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  1. Very cool! Run out of free renders already.
  2. So has anybody opened up Vectorworks on the Apple Vision Pro using Mac Virtual Display?
  3. I think I can do that. DM with file and I'll have a go.
  4. The best solution I've found so far is to use one of the dome HDRI files for Environmental Lighting, which provide darker shadows. If the shadows are too dark you can turn on Ambient Lighting to about 20% to brighten them a little.
  5. Same problem. Turn the ambient brightness up enough for the building facade and the internal shadows wash out.
  6. I've revisited this particular render after many years. I assume you mean the Image Effects exposure? This would work except that I'm using Camera Match and there's currently no way to limit Image Effects to the Camera Match object only.
  7. Am I right in saying this hasn't been implemented yet?
  8. Out of curiosity, run your PDFs through iLovePDF. Choose "Recommended compression". This software has become an integral part of our workflow. I gave up on trying to get VW to produce small PDFs. Though, as others allude to, it may not help if the core problem is dense hatches.
  9. The main annoyance I have is that it can stop a shut down on macOS. I do use it though. I like the Messages centre plus all the links to various support and learning pages. I think would be better like this too.
  10. One effective way to do this is to go into the Annotations layer of the Viewport and add a masking polygon over the background area you want to fade, with attributes set to white fill and set to, say, 40% opacity. Another way is to use the following Render settings: Background: Shaded Textures checked Draw edges checked and set to: 1 Foreground: None Advanced Viewport settings: Attributes: Separate cross sections Use attributes of original objects Merge structural objects with same fill Image Effect settings: Exposure: set to far right Shadows: set to far left Sepia: set to far left Soft edges: set to far left This will give you a cut section cut with fills set to original objects and a white faded background.
  11. Pretty sure this technique doesn't work again anymore, at least as of v2024.
  12. This is excellent info, thanks Steven. I actually went through this process in Vectorworks once, when I changed a file from building-centric to site-centric. It was indeed a pain in the ass and screwed up all my viewports. As always in VW there was a number of ways to do it, and I found that a certain sequence of steps was a lot less painful than other sequences.
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