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  1. it's exactly the feeling you get when you want to work finding more details on your work. If you work whitout detail everithing looks file, but if you go under the 1:100 scale you can only hope that tools could resolve your specific situation immediatly beacause often you need to find several alternatives that can mean increased work and spend a lot of time. we are in deeping switching BIM detail process. It is very hurry to change the improvement on this direction i mean.
  2. Off course Alt+F4, i think is it the only way to find a solution for this problem. Better with 2 monitors, but a 2 click connection it could be much better than that actual situation. I think that VW need to have more attention to the front views and about all dimension editing parts.
  3. What Vectorworks Architect need. No specific order. A 3D Roof. A real 3D Roof with 3D Roof components. Allplan do this. Archicad do this. Revit do this. Edificius do this. We need to close this gap. A door whit an emergency exit, misures and all the features we can find in a door tool. A wall who makes the wall, who can start from a thickness and finish whit another thickness. Whit them can I draw something built before 1960. Whit them can I put inside a windows who follow the different thickness. Think please a second about the HBIM. Scultpted wall isn't enough. Component in section mode who can be connected exactly like in plan mode. Grafically, whit 2 clicks. Not after doing 100 tests in separate wall and slab styles and whit 100 viewport updates. In slabs, walls, roofs, around the windows, like in reality. Everywhere. Actually the system don’t works well. The plan mode only works well. VW need exactly the same in vertical mode. How can we draw in detail? Think about 5Dimension BIM Door/windows-wall connection, which them I can manage it well. Where the 3D component going with the 2D component, not in 2 different ways like now. In plan view like in front view, like in section view. A completely rebuilding stair tool. Completely. A new tool. I started to draw in vectorworks in 2009 and is it the same stair, whit some improvement. Where it allows to manage the single steps in 2D, 3D, manually. Where I can manage a Stair from a simply polyline or polygon, and not to be "close" in 10 forme types. Where if I move a component it “talks” with slabs. It is a little bit strange to manage a Stair form and after that to manage the slabs separately. Where I can find a NURBS model. We need to close the gap whit Archicad. A curved curtain wall with curved glasses. Think about the infinite LOOP in Cupertino. And personally, I don’t care to have a new "dark side of the moon UI". I need to have a BIM software to draw Architecture first. I can work even in a pink-green monitor whit the right tools. Make Architecture big again, please. And have good work. Best regards.
  4. Zeno

    Energos - Space Volume is Zero

    Hello Nikolay, thank you for explaining me how to convert a solid object to a usable space for energos.. that is the right way to adjust this specific question. After that.. the space tool with label, and all the the feature vw allows us to use, depending directly from the right volume. I think could be a good implementation, like adjusting wall height, to have a "adjusting space height", or something similar. Thank you for your responce. Best regards
  5. Zeno

    Space Tool Frustration

    DId you know if VW allows us to adjust the volume for a Space? I mean non regular volume like under a roof
  6. Zeno

    Energos - Space Volume is Zero

    Hello everyone, i confirm that you need to create some spaces to calcolate the right way to show in Energos. Heated Volume Space and dispersing surface are the 2 most important parameters in energetic calculation. So you need to have the right volume BUT I'd like to know how can i create a space from a non regular bottom top volume. For Istance: how can i have a specific space under a roof? Can i model a free 3D element and using it like a space? Sorry for that but if i can't manage a correct volume it's perfectly useless to have a complex (and very cool) tool like Energos, unless i have only perfect linear floor and roof. So you exclude every building over 1000 mt over the sea in the world. Missed I something? Can i modeling a space? Or adjust it automatically by a roof object? Like a wall?
  7. Zeno

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    For complex situation or for rooms or other project’s parts, i am used also to create a large symbol. I can duplicate it in a different design layer, it’s easy to manage it for the presentation on sheet layer and viewports. but groups is a great method too, like creating specific views. there is some ways to the same goals, i mean
  8. Hello I managed to solve the problem after a while. We need to pay attention to two things: 1) good connection settings in style 2) the roof must be generated automatically from the wall selection. After that it's enough if you set the wall height up of the roof.. even manually. BUT.. there os another problem. How can I resolve this? I need to work on the stack component style between wall and slab to hide the grey element you can see on attachment
  9. I started a topic here and my intention was simply creating a multiple component wall that work correctly in a door or windows connection. Bot of instruments, the "architect" window/door and the International version allows you to manage the 2D part.. but not the 3D.. I think it does not make sense. If I need to have a correct model to make details, IFC data, section etc.. I need to model the entire door and manage the 2D/3D parts like a symbol, but it is total insane I think... Anyone know other way to manage something like the attachment? Porte simbolo.vwx
  10. Zeno

    Doors 2D and 3D parts are not the same

    Really? So if i want to have a section viewport on this door? Only without component or by modelling the entire door manually including component>making a simbol in a wall? Uff
  11. Hello everyone, could someone tell me how can I have a correct 2D-3D view about this door? I used the "door in wall" Thank you
  12. Zeno

    Global multi core VW conversion

    Thank you, i will take some time to learn.. 🙂
  13. Zeno

    Global multi core VW conversion

    Ok but for istance i checked the activity during an hidden line rendering for a viewport and the machine worked only with 100% processor load (with 800% maximum for a 4 core with 8 thread)
  14. Zeno

    Global multi core VW conversion

    Another important process for me is the windows or doors-style updating.
  15. Hello everyone, i would try to begin a positive conversation about the single core VW processes and all of the problems that comes for them For istance: i trying to render a viewport in hidden line mode, you can see on attached image that is almoust impossibile: the software is locked from 20 minutes without any results the system process show how memory and processor are exploited to a minimum it's the time to start thinking something different?