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  1. Just in case someone read this topic : according to vectorworks staff, this issue will be solved in v2021 SP3.
  2. Hi Michael, Thanks, for your clarification. Maybe adding «surface displayed» in the OIP would have been a better solution rather than deleting it, while waiting to improve it… because that's a very often used functionality (I mean very very often), as @ida mentioned. So for now, I keep using v2020 (although I do own the v2021) because of that kind of regression. I hope it will be fixed in v2021 SP2.1 !
  3. Hi, I do have the same remark, and submitted it to my local distributor. @Tamsin Slatter, this "Sum result" can not be added into the advance settings parameters. I hope that Vectorworks Inc will bring back this functionality soon. This is also the subject of this poste :
  4. Hi, I do have the same remark. This sum appeared also in v2020, but not in v2021. I hope that this functionality will come back (very) soon ! Is there any feed back from Vectorworks Inc ? Thanks, Kind regards, GatRed
  5. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing an annoying bug which makes impossible for me to use v2021. I'm working with 2D/3D symbols for windows with custom database attached in the ressources manager, in order to makes .ifc exports. After I opened my v2020 file to Vectorworks 2021, I noticed that when I deleted a class, re-assigning the elements to another class, the database of my 2D/3D windows symbols disappeared after freezing a few seconds. I made 2 videos on macOS and on windows10, to show this behaviour, which are attached to this post. Does anybody know why this happened ? Or does anybody already meat this issue ? Meanwhile, I'm stuck under v2020… Thanks in advance for your feedback, with kind regards, GatRed GR-201219.mp4 GR-201222.mp4
    Awesome ! thanks a lot. For information : I had to disable the SIP protection on macOS 10.15 in order to be able to make the additional installation.
  6. Hi, This looks very interesting. Unfortunately, I get an error when I tried to use it (as the psychrometric one). Others, like the sun path, the wind rose and the temperature ones works well and are awesome. Thanks !
  7. Hi, Thanks a lot for all those scripts. They are awesome, and very useful for architects. As chrispole mentioned, a 3D version linked to the heliodon's shadow analysis would be a great evolution. An other cool additional feature would be to have a spreadsheet with all the values. Again, many thanks for this work ! note : I had to disable the SIP protection on macOS 10.15 in order to be able to make the additional installation.
  8. Marissa, Thank a lot for your quick reply. It is very helpful !
  9. Hi sbarrett, Thanks for sharing this work. I was wondering how you managed within marionnette to get differents aspects for 2D and for 3D ? I'm searching inside your nodes network, but I can't find out how it works… Thanks again ! GatRed
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