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  1. Your welcome, you may also consider purging your file as there were a number of unused elements that can be removed to clean the file and reduce its suze.
  2. Edit your wall style and change the component settings so that Component Top is is relative to top of wall, also ensure the tick box Follow top of wall peaks is ticked, once done select the wall and from the AEC menu select "Fit walls to Object", select Constraints to top and pick R-Shed Roof, select OK and you should be done
  3. Is it possible to upload so I can re-create from your source data, have had issues myself with creating site models and have some time to spare so can have a look
  4. do you still have the DXF file you used to create your site model from?
  5. File converted just in case you didn't Alan DG Plot 5 (Trans) v2020-dwg.zip
  6. Sorry David, didn't see the other file, did @michaelk manage to convert it for you? Alan
  7. I have encountered similar problems with graphics disappearing when switching from 2D to 3D and also after complex 3D editing. The solution to fixing the issues was to: 1. Simply select the problematic graphics 2. Cut: Windows: (Ctrl+X) , Mac: (CMD + X) 3. Then past-in-place straight back into the file: windows: (Ctrl+Alt+V) , Mac: (sorry don't know the shortcut key combination as not a mac user ) I've found this normally fixes the issues.
  8. Hi David, Quick conversion, see if this is OK for your needs Dumpling Green Site Plan 0002 (Trans) v2020-dwg.zip
  9. you would have thought so ūüôā
  10. If you still have colors not deleting check the resource manager for the active document and see if you have any objects or symbols that have not been placed, some may have the colors in that will not purge
  11. To purge unused colors, go to the "Attributes" panel and select the fill color In the top right is the "Color Palett Manager", select this Then on the LHS select "Colors in Active Document" the "Purge Unused" button at the bottom is now active, press and it will ask you to confirm you want to purge unused colors. Hope this helps
  12. axhake


    You need to find the "Vectorworks 2020 Updater" application which is located in the application folder. On windows this is located in: C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2020\Vectorworks 2020 Updater\Vectorworks 2020 Updater.exe Not sure what is the path on Mac. With Vectorworks closed start the "Vectorworks 2020 Updater.exe" you should be presented with the update window Circled in RED is the "Advance Options" drop down menu. On windows hold the ALT key and select the "Advance Options" drop down menu, you will now see an option to "Change Version" Select which version you want to change back to.
  13. I can do in the morning as have finished for tge evening. ps. Regarding reverting back to previous version, i remembered how to do it, was getting frustrated trying to get work out. Alan
  14. I have just updated VW2020 to SP3 and exported some file to DWG that I have been exporting earlier in the day, after export the DWG. On opening the file in ProjeCAD (also checked in AutoCAD) the DWG is a mess with lines all over the place. Extract of model below - Original exported prior to SP3: After updating to Sp3: I have duplicated this in a test file by creating a extruded rectangle (5x5x5m) square to grid. Exported to DWG using the same settings as previously used and opened in ProjeCAD Each face is now subdivided. In the same file I then created two additional extruded rectangles, one square to the grid and one rotated. Plan view: 3D perspective View: Again exported to DWG using the same settings as previously used and opened in ProjeCAD 3d Perspective view: The top and bottom surfaces of the extruded rectangles that was rotated are now a mess. The extruded rectangles that are square to the grid appear intact apart from each face now subdivided. Can you please advise how to revert back to VW SP2 as I have wasted a few hours now messing around with this. And fix this ASAP Setting as used in the export for reference: (Have also tried changing the settings but same results.)
  15. You don't have to do (step 4 & 5) I just like to keep things balanced when modelling and translating to different CAD systems it sometimes helps. It will work once you have converted to NURBS. Let us know how you get on. Alan


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