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  1. Good morning Can we consider the problem over with update 14.5? Thanks
  2. Stable on m2max and 14.2.1 waiting for news about 14.5
  3. Good morning So are we waiting to see what happens with the release of 14.5? Thank you
  4. That's very interesting. Can someone try to do this and let us know if it works or not? thanks. @astephens
  5. Good morning. I have the same Mac as the author, and I haven't updated yet. If the same thing happened to me it would be really a big problem now. Is there an official position on this? Thank you
  6. Hi Stefano are you able to check the same steps on Ventura?
  7. Can I see a 2D draw on saved view=ì? Thanks for your Answers
  8. Hi Stefano. I am writing to you to share my experience and follow a possible development. I wanted to squeeze this tool to use it actively on an ongoing project, setting the xyz coordinates, as you say. It is not possible to do this and I think it will not be possible for some time. I have tried other systems even outside of VCS and I have to confirm that it is a world where there are those who can do it with millimeter precision, but they are extremely expensive services. From here I realized that VCS in AR must be used to show a kitchen furniture, a set of desks in a studio. Or a whole project but in VR. My heavy model can't handle it and I never have time to find the right balance. As for the navigation in Unity, however, I have to tell you that I found myself quite well on the desktop, but on mobile I don't remember negative experiences. But maybe I have to check if the same system is active. In short, I remember a positive general experience. In my opinion a very nice thing would be to be able to insert the sheet layers in comparison with the sectioned model with section volume. They have done great work lately but it must be admitted that from a professional point of view we are far from other BimX cone applications. Hoping for a precise xyz alignment to be able to for example see the plants on the ground on an existing structure is too much. But looking for the way to be able to integrate 2D views with 3D views might be the right direction to implement project understanding and division.
  9. Don't worry. It doesn't seem like a difficult project. Make sure before you have set the parameters of the Design layer and then of the single wall. Do not use the components for now. Draw the exterior wall using a new style. Try to proceed only if you understand what all the parameters you see are for. And if you don't understand a setting, ask. Saying that the whole project doesn't work doesn't allow anyone to help you😀
  10. I repeated the experiment with no open applications and no external monitors M2 MAX 92 GB 16" 9:26 But couldn't we do a test of the same file with render in GPU and redshift?
  11. it works. From silicon to silicon. From Intel to Silicon was a total disaster
  12. MBP 16 M2 max 92 GB RAM 9:36
  13. Hello. What do you mean by DP? I have a 43 and I have no problems
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