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  1. I don't think that really answers the initial question I asked about differences in scale?
  2. I use Realistic Interior Final or Fast most of the time. I generally model everything in the scene, usually an interior venue and then all of the event items, then I texture and light then render.
  3. Does anyone know what the differences, or if there are any differences, for rendering on a project with a 1:200 scale instead of a 1:1 scale? I'm mostly curious if changing scale like this would modify values or attributes or mess with anything? I bring this up because I am adding bloom to my project and the bloom seems very large. I'm working on a 1:200 scale as that is what is requested by my boss.
  4. Are all classes active? Sometimes I've noticed that I've accidentally assigned my doors to a class that wasn't intended and that obscure class wasn't active.
  5. I do have the most recent service pack. I didn't start seeing this issue until after installing it actually.
  6. I am now on the third project file that this issue is happening on. All of my lighting objects explode so the geometry is all over the place floating in the air, along with some disappearing.
  7. I figured out when it happens. If I right click a symbol and edit it from the resource browser, then exit the symbol, it drops out parts in the render of random objects.
  8. The render works perfectly as far as I can tell in a viewport. I haven't noticed issues there. For geometry, I'm not sure exatly, I have some complex ceiling pieces and then quite a few trim pieces along the walls. I also have a lot of lights. It isn't the most I've ever had and one that had probably twice as much geometry didn't have any issues. I have 32 gbs of 3200 ram.
  9. I get this same issue if my scale is set to 1:200 on normal perspective. Things that are sized at a reasonable scale, I can't zoom in close at all to make changes. I have to stay at an uncomfortable distance away for it to be visible.
  10. A very big issue I have been having recently. I was working in a file and everything appears just fine in Open GL, but when I render, half of my objects disappear and are no longer visible. They are still there, because if I hover over them, their outline is highlighted. Then I go back to Open GL and they are still there (This is all from the normal 3d view, not a viewport) There aren't any classes hidden. It gets progressively worse every time I render again. The only way to fix it is to close vectorworks and reopen the project. Then it'll work just fine for the first render, then have issues right after that. I usually use realistic interior fast or realistic interior final, but I have also tested it with fast renderworks and final quality renderworks with the same issues. I have a lot of geometry in the scene, and a lot of lights, but it still should be able to handle this. I've had this issue in multiple files recently. Any thoughts?
  11. I just recently started having this issue. I am on the newest SP of Vectorworks 2020 and I will use the push/pull tool, and click on just a rectangle, and try to pull it up, and it will lag Vectorworks. So much that I have to wait for 5-10 minutes for it to respond and finally complete the action. It doesn't happen every time and it has happened to me in multiple documents (Even in a brand new file). The only change I made recently was I assigned a hot key to the push pull tool (E). I don't think this could cause any issues but thought I would bring it up.
  12. Anyone know how the Mac version of the color picker is? I only used the Mac one for a few weeks and I don't remember if it had issues. I can modify the title to remove the specific Windows verbiage if the Mac one needs updates as well.
  13. @Tom Klaber I think that ended up being the general consensus in the thread I shared. Some were saying to change it back to the old for the time being until they make new icons. But I would be excited if they just made new icons altogether and a UI overhaul in the next major update.
  14. I really like the Substance Painter color picker, and the Illustrator color picker. I wish the Illustrator version had an eyedropper for anywhere on the screen, and I wish the Substance one used normal RGB values and had a place to enter a hex code. I really like how Substance painter displays the information with the Hue Saturation and Brightness seperate levels so you can very easily just increase the brightness or decrease the saturation or change the hue. It makes it really easy to get the right colors. Both are not perfect, so if the Vectorworks version could include the good of both of these features, that would be awesome. Here is the Illustrator color picker Here is the Substance Painter color picker


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