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  1. But this problem is not present in another file...in which all classes shown.
  2. I found the same problem whilst trying to change the header class of a door PIO (2D visualisation). Only a very limited and random choice of classes is shown (there are many more classes in the file. The classes shown all begin with "A" ?! 2024 update 2.
  3. Thank you Tom W. Really appreciate your guidance.
  4. I created a horizontal section viewport to show an interior plan. Hadn't noticed I'd checked Background Render Settings/Shadows /On ground only "on". See image below. Which causes a random grey background in the VP....Removed by checking "off".
  5. BC, Glad it's not just me! Thank you for your commiseration. Returned 😀 I think lighting has advanced actually, e.g. no limit on the number. And from another thread I know Domas, and other Vectorworks employees, are working on a fix for the palette issue. Lighting adds a lot of value for my clients even though to my eyes it's crude. Hopefully SP2 will solve the problem. Meanwhile I illuminated the model by selecting default light sources.
  6. Hello all, v2024 1.1 I created a line-light from a line and an area-light from a rectangle (both automatically converted to a NURBS curve in the process). But neither are illuminating. A direction light is illuminating as normal. Anyone having a similar experience.....? Or have a missed a setting? Incidentally there is a known issue also shown here, meaning Light-2 is on in the model, on in the OIP but not on in the Viz-lights palette. See separate thread.... ....and I am not sure why the sphere isn't casting a shadow onto the slab, given settings in shaded-options? 20231116 Lighting Trial.vwx
  7. Thank yoiu Domas, really appreciate your update. All noted and understood. Makes sense to do the hot fix. Using Windows 10 I am finding v2024 1.1. quite stable. Although I've had a couple of crashes when updating viewports, they're no big deal to me (thanks to a 5-minute autosave!). The Visualisation/lights fix is welcome in due course. But, obviously, we are able to control lights directly until then. Meanwhile I've attached a trial file illustrating the visualization issue and will post it to a new topic to discuss the failures(?) in line-light and area-light it seeems also to show. 20231116 Lighting Trial.vwx
  8. Same problem here....so the palette is not controlling the light. Incidentally, may be entirely unrelated but also:- I created a line-light but although switched on in the OIP no light renders. I am using v2024 1.1
  9. Hi All, 2023 SP7 I made an extrude along path object (the lining and architraves of a doorway). Then, adding a 3D wall hole object, I created a symbol for insertion into a wall. ( I just needed a rough model of the existing doorway within an interior view which is why I didn't model a door in all detail with architraves). Despite all settings correct it was not possible to select the wall whilst making active the symbol....but when I deleted the EAP object (and added a simple extrude (a door threshold) to preserve the symbol) it inserted as normal. Has anyone else experienced this? Mark
  10. Tom, thank you so much! I really appreciate you spending time to explain. Of course I could see all detail as soon as I turned off 'Auto Display Detail Levels for Design Layers'. Not sure when I must have turned this setting on!? I will learn more about it. Anyway I am fee-earning again thanks to your alert kindness. Thank you again. Mark
  11. Hello all, I am quite an experienced user ( currently VWX 2023 SP7 ) and rarely baffled these days....but unless I am missing the obvious I cannot find a solution. I would be very grat eful for any comments... ...So after I've reviewed the settings of both component and container classes. All visible. Still, none of the wall types on layer 0-Ground Proposed A show their components or the hatches of those components in wireframe rending. They do render normally in Top view. In Top/Plan the components can be seen using the clip cube... ...I imported a wall with the same hatches from another file which also fails to show in this one. So it's a file problem as far as I can see. Both files are in fact started out from my primary template. So maybe copying is an issue. Thank you in anticipation. 231017 289_02.vwx
  12. From these posts I know I am adding to the expertise of piping maestros! In my simple domestic projects I have drawn, for example, sanitary piping layouts in the annotation layer of view ports. Or sometimes on a design layer. In the MEP toolset the piping tool does still seem to be diagrammatic one (vwx 2023 SP5). So in the next project I shall draw sanitary pipework in 3d using the duct tool set to round.
  13. I have worked through VirtualEnvirons ' s tutorial Pulley Wheel. I recommend it highly. And learned a lot from it. Really excellent. Thank you!
  14. I drew four sections each from its own section line. The section lines were joined at angles on plan different to 90deg so that they cut through the buildings on my block site model orthogonally (buildngs not orthogonal relative to eachother). I also drew a simple horizontal "reference datum extrude" across the entire model to enable each viewport to be easily aligned in elevation. That extrude's class is later set invisible in VP's, obviously. I drew a polygon from the section lines and pasted that into one of VP's annotations plane to help align them horizontally. Again set invisible afterwards. The model is accurate enough to render with conviction in, say , an aerial view. But messy in the sections. So the final composite of four VPs will rely on 2D graphics in annotations, with the messy graphics set invisible. ....so yes I am also waiting for a tool which draws a polygonal section line then creates one Section-VP. I'd be happy with just the information along the line. With no view of objects beyond or behind the cut plane. But that's because I seldom design buidlings without orthogonal plans. And the composite VP I have just made is of a simple site block model.
  15. Thank you virtualenvirons....insightful. I will report back.
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