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  1. anyone else notice the paint drying faster than it takes a section to render in 2018? Throw this on the bus along with the 14-15 seconds it takes for window or door PIO menus to load in some files. UGH
  2. this happened to me a few versions back. I torn out the custom stair, saved the file, reinserted a new one and I think it fixed it. The regular stair tool sucks but you may end up having to use it. Custom stair is a legacy tool that is skittish. go vote for a stair tool that is as good as archicads...
  3. its made it impossible to work.
  4. have tried all three settings (graphics) in preferences and get the same behavior. This should not be happening with a graphics card built to handle 4 4K displays on a mac pro. I'm just on a 27" apple display.
  5. am having the same issue.
  6. All the time. This is a persistent pattern year in year out that one suspects stems from the aggressive release cycle that was handed down from the mother ship. The program used to be on an 18 month release cycle. I think it was more stable then, but my memory is going. Usually it takes SP2 to get it where you are not losing thousands of dollars in unbillable time. I should know better to not adopt a new release until then. Seems like it would be better to release when its stable, than suffer one's reputation. Does not bode well for future sales or market share.
  7. More problems. Views vaporize, layers disappear from saved views (says they're on) zoom has gone haywire. This is increasingly frustrating and it's costing me money. sound familiar? I'm completely unimpressed with stability. Again.
  8. Hey Zoomer: You forgot to mention the miserable stair tool in the list of essential and needed upgrades! I agree with your post though. I've been trying to use 2018 and have to go back to 2017. It's unstable which is a bummer.
  9. 2018 (w sp1) blowing up left and right, or should I say vaporizing. First began with file lockups, now it just disappears. This is what I get for trying to carry converted 2017 files forward and I should know better. There's a long-term pattern: new versions don't like old versions. period. Does make one wonder why pay for the service select auto upgrade until you get a project you can start from scratch with. I'm a one-man band, but I can't imagine what real offices have to contend with when facing this issue. Me thinks that despite claims to the contrary, there are parts of the OS that all versions access so may be time to clean house, or rob a bank and buy a new computer every time there's an upgrade... Otherwise why would I see the same behavior in version after version (like in how excruciatingly long it can take window or door menus to open in a converted file). Everytime I submit a problematic file to the nice folks in tech support, they can never find anything wrong with it which would seem to indicate there's something wrong with my mac pro despite my best efforts to put it on steriods and keep it clean. Back to 2017. ugh.
  10. Here's another one. This took about two days, a ton of trial and error, and generous support of folks on these boards. But wait, it appears the Archicad interface could do this in 5-10 minutes. If a new tool is designed for stairs, its not a big leap to create the same interface for ramps which would be of enourmous benefit to Landscape and Scene Designers.
  11. The old (more flexible) custom stair tool is unstable in the current versions, so game over. I've had way too many recent projects corrupted and now have to bang my head against the wall with the inflexible current tool: crappy graphics, bad interface, 37 different places to control one variable, buried sub menus, mind bending options (am I on run 1 or run 2? wait is that from the bottom or the top? Wait, I had to mirror the stair, so now where do I control that offset?).
  12. I don't want a tread and riser on the landing. Alas, this tool won't do that but the old custom stair tool did...
  13. I cant take it anymore. The current stair tool SUCKS. The feedback from the some of the wonderful staff at the summit last week is that there is agreement in the ranks that it needs to be addressed. The users have been complaining about it for years. The interface is entirely too complex, lacks functionality; its highly inflexible. We have three of them. The old custom stair tool worked well, unfortunately as a legacy tool, it will corrupt your files. Please let me know who in the food chain is responsible for this decision. The company does a good job at responding to its user base except for this one function which is critical to architects and landscape architects. The Archicad stair tool (if it does what the marketing video claims) makes the Vectorworks stair tool look juvenile. For example, the Archicad technology completed in maybe 20 minutes what took me a half a day to build with Vectorworks for a similar stair and ramp. What's hard to believe is that with all of the focus on advancing technology and functionality, especially with BIM capability, that this tool languishes. The tool needs to be a priorty for the next version, not two or three versions from now.
  14. My experience has been that the custom stair tool no longer really works. Its a legacy tool that when I have attempted to use it in the last two versions, I had similar experiences as well as the file basically corrupting until I removed the custom stair, then replaced it with the less than useful, too complex, impossible to understand interface of a stair tool. Now we have another version with lots of bells and whistles while this essential tool languishes in an almost unusable state. For example, I tried to build a stair with a landing at the bottom (allowed in the UBC and IRC) and it won't do it unless there are two risers. Easy to pull off with the old custom stair, impossible with the current stair module. UGH.
  15. Being perpetually brain dead, did not realize you could do a design layer section viewport. Assuming you are suggesting using a RW camera for the sheet layer viewport to look at the section viewport? Will give it a whirl. If I can master that, might try to do one with camera match. Several examples out there with a photo overlayed by a 2-D section detail. thanks andy. -J