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  1. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @Zeno Nice Work for 30 mins! Check out my you Tube Channel " Innovative Vectorworks BIM" for lots of tutorial on Vectorworks and Twinmotion.
  2. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @JuanP I have a new contact at Epic Games if that is helpful as I really think Vectorworks need to engage with Twinmotion now they are giving it away for free, as everyone will be using it in the future (why would they not try it if its totally free to use and keep). Please email or Skype me if you like?
  3. @Hans-Olav Totally agree with Hans that you can get great renders and in particular animations with ease. I am also sure that the quality of the rendering engine using full Unreal Engine technology will only be getting better moving forward (probably in the next paid version) while the simple interface, and ease of use is retained. Vectorworks really need to be working with Twinmotion closely as a huge number of Vectorworks users have always been Mac users and don't want to switch to PC, and now we can all have an amazing free, realtime rendering solution. There are lots of Vectorworks &Twinmotion video on my channel (Innovative Vectorworks BIM) if people are interested.
  4. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @JuanP Thanks Juan, and there are lots more tutorials and best of Twinmotion videos here too, as well as lots of my vectorworks to Twinmotion projects.
  5. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Yes, that big news and it's going to take a while to digest the potential impact of this on the rendering market. For all those interested in finding out more about Vectorworks and Twinmotion features, and please check out my Youtube channel, Innovative Vectorworks BIM.
  6. This is a very interesting thread, and one I have been watching for a while so thought I would contribute my thoughts. I have been using Twinmotion with Vectorworks for a while now and generally it works really well with the .C4D export. The Renderworks textures come through and although may need some adjustments and can be improved in Twinmotion. Then you can add trees, people, cars and furniture etc. If the Vectorworks model needs to be changed then simply modify it and re-export the .C4D export from VW. Then you can re-locate the new geometry in Twinmotion and all the Twinmotion work stays with added props, cameras and video sequences etc. Sure a Live Sync with Twinmotion like the one that just come out for Lumion would be amazing and I really hope its not too long before Mac users can have this workflow available too. Lumion and Twinmotion are very similar in many ways, and each has some unique features, but Twinmotion is cross platform, and the preview on a decent GPU is really awesome, and the renders take minutes not hours! Anyway, I made a new video this weekend on Vectorworks Site Modelling and Twinmotion if you are interested. Please remember if you don't like the funky tunes you can turn the volume down! Twinmotion work starts at about 3:20. There is lots more VW/Twinmotion videos on the channel including a recent one made with Twinmotion themselves.:-
  7. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Wishing for vray compatibility

    @Okpaku Vray for Vectorworks does have a great sound to it and would be welcomed also as well as the Twinmotion Live Sync features.
  8. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @Jim Wilson thats great that Twinmotion Live link is being worked on as this will be very popular with the Mac community! Great work!
  9. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Vectorworks to Twinmotion

  10. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Hi Jim, Glad you will be joining us for this one and thanks for the positive mention! There some nice videos for anyone interested in Vectorworks and Twinmotion on my Channel:- Innovative vectorworks BIM http://bit.ly/2qvnhhq Jonathan
  11. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Updating all Worksheets in a file

    Is there anyway to update all worksheet in a file a bit like the " Update all viewports command" Do you know any tricks to make a VW worksheets updates smoother?
  12. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Bi-folding sliding doors for Door Tool

    I have to agree with all the comments about the Door Object particularly. While the second leaf and Louvred options are a nice addition the fundamental and most important requirements are being totally ignored for year. Sorry I feel very strongly about this as each year I expect this to be addressed and am very disappointed it seems to be missing again. Almost every project need this., and it really is a basic requirement. As @Alan Woodwell @Christiaan says We really need to be able to create 3, 5, or 7 panel bi-folding doors on almost every project. Also almost every time I every time I deliver Training sessions this comes up, and its embarrassing that something so obvious and important to model architects is not possible while many other fancy features that are not as critical take priority. We should not have to resort to custom modelling or import from Sketch Up and make symbols. Windoor has offered these features for years and is not available in the UK. Other rival systems offer this, and its is expected by users who constantly cannot believe this has not been implemented. On a similar topic, why is there not a roof light or skylight tool thats parametric like the window tool that work in roofs. The current system of inserting symbols is very clunky! Please make this a priority or simply implement Windoor in native Vectorworks. Sorry, Rant over and will calm down now.
  13. Really looking forward to the 2019 BETA and hope to see some of you in Arizona a the Design Summit!

  14. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Teaser Tuesday - Unicode Support

    Great new feature that will not only make structuring files more useful, but it will also add the chance for a bit more honour and fun which is just as important! Jonathan Reeves / Director / BA(Hons) M.Arch Dip.Arch RIBA / Jonathan Reeves Architecture Author of "Innovative Vectorworks BIM" www.jra-vectorworks-cad.co.uk


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