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  1. jnr

    modify proposed contour oddity

    Rowbear, why am I not surprised? Once the project settles down a little, I'll go in and set the contours a mano. ugh. Am also unable to select a site modifier in 3d, having to toggle back to plan before I can select it. It's a PIA. Didn't used to happen in 2018. 2019 has turned out to be a glitch-fest. Get all sorts of weird graphics behavior with rotated plans, viewports, image effects etc. And this is with a 16gb graphics card. It ain't the hardware.
  2. Rendered (3D) viewport of a referenced site model with a design viewport of the building. Reference updated of site model file. Viewport re-renders with changes as expected but with image effects turned on, the viewport displays the old non-updated referenced file. Turn off effects and the viewport displays properly. Is this a bug or just a reason to never apply image effects?
  3. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Am able to right click, and modify proposed site contours in a model except one of them keeps reverting back to its original state after moving or deleting vertices. the misbehaving contour is very close to a pad modifier. Any one else had this?
  4. jnr

    segments in roadways?

    Tony: Thanks. That did it. The DTM is referenced and I had to turn off the Modifier class. But I only know enough about DTM and site modeling to be dangerous. The whole roadway tool set I find cumbersome and I spend way too much time screwing around with it. I wish it were more intuitive. Fortunately this is schematic and will get back to modifying the site down the road. The send to surface tool, while convienent, lacks flexibility and could be improved. Maybe I'm going about it wrong but would be nice if I could send a roadway to the surface and have it form to the DTM, where I could then tweak it , rather than it show up as a flat plane that the stations then have to be manipulated.
  5. jnr

    segments in roadways?

    Anyone ever seen this? If so, how to get rid of the red lines? thx -J
  6. Yup, similar issues on this side of the " pond", Roof slabs randomly going transparent (reapplying the texture gets it back), undos not returning geometry (walls, shapes etc) to its original state, curtain walls SAS. I've been recommending to friends and firms I consult with to run the other way from 2019. Ugh. Should we all start invoicing NNA for our lost billable time?
  7. jnr

    What is wrong with Vectorworks 2019

    Happening to me on a native 2019 file but not 2018 converted files. SP 1.1. Some operations taking a minute to process. Walls, (forget curtainwall that takes five minutes), slabs, zooms, take your pick. Crickets chirping at tech support. High Sierra. save every 40 operations. WTF.
  8. jnr

    2019 SP1 is FUBAR

    Martin: Seeing similar behavior. Crashing and not saving changes since the last open. Fortunately I haven't lost too much each time. Behavior varies depending on whether its a converted 2018 or a fresh 2019 file. Oddly, the converted files (with all their problems) are more stable than the native 2019 files. Reliability is clearly a major problem for this program and recent corporate efforts in my opinion, have not been successful. As evidenced by 2019, its gotten worse, not better. ugh.
  9. Other programs (like everything Adobe), in a dual monitor environment, open where you last closed the program window. Now with the ability to split screen and drag windows around in Vectorworks, its time the program work like eveyone else's. Everyday I open, and drag the vectorworks window to my second monitor. Its irritating....
  10. jnr

    2019 SP1 is FUBAR

    More than a bit frustrating. We're all losing billable time which is our income at stake. Even if its a hardware video issue, I can't upgrade my mac because the software won't run on the new OS. SNAFU.
  11. jnr

    How do I revert to VW2019 SP-zero?

    I'm going back too. Problems galore with SP1. Really really slow graphics, 0 was faster. Walls disappearing in plan but show up in 3-D, walls disconnecting. Now restarting about once an hour. WTF
  12. jnr

    2019 SP1 is FUBAR

    So like a fool, I updated my glitchy crashy 2019 release to SP1 thinking it would solve slowness, lousy video, and other erratic behavior. Silly me. Now undos don't work correctly especially if undo-ing thru a group. Rotated saved views now don't rotate all layers (which they did just fine before SP1), only rotates a design viewport. Again, all worked before SP1. Like other posts seeing weird erratic wall behavior. Again, not an issue before SP1. God forbid one use the space tool. Navigating, modifying etc is like watching paint dry. Oh, and the viewports going black and dying cause they cant process indirect lighting--still not fixed. SOMEBODY MAKE THIS STOP. We're getting really tired of broken, SLOW software. Seriously considering switching after all these years. Can't keep losing billable time.
  13. jnr

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    It was slower with the intial release, now even slower with the service pack. Undo command is FUBAR as well. Walls are glitchy. Does anyone at the company not test anything before the foist this on us?
  14. jnr

    wall measles

    yep. Can't post it on the forum but could send it to you.
  15. jnr

    wall measles

    It was the wood frame component. Had to go in and switch the compnent line from solid to a line type or pattern and back to solid to make it disappear. This is a BUG.


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