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  1. @NikF @NikF Sure, drop me an email at: Jonathan.reeves@jr-architecture.co.uk
  2. @grant_PD I created a 3D template with all my Vectorworks 3D Textures and associated classes. This help when modelling in VW using Rendering. Then when I export, I can easily Map new textures in .C4D or now days I use Twinmotion for speed and real time rendering. Now Twinmotion is free theres no reason not to try it! Check out my website youtube channel to see what it can do.
  3. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @Zeno Nice work Zeno!. Here a montage video I made with 3 of my VW to Twinmotion projects if you watch carefully!
  4. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    @jeff prince I am using 2 32" 4K BENQ displays running from my Macbook Pro, now using an external Razer Core X GPU with Vega 64 and its works a treat. The 32" BENQ monitors are matt finish unlike shiny iMac screen and are really good value and recommended, and have great features and inputs Galore. The PD3200U is the better quality one but I cant really tell the difference not the second screen. If you are interested heres some benchmark and testing of the razor Core.
  5. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    @jeff prince Nicely expressed point of view and I agree!
  6. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    @zoomer Thanks Zoomer. Its sometimes hard to get across the right tone, and I was trying to be humorous, but also make a serious point as a previously hardcore "Apple Fanboy". My sons ( both hardcore PC gamers ( who created their own Mincraft sever), have worked me hard and began to convince me that the "PC / Dark Side" is faster, better value for money and these days does everything Mac OS can do (albeit not quite so elegantly). Anyway, I think the point I was making is that even " Fan boys" have their limits of sanity when it comes to the new Mac Pro offering and pricing! Its been fun seeing what other think. ( I just wish I spent half the money I spent on Mac on Apple share back in the day!)
  7. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    @zoomer Agree with that, but Apples focus was always previously on the creative market like graphics, architecture, designers and video production. I would imagine all the "oil, medicine, financial, AI and such industries" having been using PC's for years already and would be unlikely to make the switch. Yes, I was moaning a bit (and jesting a little) as I must have spent tens of thousands on Apple over the years and now feel its harder to justify the investment on incremental upgrades, and the big leaps are so expensive!
  8. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Video Tutorials

    @Don Seidel Thanks Don, glad you like tis, and have a similar workflow!
  9. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    @rgcn Do you mean Insane in a good way, or crazy in terms of price and design! As an apple user and HUGE fanatic for over 20 years I am quite shocked by the price hikes, and don't know if any of my hundreds of architectural clients (I teach Vectorworks Professionally) would be able to justify such a huge expense, especially once you start to "Up Spec with SSD, RAM and GPU's" You could easily spend more money than a decent car or holiday of a lifetime would cost (for you and your family) so you really have to justify the time and money the investment would save! It almost feel like its a strange dream (nightmare) where we just went back 10 years in the past and created another G5 tower type computer which was large enough to be upgradable and had decent cooling to run properly. ( I have 3 sitting redundant in my office) Then you find yourself 10 years in the future in terms of pricing and Apple have morphed into a high end computer jewellery company like Rolex developing OP products for the rich! Don't even get me started on the £999 monitor stand! The best thing about this has been the hilarious Cheesegrater memes. Anyway, thats my personal view (and future jealousy of anyone how gets one as they do look awesomely specced), and I would love to know what everyone else things or is it just me that things Apple lost the plot on this one?
  10. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Video Tutorials

    @Don Seidel Hi Don, I just made a nice video on the workflow from one of my recent projects and am planning to do several more to make a series more. Where is the best place to post a link to this, and is it ok to post here or is there a place for this kind of thing please?
  11. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    No Stories, No Problem

    @Wes Gardner Thanks for sharing wes
  12. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    FBX exporting process to Twinmotion

    @Zeno Try using the eyedropper to select the material that seem to be missing and make sure they are double sided in settings.
  13. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @Zeno Nice Work for 30 mins! Check out my you Tube Channel " Innovative Vectorworks BIM" for lots of tutorial on Vectorworks and Twinmotion.
  14. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @JuanP I have a new contact at Epic Games if that is helpful as I really think Vectorworks need to engage with Twinmotion now they are giving it away for free, as everyone will be using it in the future (why would they not try it if its totally free to use and keep). Please email or Skype me if you like?
  15. @Hans-Olav Totally agree with Hans that you can get great renders and in particular animations with ease. I am also sure that the quality of the rendering engine using full Unreal Engine technology will only be getting better moving forward (probably in the next paid version) while the simple interface, and ease of use is retained. Vectorworks really need to be working with Twinmotion closely as a huge number of Vectorworks users have always been Mac users and don't want to switch to PC, and now we can all have an amazing free, realtime rendering solution. There are lots of Vectorworks &Twinmotion video on my channel (Innovative Vectorworks BIM) if people are interested.


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