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  1. jnr

    2019 SP1 is FUBAR

    More than a bit frustrating. We're all losing billable time which is our income at stake. Even if its a hardware video issue, I can't upgrade my mac because the software won't run on the new OS. SNAFU.
  2. jnr

    How do I revert to VW2019 SP-zero?

    I'm going back too. Problems galore with SP1. Really really slow graphics, 0 was faster. Walls disappearing in plan but show up in 3-D, walls disconnecting. Now restarting about once an hour. WTF
  3. jnr

    2019 SP1 is FUBAR

    So like a fool, I updated my glitchy crashy 2019 release to SP1 thinking it would solve slowness, lousy video, and other erratic behavior. Silly me. Now undos don't work correctly especially if undo-ing thru a group. Rotated saved views now don't rotate all layers (which they did just fine before SP1), only rotates a design viewport. Again, all worked before SP1. Like other posts seeing weird erratic wall behavior. Again, not an issue before SP1. God forbid one use the space tool. Navigating, modifying etc is like watching paint dry. Oh, and the viewports going black and dying cause they cant process indirect lighting--still not fixed. SOMEBODY MAKE THIS STOP. We're getting really tired of broken, SLOW software. Seriously considering switching after all these years. Can't keep losing billable time.
  4. jnr

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    It was slower with the intial release, now even slower with the service pack. Undo command is FUBAR as well. Walls are glitchy. Does anyone at the company not test anything before the foist this on us?
  5. jnr

    wall measles

    yep. Can't post it on the forum but could send it to you.
  6. jnr

    wall measles

    It was the wood frame component. Had to go in and switch the compnent line from solid to a line type or pattern and back to solid to make it disappear. This is a BUG.
  7. jnr

    wall measles

    It does look like the fence line. Problem is I never changed the line type and it was an off the shelf wall style that worked just fine in 2018. The component line styles of the gyp and the wood framing are all set to solid. WTF? It appears to be directional showing up on the left side of the frame or gyp.
  8. jnr

    wall measles

    Anybody else seen this one? 2018 file converted to 2019. Only happens in a detail viewport. Looks like the gyp bd developed measles 16" o.c. Left edge of wall only.
  9. jnr

    section line tool oddity

    Thanks Jim. To some exterior elevations I added section references of existing section viewports (that are noted on the plan as advertised) which is when the red link shows up. I don't suppose there's a way to display the section references on the plan and the elevations automatically (referencing the same section viewport)? -J
  10. Anyone seen this before? 2019 section line (just using as a graphic in annotations-not creating a section viewport). Comes with a funky little red hot dog squeezed by a rubber band. Did I miss something?
  11. jnr

    Render Bitmap Blackout

    I was sort of forced to migrate to 2019 because the screen redraw in 2018 was so crappy and slow that I was unable to work on a large project. The "black window of death" as best I can tell is a fuction of how the software is using the graphics card. In 2019 if I do a bunch of rerendering of viewports (sections in particular) then go back to render a perspective with custom renderworks, it bombs out processing indirect lighting, then renders the scene, which of course is black. A 3GB graphics card and 64 mb of RAM should be enough to handle this. In other news, while moving around (zooming, panning etc) has improved in 2019, sheet graphics have gone haywire in converted files. Section viewports are particularly buggy. Today's headlines are that even the design layers have now lost their mind (classes rotated, layers showing up where there are turned off, etc). Saving, restarting vectorworks 5-6 times a day is BS. What I want to know is after years of this crap, why the company is still unable and I suspect, unwilling to change its business model to give the engineers time to kick the tires a lot harder before foisting this on us. The hell bent race to push out the latest bling is not what the majority of users want. They are not listening. Post after post is a demand for STABILITY. Improve what's there but make sure it works. UGH
  12. jnr

    Render Bitmap Blackout

    Its happening to me in both 2018 and 2019.
  13. jnr

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    Hey don, you think this is bad, do you remember version 9? I think it was worse! That said, this one is pretty bad. Weird crap happening to me with graphics all over the place. Detail viewports fubar, zooming in and out items in annotations appear/disappear. Time to regen viewports is waaay slower, sheet views go haywire after about an hour (restart, restart, restart). So much for improved graphics...And oh yeah, can't forget the random vaporzing crashings.. All users should demand a free upgrade (which works) as a small token for the abject loss of revenue we all suffer because the company cannot seem to get its act together when it comes to STABILTY. This 12 month developement cycle is STUPID. It seems to take 11 months to get a release stable to then only open pandora's box all over again. All users need to get out their pitchforks, or maybe we need to switch programs...
  14. jnr

    2019 where I left off

    have not, but then again bug submit is no longer obvious so can't figure out how to do that anymore.
  15. jnr

    2019 where I left off

    yes. changes save just fine. what doesn't change is the view where I left off. In this case say I go in and work on design layers save the work and close, then reopen the file and it puts me back where I started on a sheet layer view. It's a bug.


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