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  1. Today I will have the opportunity to compare my m1 Mbp 13" with a 16" m1 max with 64gb unified memory. I have big point cloud file (6x100 million point referenced files) and panorama with redshift rendering file for testing. If someone is interested, you can send me files with some description via PM Session will start in 7 hours from now Thanks
  2. from same situation. I suggest you to test new rendering styles, in few time you can find good results.
  3. Hello everyone. I want to share with you some experiments conducted with ies files in the 2022 version, comparing renderworks and redshift with a texture bump and with 3 ies lights placed in front of a wall pointing 90 degrees towards the wall itself and the same three lights placed at the top, oriented downwards. I think the redshift rendering is much more realistic and beautiful to look at. On the left of each photo the renderworks version on the right is the redshift version. the image is 300 dpi 90cm x 50cm Z
  4. Trust me, it changes a lot. Performance, boot time, big files.
  5. HI @Stephan Moenninghoff consider also the section viewports and clip cube are not able to reproduce correctly the profile
  6. OK great, but actually if you can do something it's really more important the correct profile on layout instead the rendering. Thanks a lot 🙂
  7. @Stephan Moenninghoff Hello how can I add the profile from the new tools 3D into the layout?
  8. And the "edit position component" doesn't works well.. maybe because it's a structural member..
  9. Thanks a lot and don't worry, no problem. This is exactly the point. I have to convince a manufacturer to follow my work to rely on one of my models. I have to prove that I have everything under control. Hopefully, I will make a model that is so complex that I assure you it will be very interesting. But I always find several problems. For example: the last one is this. I can't hide the "behind" symbol on the wall. I can't figure out how to do it.
  10. @lorenza solved this! 👩‍⚕️ I am happy because I was going to create tons of niches in the walls and all of this looked like a nightmare
  11. Yeah that's exactly what I need, thank you!
  12. @Stephan Moenninghoff On a cabinet I can put 1:4 input to manage 1/4 of total space The results Is 1:4:#:# So if I try to write 1:4:#:1/4 to have 1/4 above, 1/4 top and the rest in the middle it works, but the impute is modified to 1:4:#:1 and it generate 3 spaces (not 4) If I try to write 1:4:#:#:1/4 there is no way to have 1/4 above, 1/4 top and other 2 space in the middle
  13. RESOLVED WITH @lorenza Is enough to add a 3d solid into the hole part of the simbol.. and it works correctly
  14. Yes, exactly, that's the point, thank you.
  15. It's almost 17%, do you think is enough to be considered for a right calculation?
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