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  1. I'm just bummed they didn't name the headset EYE PHONE. Seems like a missed opportunity. 😁
  2. I usually draw this in front elevation using Rectangles and then add surface them together. Then extrude. If I need the steel to be channel, I offset the 2d before I extrude. I think Solid modeling is your best approach here. e.
  3. I'd be happy with just the clamp wall! Beautiful space Bruce!
  4. Try going to your Shaded View options and set the resolution from low to high. The low setting will facet curves for efficiency no matter how smooth the curves are.
  5. I approach this kind of thing with Hybrid Symbols. A hybrid will show 3d when in any perspective or orthogonal view, but 2d when in top/plan view. Kevin's suggestion of Records will help you add additional data to this idea. When you select 3D and 2D at the same time and then make a symbol - it automatically creates a Hybrid. Basic tutorial here:
  6. Yes, Cinema4D calls this "Current state to Object" and it's brilliant.
  7. @Kevin McAllisterUgh. Every time I bring a lighting rig into Cinema4d I have to either refocus and reposition (hanging angle) every unit, or have them oriented correctly and have each individual light be a unique piece of geometry x 600. It makes me weep. Sorry to hijack the thread.
  8. Command + K will take them back to symbols, but if they were focused as lighting instruments, they will lose that data and go back to how the symbol sits in x, y, z.
  9. Use symbols as much as possible. Run the Purge command from time to time. Unused resources still contribute to file size. Convert to generic solid what you can and never need to change. Restart machine daily. Basic stuff but it all helps.
  10. I adjunct at NYU and we use a Vectorworks and Cinema4D workflow there. I know Princeton does as well, but design is not a major there.
  11. I don't think I fully understand what you are trying to achieve? Can you mark up a screen grab of this shape to better illustrate the goal?
  12. When it is displaying incorrectly, are you looking at it in Shaded View? If so, are your shaded view options set to HIGH? I believe it defaults at Low and this only affects how it is displayed, not what the actual Geometry is. If this question is NOT about shaded view then ignore this message 🙂
  13. I can't speak for Dave or Vectorworks, but I believe that is working as designed. I think the idea is that you import your model into Twinmotion and then can adjust items, move them, texture/retexture them, etc. When you resync the file, you don't want to lose all that work you did previously, so those items remain untouched. I'm not saying this is good or bad logic, but I believe this is what I read about the workflow earlier when exploring it's possibilities. I'm not a TM user, so forgive me if that isn't correct.
  14. Sadly, I think we've all worked with Scaffolding like that 🙂
  15. I like using Productions on Point for this kind of thing - the final product ends up being an AutoCAD file that can easily slip into VW or they can provide a Vectorworks file. I had another company once give me a scanned arena, but the entire thing was one object and inside a 5GB OBJ file... yuck. It certainly pays to find a good company and talk to them about what your end use is - what I like about Kellen and P.O.P. is that they have event production backgrounds, so understand what we are doing. Anytime I see a new scanner add-on for ipad or device for grabbing points in space, I imagine learning the software, buying equipment, doing the clean up and I then need to go lay down and sleep 🙂. Better to farm it out to the correct people. I don't think that helps much but following this thread with interest.
  16. My studio stays a year/version behind. We have VSS so we can download and play with latest version and new features on tests or personal projects. We are just starting our first client project using 2022. It takes the pain away and doesn't change the frequency of new versions after that initial years wait. Same with Cinema 4d. Everyone is happier and less stressed.
  17. Looking cool in here!
  18. I have never had a problem exporting extrudes to Cinema getting blown apart into single polys. Are you saying the VW object gets modified when you export it inside of VW? The axis on 0,0,0 center is maddening! There are Axis tools under the TOOLS menu - one of which being CENTER TO OBJECT which will put your axis back into the center of object. You can grab multiple objects at once and run this command, but it doesn't like Nulls and will not dig into Nulls to affect the axis of children. I have added these tools permanently to my Cinema layout for easy access. I never use send to Cinema, I always use "export to Cinema (3d Only)" which writes a .C4d file. I then MERGE this file into a clean, blank scene in Cinema. That said - I never do any texturing or lighting inside of VW, I do it all in Cinema, so I never have this trouble of JPEG assets to worry about. Here's some tutorials on my workflow for this:
  19. I always do it from an iso view as well. I usually blow apart all my hybrid symbols to just 3d before doing this (in a temporary copy of the file). Do I need to do this still?
  20. I don't think you can do this in Shaded view if you are just out and about flying around on a layer. For viewports, you could set the BACKGROUND render mode to Shaded (and turn off draw edges) and then for the FOREGROUND render mode you could use Dashed Hidden Line.
  21. Thanks for the kind words! I don't have a ton of hands on experience with Blender, but I know that it is more then capable. My suggestion would be to model in VW but to do all your materials, lighting and camera work inside of Blender - so you are only exporting geometry. .OBJ or .FBX should be the best, but you should test them a bit and see what carries over well. There will be triangulation on the geometry, but that is okay and happens with Cinema 4d too. You can ignore some of it and clean some of it up, depending on what you are doing. Eevee looks promising for volumetric lighting, so I'd be curious to see what can be done with that for entertainment purposes. I haven't worked with Cycles yet myself. Let us know how that goes and feel free to ask questions!
  22. @Wesley Burrows Thank you for the kind words! So great to see your work grow and expand over the years. I agree with so much of what you say above. Cinema4D or Blender or XXX 3d software has always been a better solution for lighting for me and my work. There are a lot of options of software and a lot of rendering engines, so you have to try them out and see which on fits and feels right. It takes time and dedication. I have a video on volumetric light in Redshift on my YouTube channel that will show you the basic workflow, but as Wes points out, you'll need the correct GPU setup to really take advantage. I've found Cinema and Redshift to be the fastest and easiest solution for entertainment lighting. And yes - do ask questions! Many here to help you on the journey. e.
  23. I wont argue about the pro and cons of subscription as this has been beaten to death on the internet - everyone's situation is different, so there is no one size fits all that makes everyone happy. I've seen it with Cinema 4d, Adobe CC, Substance, and many others. This move will benefit some and not others - it is what it is. The concept of "this lets us get updates into your hands faster" has been used by every single company moving to subscription and sometimes its true (Marvelous Designer, MOI3d, Houdini, etc.) and sometimes it's a train wreck (After Effects anyone?). What it does do is make a more consistent revenue stream and that makes it easier for businesses' to operate and work on annual budgeting and management. What concerns me is QA. Every year VW is released and it's super buggy and not ready for real production. My studio, my direct colleagues and my students all stay a year behind release schedule - we have just moved over to 2021 for our current project. I am not confident that smaller release steps all through the year will be good unless things are truly ready for prime time, and lets face it, how can any feature be ready for prime time without lots of real world testing. So it will be interesting to see where this goes. I'll be watching and continuing to work well behind the bleeding edge.
  24. Not very helpful, but I run zoom on Windows 10 and am online with VW and Cinema4D all day long and have never had an issue (though I use VW 2021 still). I have (2) 1080TIs - so not new or outstanding GPUs anymore.
  25. Kevin is right - arena seating is stepped with usually a 12-18" rise for sightlines. Take a look at my Extrude along Path video - at the 26:40 mark I demonstrate how to build arena seating with Extrude along Path.
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