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  1. Took me a while to get to this and implement it, but this works really well - I'm using it to scrape non-keynote text from drawing sheets to coordinate spex - thanks -
  2. Got this info from Bluebeam support - "We are working on our journey to cloud-based delivery solutions with Project Rover and Atlas, which are internal names. Our first cloud-based, mobile-first offerings are new capabilities for the following: 1. Workflow & Collaboration, purpose-built for Punch, RFI and Submittal Management. 2. Geo-locational insights for field workers and project managers. We are working towards an initial release sometime in mid-H1 2021 and will continue to roll-out new platform capabilities and additional products and solutions over the coming quarters." In other words, they are working to compete with Autodesk's field work programs, and not working on a cloud based mark up and collaboration program to replace the desktop based version that worked on the Mac - so nothing on the horizon.
  3. If you go to https://atlas.bluebeam.com/, you can sign up for a beta account - looks a little premature right now, but it is a live website, and you can sign up and noodle around -
  4. Thanks for that info - this would be very helpful!
  5. True, but if you need more licenses because your office has adopted the workflow, you cannot buy them. I'm still running version 2.1 on 10.15.7, and it's getting less stable. I just think it's slightly humorous that they put a product on their website that they don't support.
  6. In this image from the Bluebeam (a Nemetchek company) website, the "architect" is clearly using a Mac - three Macs, in fact - but Bluebeam dropped support for the Mac platform a couple of years ago and no longer sells a product for Mac users. Questions about a future product that Macs could use go unanswered. False advertising?
  7. Thanks to those who said Graphic Attibutes > 2d top tread > solid line - that's exactly it - if it had been a snake! Thanks again! Another tweak to embed in the standard template -
  8. Here's a version exported to 2020 - thanks - 210421 Stair test v2020.vwx
  9. Yes, I did - here is the stair by itself, pasted into one of our template sheets - thanks - 210421 Stair test.vwx
  10. One difference with the stair example you sent - I have 'Show top tread' checked - your example has it un-checked, at least when I opened it in 2021. When I un-check show top tread in mine, the dash goes away - I'm just trying to include that band in my model, for BIM consistency.
  11. Thanks - good idea, but doesn't have any effect - the original view was set to 'Plain - no break' - I reset to 'below break only' (actually I tried all the settings) - no change. I also toggled the 'Show outlines at break', which I originally had checked, also to no effect.
  12. Why, when I turn on 'Show top tread' in the stair tool, does it show the top tread dashed in plan view? I want to see solid lines showing start and stop of tread. 3d views show the top tread as I would expect, showing start and stop of concrete.
  13. FWW - I like having OIP, Nav and tool palettes on all on the same side, so I don't spend time mousing back and forth across the screen - then I keep the Resource browser and a Keynote editor palette hovering near the title bar, so I can open them quickly be hovering the cursor over them, and they automatically close when I scroll away. Won't work for everyone, but I find this very efficient.
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