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  1. Question, If I have a collection of objects I want to incrementally adjust the angle to. is there a function that will do that? I tried to search but couldn't figure out the write nomenclature to make the answer come up.
  2. My resource manager has disappeared when I pivot to multiple screens. It is not visable on any of the screens. Now technically I have a workaround where I can shift to one screen, attach the Resource manager to the main window and then reconnect the monitor. Is there another way to make the resource manager pivot to a stock location on the screen? I have tried: - Moving the window - turning the manager palette off and on again - Looking frantically around Are there any other potential ways to bring it back other than unplugging and replugging my external monitor in?
  3. I appreciate everyone's thoughts. There are definitely some workarounds. Thanks for clarifying that I wasn't missing anything simple. I had thought it was possible but so it goes. I was hoping that I could use it to quickly represent different class representations as on the screen without having to create a specific clip of each and apply it. No worries though. You all have been very helpful
  4. Is it possible to link a renderworks camera view to a tv monitor?
  5. That is exactly what I needed. Could not think of the name. Thank you.
  6. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to bisect a 3d model to take out 1 wall while I work on the interior. I don't want to give the wall a different class from the rest atm but know that is one way I can. I'm working in shaded so I can see the color and room composition but sometime want to zoom back and then get stuck behind the wall. Is there a way to cut a model but not just viewport it? so I can look in and keep working on it and then restore the cut pieces? Or alternatively if I want to do an isometric view of a room with the wall off. Will try to clarify if it doesn't make sense.
  7. @Conrad Preen Worksheet report didn't update data upstream unless there is an extra step.
  8. This has been likely asked but I couldn't figure out how to search for it. I'm in a situation where across multiple devices I need to change a large number of sockets to have a new label. Is there an efficient way to do this either a find and replace from selection, or a data entry worksheet view where I would be able to change the labels on multiple sockets at once and see the change in my drawing take effect?
  9. Curious if I was missing anything in the imports that would allow it. So far no luck.
  10. Is there a known way to import an Adobe Dimension files directly into vectorworks?
  11. Hey all, I have been transitioning to a new device and pulling up a file my computer has been jumping to actively using 21 gigs of ram alongside my graphics card usage. This is me sitting in plan view on a file. Anyone know why the program would be pulling that much horsepower while just sitting? It seems like it would only go to like 16 gig since thats the recommended spec so trying to understand if there are settings or something weird that might be causing it to use so much.
  12. Using the walkthrough tool in gamer mode with multiple screens if I try to rotate my view the mouse immediately jumps to a different display monitor and I cannot rotate my view. I can still effectively use the look around tool in conjunction with the gamer tool but it does seem to be bugged to not function even in the most simple drawings. I have tested on both mac and windows to the same effect. Is there a fix or is this just a bug?
  13. I had to force quit with the pinwheel of doom. So I'm not seeing crash logs just system wakups and cpu resource.diag . But I cant wait over 15 minutes to change text, it just isn't feasible in a workflow so I had to force quit and redo stuff. Additionally theres been a slow down just clicking on different tabs causes like a 5-10 second pause. Just little things that feels like as the program keeps getting more "functionality" it loses its base efficiency.
  14. Question, I have had multiple cases where changing fonts, styles, and size of text has caused the program to simply crash. Is there any possible way to stop a process when you get the pinwheel of doom during something other than rendering? Just a stop process command?
  15. I am looking to purchase an improved computer in regards to performance doing large file renderings. I am curious what people would consider the ideal specs on both Mac and Windows. Stipulations is it would need to still be a laptop device as it needs to go on site to different locations at times but otherwise curious as to what I should prioritize. CPU vs Graphics cards and so on. Any thoughts or help is appreciated.
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