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  1. Hi Here are info on how to customise the workspace: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Start/Customizing_workspaces.htm?rhsearch=workspace&rhhlterm=workspaces workspace
  2. HI The Story 1 name is just a default name, you can rename it to whatever you want. When you have named all you IFC stories you can drag your VW layers to each story and they merge in the export
  3. Hi You can use Smart Options Display to achieve this.
  4. Hi Go to Document options in the TitleBlockManager. Change numbering from Auto-Increment to manual.
  5. It works well on viewports with background shaded and hidden line foreground rendering. Not sure if it does something with vector only graphics. viewports without fill gets some transparency added and the results in increased file size.
  6. Two factors worth considering when discussing PDF file sizes. The File Size Reduction setting in the publish dialog works well. Usually High and even Maximum gives acceptable results and has good impact on PDF file size I have also learned that viewports should have a fill. If a viewport is selected and the attribute pallet is with none fill it will be larger in export. I recently went through a set with dozen of sheets and changed the viewports fill from none to white and the final pdf binder was half the size of the first one
  7. Grapic Legends is perfect for this task https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/Annotation2/Graphic_legends.htm?rhsearch=graphic legend&rhhlterm=graphic legends legend
  8. Hi @olly-sb I am not an expert but are sending IFC models regularly to the engineers we are collaborating with. Only elements containing IFC data era exported. Architectural elements in VW (walls, Stairs, Windows and so on) come with default IFC settings assigned and export well to IFC. IF you are modeling elements from scratch you have to assign IFC data to the objects. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/IFC/Assigning_IFC_data to_objects.htm?rhsearch=assign IFC&rhhlterm=assigning assigned assignment assign ifc When starting the collaboration I try out different export options in the IFC export pane and send to my engineer end choose what works best for them. Usually they prefer me to hide unnecessary detail (railings and even windows) to make the model simpler and lighter to work with. A good dialog in the start is key to successful cooperation.
  9. Hi @Mihail Rizov I just wanted to know if there is some similar function to rotate the model on export? If the building is aligned with the page, is it possible to rotate the model about origin to true north on export?
  10. We are using data tags and working as you describe with a master model file and referenced files with sheet layers for printing. We have annotation layers for every floor plan in the master file and place the data tags there. The master file is still relatively slim without section and elevation viewports
  11. HI If the instances is all the same ( same size) its shows only one. You can add custom labels in the cells that counts items or extract info for example rough opening size, Jamb with, window material, net glazing area, fire or acoustical info and so on.
  12. Thanks a lot Pat Worked perfect on first attempt! Let me know when you plan to visit Iceland, I owe you some beers!
  13. the record is HAED and reads forexample 56 (meters) and should be multiplied by 1000
  14. Exactly what i was hoping for! 🤩 The file is attached to the original post
  15. Hi I have imported a shape file with contour lines. The lines come in as 3d polys with Z=0 and a record with info on the right Z hight. I have previously used Tools/ record/ "modify by record" to move 2d polygons to the right z hight. There are no option available to Move-Z by record. I have tried to convert the 3d polygons to 2d polygons but something weird is happening with the record format and the Z heights are scrambled I have made a Data Viz that color the lines by record Z 3d polys: After Convert to 2d polys: I should probably report a bug for this? Does anybody have a script or other workaround to move the 3d polys according to their z height? Shape grunnur.vwx
  16. Are your design layers at 1:1? Sometimes scale can affect the resolution, or working far from the internal origin. Good to hear the sheetlayers look ok though
  17. I think you have to set it to very high and redo the subtraction or extrude
  18. Hi It might be the 3D Conversion Resolution set to Low in the VW Pref
  19. Thanks a lot for the quick response! It sounds a bit scary but i will give it at try (-;
  20. It would be nice if the reference elevation field in the Export IFC dialog could have an option to move the Model to the right z-Hight on export. @Mihail Rizov @Matt Panzer Do you know a way to accomplish my request or should I file a VE for this?
  21. Hello We us a Layer-bound setup with ground floor in height 0 and basements with negative values and floors above grade with positive values. Some cooperating consultant want our IFC model moved to actual z level. In the Export IFC dialog there is a reference elevation field to fill out but it doesn't do anything on export Is it a simple way to move the model to the correct z-hight when exporting to IFC? Especially with sites far from sea level its must more convenient to operate close to the origin TIA Hans-Olav
  22. (-; we have been experimenting with custom made stairs saved as symbols and the graphic legend works quite well. Can even count instances if you set it up right
  23. If it works for you to have each piece as a symbol, the new grapic legend tool could probably solve this. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/Annotation2/Graphic_legends.htm?rhsearch=grapic legends&rhhlterm=legends legend
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