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    @Marissa Farrell I will look at options. I cannot directly share the file due to an NDA but I could show some independent pieces when I have a moment.
  2. Dendecko


    Update, service pack seems to have helped in some respects however I did make a new sheet and put together sets of viewports on it. Shortly afterwords every action in vectorworks took about 3-5 second delay. Had to restart vectorworks, then worked fine for an hour or so. Need to do more testing but it appears the issue is still alive. Edit - continued working, tasks that have also been oddly slow adding surfaces if over 9000 polygons, under takes like 5 seconds tops, 9000+ took 5 minutes selecting large numbers of objects converting copy to polygons takes 1-5 minutes from mesh objects takes like 5 minutes.
  3. Dendecko


    I have not. Downloading now to test.
  4. Dendecko


    Vectorworks 2019 has been freezing for 1 to 5+ minutes at irregular intervals. The cause is pretty random. Today I have been tracking between 2 different files I working in. - froze while undoing a rotate left - froze while creating a viewport of a front view - froze while making a section view (10 minutes ish) - froze while converting a set of polygons to a group - froze while rendering an open GL - froze while trying to scroll an open GL - froze when zooming in and out on annotations of viewports (during each scroll each other viewport rerendered. Whenever it is really bad I restart vectorworks and it functions fine for an hour or so and then triggers again. My settings are set low quality for rendering and I have been working in wireframe except for when otherwise specified. One file I'm working in is very large and the other is fairly small however I am freezing in both documents roughly the same amount. Do people know what settings might cause this or if it is an issue with vectorworks 2019? Needless to say I didn't have this issue with 2018 so I'm trying to figure out why this might be happening since it significantly increases amount of time necessary to accomplish tasks.
  5. I have a complicated logo in Adobe Illustrator. I'm trying to transfer the logo to vectorworks in order to create a layout for a neon sign to be created from it, I would like to extrude it to create multiple views of the sign. So far every time I import It is converted to 100 someodd objects that many of which cannot be extruded due to intersecting lines. Now going in and editing each problematic line is an option but would be very time consuming. Additionally I have tried extruding within adobe illustrator but when I export it no long has its 3d information and I am left with just polylines. Does anyone know of a method for me to bring either the extruded adobe version or how I can extrude without editing each individual polyline? Other possible methods of accomplishing this? I have about 30 of these to do and the timeline would be near insurmountable to edit lines 3000+ times. Thanks Turtle.vwx
  6. I have had this issue on an irregular basis. I am in one tab with multiple documents open, I click on the second tab and my view adjusts to the 2nd documents view however I cannot do anything at this point. All assets in navigation and object info remain in 1st documents views. I cannot navigate anywhere within 2nd document. Additionally cannot save 2nd document unless 1st document is closed. Are there any known fixes to this issue or work arounds so I can still have 2 documents open to work between without closing and restarting vectorworks?
  7. @Mike Wright This did work. You were right, I lost all of the component control and so it became just cutting a hole in an extrude which did work. Guess I'm just wishing I could keep it as a plug and do this kind of an adjustment.
  8. Kept trying things. Section solids through the plug made the hole but it then changed the qualities of all of the legs so they are no longer hollow but now are solid and changed the color/removed the texture on the object.
  9. I have a Stage plug built that I need to put a turntable inside. Is it possible to put a hole inside of a stage plug from the stage plug tool? I have placed the cutouts in the 2d components and made it part of the polyline path but neither placed holes in the 3d view of the plug. I also tried to create a solid subtraction with a cylinder to create the hole to no avail. Does anyone know if this is possible?


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