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  1. Hi Is it this one you need to enable? Some workspaces has the shortcut "Y" for the hints and can easily be toggled by accident
  2. Could there be objects in invisible classes still somewhere in the periphery? Turn everything on and fit to objects my show something far out
  3. Hi, I dont think its related to computer specs, just when elements are spread over a too large area, all kind of visibility problems arise. Keeping the origin close to the center of the model usually fix it. Haven't had time to learn georeferencing yet but it has tools to deal with the problem.
  4. It looks like your model is located far from the internal origin, or that some objects are placed far from the model
  5. Sorry My post was from the wrong forum. attached is a example to play with. datatag.vwx The Tag pulls info from the data pane in the wall style edit window.
  6. Hi Aneesh There was a discussion back in january with some proposals and workarounds
  7. Hi Markus data viz is possible. I did a quick test of your file Table Symbols with Name.vwx
  8. @Matt Panzer Thanks a lot for looking into it. Now that I know what causes the problem we can probably redefine the wallstyle as a workaround.
  9. I don't remember the exact steps but I was able to install the full TM version using the promo key.
  10. @Matt Panzer Do you know if there is a bug concerning shim gap and component wrapping? I did manage to set the wrapping as desired in one test file but copying the window to the next file and the shim gap don't show up This might also be user error (-; its a lot of places to look for settings ( wall style , Window style, plug in options ) I attached a file with one wall with shim gap and one without, and i can't tell why it isn't showing in both places. Untitled 2.vwx
  11. Hi Julia Is it vw 2022 you are using? Maybe you will have to update the operating system? Check here: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2022
  12. HI Drawings with elevations (section viewports) tend to be heavy. We often use renderworks or shaded backround render and hidden line foreground render. Under publish, pdf options, setting the file size reduction to High often solve the problem. The vector from the foreground render is crisp although the image background is softer.
  13. VW (-; Its always open on my computer draga an drop pdf annotate screenshot
  14. this is dpi 150, doesn't take to long to render and are usually good enough
  15. Are you sure the dpi is 300? Dpi is adjusted in several locations, check the organization dialog.
  16. I would check the sheet layer dpi. Usually we set them to 150 or 200dpi. The shaded renderer is best for colour and shadows and not let it draw edges (toon ribben) Instead we use a hidden line foreground render to make crisp linework
  17. Hi @frv I just tried to create a EAP. When double clicking on the object i get a option to edit the path or the profile. If I choose the path I can edit it.
  18. There was a tread a while ago using recordformats and DataVis. I searched but couldn't find it. The idea was to create a popup record with existing, new and demolished as choices, then add it to the objects needed. With a couple of viewports it was possible to illustrate the different states whiteout having to add a lot of new classes or wall styles. Maybe some others remember the discussion?
  19. This is adjusted in the page setup, You need to choose a larger page acording to your printerdriver. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/PrintPublish/Page setup.htm?rhhlterm=page pages setup&rhsearch=page setup
  20. Thats probably just bad Uv mapping in vw. If you select planes with same material inside tm and make the material double sided a lot of objects reappear. Sometimes it’s easier to look behind the missing object. Watching the backside.
  21. Hi @Alvar I have used FBX export with great success. Save my FBX export with same name and location and update my project with the reload button inside TM
  22. Hi @Ed Wachter For almost flat roofs its better to use slabs and adjust drainage to make it sloping https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/Floors_slabs/Slab_drainage_settings.htm?rhhlterm=slab drainage&rhsearch=slab drainage
  23. Hi @gfilippini Im not sure hove to solve your problem but I love Datatags and interested to se creative ways of their use. For some parameters it is possible to select the units but i see in your screenshot it is grayed. I think you can after the formula add /1000 or whatever you want to divide with. This will work until you change the units in the document
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