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  1. I suggest to create a hybrid symbol who you model auto hybrid object near parametric object. You can reference everything on the symbol x y z parameter. Then you can create a big symbol when you manage also the 2D hole. If there are part between wall and symbol who don't get well you can adjust them by continuingmodelng and autohybrid. I suggest to use material, so you can have the right representation on sections. Is not very smart but works
  2. the time factor is crucial. There are importan mac youtuber in Italy who in the absence of other software ready for apple silicon show Revit Benmchmark emulated on windows. The opportunity should be developed soon. The thing is simple to reproduce: it would be enough to duplicate objects on many design layers. Ore something needs high CPU/GPU processes But I recommend: do not put any structural elements, which could be a bad boomerang I wouldn't just focus on rendering. I wouldn't call it an exclusive field. thank you
  3. Hello. Believe me I can really understand you. I'm designing 13-story buildings with details down to the millimeter and everything has to match exactly what's going to happen in reality. I'm not telling you about the fact that I will probably be locked up in some strange hospital at the end of this job, but for the windows the only way I could go was this. I work with the Italian version. But I also spent several days figuring out which window to use. The Germans (from which the Italians derive) do important things, the USA other things. All together there is not. It's okay to get angry. But then you can understand that either you expect the tool that does everything to arrive, or you try to make a difference by trying to understand how to adapt the tools to your goal. From here a few weeks later, thanks to the German window, to many autohybrid objects, and to a lot of patience I was able to confirm that if they had ordered those windows they could throw them in the garbage because they simply did not fit in that building. Remember that the whole set can be saved as a symbol. Self-hybrid and parametric objects together. A symbol as sure as you know can go into the wall. I had prepared the base in 2021. Then in 2022 at the beginning there was a panic because for a period the holes of the old symbols did not work. Then they solved it luckily, because without the support for M1 and then M1max I don't know how I would have done it. So, in my opinion, you are right to get angry. But get angry to ask for improvements but study a method to get to the end anyway. I think it makes the difference between a user who knows how to use software and a user who takes that software, bangs it on the wall, and beats it until he does what he wants, exactly how he wants it. To do this, being angry can be helpful. Don't give up. Using Vectorworks need passion.
  4. Luis soi encantado de tanta meraviglia!
  5. Work started on 2021 but 70% was done on 2022
  6. Already reinstalled 3 times. Every vw component following istructions on https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/how-to/uninstallation/uninstalling-vectorworks-r268/ the problem persist only on a big file. But several times when I was teaching other people it happened that to continue working with vectorworks it was necessary to restart everything after several section viewports. Imemory remains busy after a complex process i think. Having a M1 Ultra with 128 GB memory can only postponed this process if no way is found to clear memory when terminating a complex viewport computation process. i was very worried about not being able to finish a job with m1max and 64GB. I was able to find a method. the point is that I can work with it without stressing the machine as much as it works. but if I don't restart vectorworks, as I said, I go from 35-40 GB directly to 190 GB. maybe it is when I have an ultra m1 I can do two sections, certainly not three
  7. Reading these considerations sincerely worries me a little. I thought it was a recent problem but I see that it is one of those problems that have been known for years. I have been running VB-183608 for months and it has been considered, but not fixed. It is clearly some major improvement that could be made. The biggest problem is that today it is not possible to update so many viewports during a period of user inactivity, such as overnight. Can you tell us on which files exactly this problem was happening to you? PS: I already reset user preferences hundred times. Thank you
  8. Absolutely not a problem. I use the stand only to have a better visibility
  9. Trust me, 43 is the right size, you'll not come back
  10. MBP 16 on the left, 43 inch in the middle https://www.lg.com/it/monitor/lg-43un700-b, 27 on the right, iPad Pro 12 on bottom
  11. I got the same machine with a 43" lg display. It changes totally my workflow
  12. Did you try it on 2022 sp3 too?
  13. Hi Jimmy i have the m1max on MBP and everything going well. Could you please share a little video?
  14. Good Morning I'd like to share with you the first in-depth experience with this new system, which I consider light years ahead of before, but which certainly, having been a long time and the technologies being improved also in the whole market, in my opinion it needs some important points to be solved in very short time, while for other things you can wait even longer. First let me exhale my enormous pleasure to see a model, even a large one, that can be shared with a link. In which you can turn the layers on and off, in which you can right click to point to a position and get there. It helps a lot, alone is a change that alone is worth a single thought: thank you for this work. Now that we are here, however, I would like to be able to say the most important points. - I had some problems with safari. No problem with chrome - I had some problems using the clip cube - The possibility of inserting borders must be added immediately. Even before ambient occlusion. In this way we risk losing much of the usefulness of this enormous work. The lines must be thin, no cartoon effect, and they must not show all the problems that vectorworks has with hidden lines rendering, where it always shows an intersection where in reality there isn't. This is a very important point because it makes the difference between understanding a project and not understanding it. I believe that here we first need to understand volumes, then calmly we can arrive at more realistic renderings. The rendering of the textures seems to me more than good for now. I only have problems with transparency. - I believe that implementing visibility of classes and saved views is something that does not require a lot of work, but that would also radically change the experience here! - It would be very useful to be able to add the visibility of 2D objects. For example, I would like to show how I developed a complex BIM model from 2D drawings of a structural project. If I could add it, it would be very clear to everyone. I add a screen to show what I mean. These are the most important things, for the others as higher quality, leaps in time and space I would abandon any development for the moment. I hope you will continue from this point of view, because what you have done is really beautiful, but in my opinion, as a user and designer and teacher, some very important elements are still missing. Thank you thank you and thank you again @inikolova
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