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  1. Thanks for your help...I knew it was something simple.
  2. I just started using the spaces tool. Can you move the space label within the room or does it have to be centered at all times? I have seen the option for a leader if the space label goes outside the room, but everytime I try to move the space label the whole space boundary tries to move. I know this is something simple, anyone else have this problem on VW2013 where they can't move the space label within or to the outside of the space?
  3. I just started using the walls and doors command and I am trying to set up the reflected ceiling plan. I understand that you are to turn off the sills class and turn on the ceiling main class to begin the rcp. But when I do that the door frame is still visible. The door swing goes away when I hide the sills class but the frame remains. I went through all the class visibilities tied to the door and none of them appear to control the frame visibility in top/plan mode. Is their a way to turn off the frame (without turning the door class off because then the ceiling main class also disappears) so that when I have the ceiling main class turned on all I see are wall lines over the opening? Mike
  4. I have a sheet layer setup with a viewport of my floor plan. I would like to add some details to the sheet that will go above the floor plan. These details will be drawn in 2d at various scales. What is the best way to approach this? Should I create a class and a layer for each detail scale and then create a viewport of each detail? I realized I can't just 'draw' the detail on the sheet layer because the sheet layer is at 1:1. So is the only option I have is to create a viewport of the detail and add the viewport to the sheet layer? This seems like it is a very complicated way to get the result I am looking for. Has anyone found a better way to setup a sheet similar to the one I am describing? Thanks!
  5. Whenever I place a window in a wall, it always centers the window. Is there a way to move the centerline of the window? In the file I uploaded you can see that the window is centered. I would like the first dimension to be 2" instead of 4". How do you do this? If anyone can help me out that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if you can create tapered walls in VW? Or can you create walls from a polygon? I know you can create walls around a polygon, but can you turn a polygon or an extruded polygon into a wall? I am working on a project with some odd shaped existing walls and I can't figure out a way to create a few of the walls without creating a polygon and extruding it. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I am using VW 2013


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