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  1. Hello everyone, i'd like to know, how can I keep the original class on Space Object if I desire convert it into a Space Object whin a Style. In fact, if i assign it to a Style, even if i leave free class definition or attributes, every object going into the class defined into the space object settings. There is other ways for istance into the windows or doors style. If i convert a no-style windows with 80 cm weight into a window style with 100 cm weight, but whit the weight style parameter is set to free, the windows becomes all the other style parameters setted by style, and the windows will be 80 cm wheight. That's not what appened with space style, where i can't maintain different classes into the same style. Or have i missed something? Thanks Z
  2. Zeno

    Parametric Books

    I use often this plug in and find it simply awesome! Great work!!!
  3. Zeno

    trouble rendering

    Post a screenshot of rendering process and tell us how are you rendering (viewport? render style?) tell us something more..
  4. How can it be useful for vw?
  5. Zeno

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Ok Luis. I’ll post the box, promise!
  6. Zeno

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Luis. Your works looking f**king awesome. Really. I love it. I'm not sure to understand what you mean. The model in a Box? Like Jack? 🙂 How can i add natural light in my appartment in a.. box?
  7. Zeno

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Hello everyone. There is others spot on the corner.. but no metal texture. If someone can have ad idea.. thanks
  8. Zeno

    Import Illustrator File

    I don't like candies, I like a FERRARI 🤣
  9. Zeno

    Import Illustrator File

    Ehm sorry.. it is in Italian Version... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ svg.mp4
  10. Zeno

    Import Illustrator File

    Choose .SVG flies. 2019 works very well
  11. Zeno

    VWX 2019 SP1.1

    Please can anyone post the number release of 2019 SP 1.1? Thank you
  12. Zeno

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    For this reason i think that twinmotion could be a good choice for VW users
  13. Zeno

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Hello @Dave Donley. Thank you so much for your response. I confirm that I use camera with exposition only for time and ISO settings, to set the brightness. Done, see the results here. No breaks in the model, I'm sure Yes, in fact after your and mr @Luis M Ruiz's suggests I checked all the textures in my file, specifically the old metal texture Here is the first and second step. All windows glasses are portal texture. I reduced drastically all reflection in metal texture. It is very better but not perfect. Maybe can I do another texture check? After that, I think that render works has a big problem with reflection and low light scene. Thank you all for your help. It is very useful.
  14. Zeno

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    My vectorworks 2019 software is old from this evening. Please do it. Please now. Amazing work @Stephan Moenninghoff and please let us know if we can share this videos! Danke Stephan! Gib uns meherere Nachricten! Toll!
  15. Zeno

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Very nice work. An thanks for the suggest! I will post my example after the reflection settings! Thanks a lot!


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