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  1. Because you've probably never tried to merge point clouds in the same file. 🙂 May I ask you what level of virtual memory can you reach? The maximum memory footprint indicated by the apple activity tool. I ask you because in the tests I did here I was unable to do things that I could do with an old imac and several times I thought it was both a vector and maveriks problem
  2. I remember your post. You could better describe the problems you were having?
  3. I don't write software codes but whit a m1max with 64 GB if I can see a drastic performance reduction and with tools like iStat I can control that almost 40% of machine performance are busy.. I can suppose that the issue is somewhere into a code. Something like "don't ask more to the machine but split the original process into x part". But off course I can't confirm because I'm an architect not a software engineer
  4. Connecting a 27" dell 4k monitor and creating a floating view
  5. Got the m1max 64GB yesterday issues with stair logic preview (missed) No problem as now with 3d connection driver and software (using space mouse and space navigator) With multiscreen the performance are drastically reduced.
  6. Same situation on VB-172889 created on 2020-07-27 09:05 AM and rated as Moderate Actually same problem persist and users can't create any views if stairs and clip cube are present
  7. sorry matt, but both viewports are rendered with redshift with same settings and same class and layer visibility. Even hidden lines have the same issue only on section viewports. Seems it is something between symbols in walls and section viewport. thanks
  8. @Matt Panzer hello Mat, hope everything's well please could you take a look to my Z88_Redshift hide symbols only on section view VB-184497? It seems that with my symbols in wall there are important issue on section viewport. Same object are rendered correctly on iso views but not on section viewport
  9. exactly. This work was setted in this directions. Actually i use a lot of levels for better detail
  10. Working on very big buildings required a lot of patience. Referencing layers is a good solution for geometry but VW is not ready for this. Every time you need a worksheet or you getting in something complicated you lost every reference. Same with symbol. I switched from DLVP to “all in place” because i’m getting crazy. Actually the big problem is that if you use big symbols for apartments or similar you lost EVERY stories references. you have to be able to “run on eggs without breaking them” (we say in Italy) to handle complex parametric models. it can be done, I'm doing it and a beautiful job is coming. but it has become so complex to escape from all limits that sometimes I too find it hard to understand what I am doing and it is very dangerous
  11. On my files I resolved after the sp2 b2or3 but yes, I'll let you know
  12. hello Mark, how is going with the new mac and VW?
  13. The problem is that on new MBP you can't install Big Sur
  14. I had the same issue. Try to remove and reinsert the doors and windows, let me know if it works
  15. Hello Gunther, on 2019-07-07 I did the VB-162563 "Zeno36_Videogame Mode on walkthrough tool don't works with 2 monitors" where I reported issues with the second monitor. The issue get the system uncontrollable, and the problem persist through years, moderate priority, unresolved, fix version "future". Zeno36_videogame mode don't works well with 2 monitors.mp4 Maybe is it connected to the same issue? Actually I have the same problem on my M1 but I did not reported it. My English is bad now, 2 Yeats ago was a disaster, but I think you can understand the issue
  16. Did you already have several issue with second display?
  17. hello can I ask if you have an updated version available? the SP0 don't show really well my model Thanks
  18. Hello to everyone sorry for not reading all the posts, but I noticed that on my 16" M1max will I keep Monterey and need to do big models on Vectorworks. Can someone tell me where are the big unresolved issues? Thanks and apologies
  19. I think that is a important issue and the VW team are working to find the solution. And we need always to find the best way to do the thinks, now
  20. I did a Bug for the same reason
  21. confirm is not. But it runs on a 2017 iMac and not on m1 machine
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