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  1. Hardscape object set as “ site modifier ” can not be applied on existing terrain, only on purposed terrain, contrary to site modifiers objects which have the option so those site modifiers objects can be applied on existing OR purposed terrain. This option can be really useful sometimes. Even if there are really good enhancements to those tools in Vectorworks 2023, I think this option needs to be added. Do we have a chance that this could happen ? Thanks  !
  2. I’ve found your response here  Thanks a lot @Pat Stanford !
  3. Hi, I need this command to get quantities… @Pat Stanford, I don’t know how to do script in Vectorworks… Can you help me to make a script that get scale factors of a symbol please ? Thanks !!!
  4. I do also have the wrap/sill problem @Matt Panzer, is there any scheduled fix ? Thanks !
  5. Thanks @Tom W.for your feedback. I think also that this tool can be improved.
  6. Hi, I’m working on an existing chalet in the french Alps. It has a particular structure with crossing pieces of wood. I don’t manage to make it with Vectorworks. How can I make the crossing of the walls without creating 2 different types of walls ? Did I missed something ? Or maybe that will be a Vectorworks enhancement ? thanks ! LUG-test.vwx
  7. @Dave DonleyIs Vectorworks 2023 SP2 fully compatible with Ventura ? (including this Redshift plugin).
  8. With @AChekirform design express, we found out the problem : In iODBC, I’ve got to had the name of the database, here Vectorworks_DB (in previous screenshot this name was 'gaetan'). So I can confirm that mysql database connection works on mac. I ’ll try to make a quick step by step in the next days.
  9. With Vectorworks 2023, I figured out that there is a major regression in section : in some conditions, objects made of extrude along path are not rendered with fill or hatch inside. Vectorworks is a great tool for conception and communication of projects, I think that false representation in sections because of a bug has to be put on top of the hierarchy of bug to correct. It is really confusing. In addition of the representation issue, you don’t know if it because material is not set or because of a bug and therefore, datas of material quantities can not be trusted… I hope that it will be corrected in SP1, SP2, so Vectorworks 2023 can be used instead of Vectorworks 2022. because all the work that has been done for this new release looks really great.
  10. Thanks @Samuel Derenboim for your help. I think you’re on of the few people who are using the database link future in Vectorworks. I’m starting to understand why, as it is so difficult to set up… In tried to create another DSN, to use the Ansi driver, etc. but without any different result : always the same error. Here is a screenshot of the mysql server version : 8.0.31-1.el8 I think I’m going to give up… if anyone manage to find how to set up this on a mac……
  11. OK, So I uninstalled MariaDB and phpmyadmin packages on my Synology. And I installed Dockers images of mysql and phpmyadmin. Connection with iODBC is OK. Acces with Sequel Ace is also OK. But within Vectorworks, I’ve still got this error Unkown database 'null'. Any Idea ? If I manage to make it, I promise, I will do a tutorial.
  12. Here are all the screenshots of the error using the mysql driver and mariaDB, the last one is shown when clicking on "Details…". I tried with the MariaDB ODBC Connector. I had to install Homebrew and openssl via Terminal commands also. But then, I get this error while making the test with iODBC : PS : I use MariaDB because it is available as a package on Synology DSM system, whereas it is not for MySQL.
  13. I’m not sure to understand what you mean… when I try to connect to the database, GRaMySQL is found. The error comes when I click on the OK button on the window in the screenshot below :
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