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  1. If you have the leg path why can't you just create the side profile that you are trying to achieve and just extrude it?
  2. Looks like the same problem with the "Stake Tool", if not text style has been defined in the document then no text displays, setting a text size then using the stake tool and text is displayed.
  3. it's annoying isn't it, especially when you are trying to work quickly. Not sure if you had submitted this as a bug but I just did so as to remind them this is still a problem to be fixed.
  4. Is there a reason why mesh objects are selected when partially within a marquee area, all other object types obey the section mode – see video below. selection.mp4
  5. axhake

    VW 2021 Grid

    Hi Matt, One of the first things I checked. Have just created a video to demonstrate. Alan VW2021 Grid Tool - Rotated Text.mp4
  6. axhake

    VW 2021 Grid

    Sorry forgot to attach the file, I have just created a new file and added grid lined. Similar pattern, tested and same thing as above VW 2021 Grid test.vwx
  7. axhake

    VW 2021 Grid

    Just trying out the new Grid tool in VW 2021 and it is a vast improvement to what we had, thank you. I have just recreated a grid from a previous project and noticed a small problem. To demonstrate I have created a small grid as shown below. Grids 1,2 are both vertical Grid 5 is horizontal Grids 3, 4, 6, 7 as can be seen are not vertical/horizontal. The example image below is viewed in a Top/Plan view. However if I then switch to a Top view, look at grid ( 3 ) the text is rotated. In Top view grids text between 12 and 6 o-clock get rotated 180 deg... why? And if you add bubbles both ends
  8. Is it possible to share the file or part of the file so we can have a look?
  9. I cant’s disagree with you regarding Parasolid's, we are being limited by the tools and features Vectorworks has implemented and at a disadvantage with no workarounds when it comes to display and presentation of curved/NURBS geometry in the way it converts it to facets. I have had several projects which I have started in Vectorworks and spent many days working on only to have then rejected by the client due to the poor display and accuracy of the large curved elements when collaborating with others using alternative packages who require accurate geometry to work to. Tried every workaround I could think of after looking on the forum and talking to others finally having to abandon and re-create them in Rhino and then borrowing a license from a company I help out at and finish the projects off in either Revit or ArchiCAD depending on what licenses they have free at the time. Not ideal but was they only was I could deliver. If you look through the forum you will see that the issues with Parasolid's/NURBS have been around for some time now with no fixes being made. Will be interesting to see if VW2021 has fixed these problems as they say in the “3D Modelling Enhancements”... “Eleven different tools, and popular objects such as Lines, 3D polygons, and NURBS curves, have brand new modes as an extension of our Push/Pull feature” Have they fixed the underlying problems with Parasolid's/NURBS? or have they just build additional tools and features onto something that is already flawed... we will have to wait and see.
  10. Hi gabrielefx and welcome to the forum. Some of the questions you have listed Vectorworks is capable of doing, however it may be beneficial to you to do a search for NURBS on the forum and read some of the threads to understand the limitations of NURBS users face using Vectorworks.
  11. Your welcome, you may also consider purging your file as there were a number of unused elements that can be removed to clean the file and reduce its suze.
  12. Edit your wall style and change the component settings so that Component Top is is relative to top of wall, also ensure the tick box Follow top of wall peaks is ticked, once done select the wall and from the AEC menu select "Fit walls to Object", select Constraints to top and pick R-Shed Roof, select OK and you should be done
  13. Is it possible to upload so I can re-create from your source data, have had issues myself with creating site models and have some time to spare so can have a look
  14. do you still have the DXF file you used to create your site model from?
  15. File converted just in case you didn't Alan DG Plot 5 (Trans) v2020-dwg.zip


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