide how many decimals
  15. Hans-Olav

    3d poly to 3d loci script?

    I have a file with 99 3d polys (circles) with right z height and are planning to do a DTM. Anyone who can make a script to replace the 3d polys with a 3d loci in the centre of each?
  16. Hans-Olav

    3d poly to 3d loci script?

    Fabulous! I had forgot that command
  17. Hans-Olav

    3d poly to 3d loci script?

    Hi Marissa Thanks for looking into this! test.vwx
  18. Hans-Olav

    Class fill on plan view extrudes

    Instead of extrudes you could use floor or column. They work like extrudes but are hybrids. With fill in top plan view
  19. Hans-Olav

    Wall component issue

    Hi Sara I haven't used wall recess' tool much and think its meant to take out parts of a wall. I think there are issues when the recesses ar close to wall ends and corners. Maybe it would be easier to model your wall as an inner part with the wall tool and use simple extrudes for the outer corrugated part? You will then have to adjust the cladding every time a window is changed but it should not be complicated. Here is an example of a building we are currently designing with a cladding that has some profiles on part of the wall.
  20. Hans-Olav

    Vectorworks Performance Benchmarking

    Thanks for the good post! I like the "5 different ways" rule you are describing. Still it would be good to have some recommendations for what can speed things up and what can be slowing down VW. Like the title block example you are mentioning. We have also learned that Symbols is a good thing both for making the file smoother and also comes handy when you later need to change or add info to the drawing. Some knowledge base articles discussing workflows and speed issues could be valuable to reduce user errors
  21. Hans-Olav

    Wall component issue

    Hi I would just assign a "corrugated" formed line type to the 2D representation of your wall style and find a corrugated texture for the 3d representation. My example has a carful sketch render style aligned to the viewport and are not necessary
  22. If you go to edit mode you can right click the blue selection handle and choose some options
  23. Hi If you define a slabstyle with the thikness of the slab at the drain 220-70=150mm then place the drain where you want it and later edit the endpoints to 70 mm. do you get what you want?
  24. Hans-Olav

    Non-CAD software question for architects

    Hi Robert @Robert Anderson We are using Moment: https://app.moment.team Cloud-based and developed by architects. Really good and timesaving
  25. Hans-Olav

    Un-joined walls

    Hello We have seen similar issues in a project file recently, 3 persons working at the same time. Suddenly walls on several floors became unjoined and some misplaced. We recreated the file from an earlier backup and copied newer elements over to get back on track. I forgot to save the problem file I can't really tell what caused it but we were in a phase discussing color and material use in the exterior. Me ( the admin ) was changing textures on wall styles to evaluate different color options. Meanwhile a coworker was dimension walls and openings on different layers. There was no warnings or messages displayed but suddenly a lot of wall got unjoined. I suspect fiddling with textures used on wall styles forced some walls to update on several layers and can be part of the problem also the dimensions associated to wall ends and openings.


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