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  1. I would love to be able to Resize viewports by dragging, for viewports that do not ned to be scaled like perspectives, or image and photos etc.
  2. @Andy Broomell & @grant_PD Great Suggestions. Image effects is super useful, but needs to keep improving and these suggestions really help.
  3. @Pat Stanford Better but still wordy. How about simply "Create Wall Style" or "Create Slab Style" or "Create Door Style" etc...
  4. I train lots of users to use Vectorworks and it always makes me cringe to say the words "New Plug-In Style from Unstyled Plug-In" Please simplify this as not only is a tongue twister for most users its not clear what it means at all?
  5. Just tried this out on VW 2020 and its works fine! Vectorworks please add this as a more integrated feature ASAP!
  6. Does anyone have a script for VW 2020? Why has this not yet been added a preference in the Saved views section?
  7. @zoomer Agreed. However realtime rendering for interiors with atmosphere is are also very nice. Check at Unreal engine to see where the future lies, but the time saved in these busy times with Twinmotion and a fast graphics card is unbelievable. The Render quality and libraries of the 2020 release coming soon is improving a lot and for me the hours I save by not waiting for long renders Artlantis and C4D only to be disappointed with the results have long gone. I love Renderworks for its day to day use, and still use it in every project for elevations and quick studies, but in my opinion I have Neve had so much fun so fast as with Twinmotion. We just need the native Vectorworks direct export so its easier to update the model lots of times during the workflow as this is the only current downside in my view. The SkecthUP plug works great! Please Vectorworks & Epic get this done! Check out my latest video to see the difference between VW and Cinema 4D Renders taking hours and the last 2 projects taking minutes with Twinmotion!
  8. @milezee Cool, I had not watched it all before and have just seen my credit, and glad you liked my work! Thanks for letting me know! I am really hoping for the vectorworks to Twinmotion direct link soon, although the C4D export works well at present, its not so great for updating. He mentions direct export plug ins at 12:34 !
  9. @twk Thanks for the recommendation. Please check out my latest video of on 20 Years of 3D Architecture all done using Vectorworks from 8.5 to 2020! It features some Twinmotion work in the last few years and you can see the difference!@milezee
  10. @JuanP Thanks Juan for the update. Thats very positive news indeed. There certainly some great new improvement coming for Twinmotion 2020. I made a short video on the Twinmotion teaser for those that are interested. Note the Xmas jumper!
  11. @Andrew Davies Hi Andrew, Enjoy! I am looking forward to hearing how you get on with the new MacBook Pro 16". Please will you update us with some details once you have had a good run with it?
  12. @milezee Yes, I was but decide to wait and see how it performed with 16GB and so far it's great. I can easily add another 16GB to make it 32GB later when and if required!
  13. @milezee No, I bought it from Mesh here in the UK: https://www.meshcomputers.com I did a fair bit of research and decide on this model if your interested: https://www.meshcomputers.com/category/black-friday-sale/matrix-r3900x/ The 12 cores rally help with any rendering and the graphics card is pretty much the best out there at the moment, so any Open GL work or intensive GPU rendering like Twinmotion is super smooth. After 25 years of using Macs its my first PC, and these days windows is fine, and actually I love the look of the new PC. Check out how cool this case is compared to the new Mac Pro Cheesegrater which in my view is not as nice as the original G5 Cheesegrater Macs ( I have had 3 of them) What do you guys think?


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