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  1. 3d connexion solved all problems with space navigator, vectorworks, and big sur https://forum.3dconnexion.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=39825
  2. It is a 1080p but you can see that only mode bar has the problem
  3. Using a second monitor (Dell 1080 P) the mode bar icons appears in low quality No problem on main monitor
  4. Hello everyone. Will VW have 2 installer, one for intel Mac basics and one for M1? Off course I don't mean using Rosetta 2, but natively for M1. In my opinion, if i were to buy a new mac i would choose a mac mini with M1 and wait patiently for the first iMac with M1. Sometimes I think of those in the world who bought a mac pro to discover Silicon a few months later and I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for him. No doubt for the CPU, but many for the GPU, especially for the developments planned for Redshift integration etc. I'm afraid that the goal for 2022 will become to move VW to M1 and not carry out integrations on GPU-based rendering, which is essential. Of course this will also depend on Maxon. But we all saw what was the only professional software shown during the M1 presentation ...
  5. On one of first 2021 new features launch videos, some images about wall detail and roads appeared, but there is no news about this. Will they be implemented in 2022?
  6. I'd like to now, for HBIM (historical BIM) workflow, if we will have variable thickness wall to manage correctly existing and historical buildings in Europe.
  7. Zeno

    Hidden lines

    Very interesting. Thank you!
  8. Zeno

    Hidden lines

    so.. in this case where work the hidden line angle exactly, if I need to add vertex on specific points?
  9. Zeno

    Hidden lines

    I hoped to find a simple solution with Lower hidden line angle.. and I was afraid that this was the only solution...
  10. Zeno

    Hidden lines

    No differences with 10 or 30 degrees here is the file Senza Titolo 1.vwx
  11. Hello. I need to see the marked lines on screenshot. Using hidden line with lower settings in doesn't appear. It is a curved baseboard but I'm not able to see the lines. How can I activate then? Thanks
  12. I agree. Actually during a lot of heavy process in a VW workflow I can see the CPU load and it is often on 1 thread.
  13. I’m used to convert the pointcloud into a mesh model. Point visualization is in VW not corresponding to real point number. The mesh quality allows you to find very better the point you need or simply to show model parts very hard to model, like decorations or similar. Out of this, clipe cube, registered views and workplane are the focus point you need to model in vectorworks from pointcloud.
  14. No panic. From now every developer can test the softwares on Big Sure and here everyone can see how the VW team works better with Catalina after the Mojave experience. Off course that could be a chance to complete re-write the softwares but I'm not a developlver and so I'll wait some comment here from the team, but I'm sure they will take time to give us their point of view. There is no reason to be worried now. Tim Cook said that there are also other new Mac intel based coming on the market.
  15. Similar problem on opening with irregular angle, Interiorcad can't fine a correct element to open the part


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