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  1. Yeah I know its way overpriced. There are others out there that might offer similar compression for a lot less, I just haven't taken the time to stop drinking the Adobe Kool-aid. Since I'm using Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom, Bridge, and Acrobat, I'm forking over the monthly subscription (ugh). I do use other features in Acrobat. I frequently have images in my document sets so my situation is a little different I suppose. I'm with you though, so not impressed with 2020 so far. Reminds me of Jaguar in the late 70's. Looks great, fast when it works, but alas, most of the time in the shop, broken.
  2. K: Not sure if it helps but I always reduce PDF file size in Acrobat as part of my workflow. It's tedious I suppose, but does a good job of hacking down file size. I've got it set where exports from Vectorworks automatically open in Acrobat when created, then file/save as other/reduce size PDF. And it doesn't matter how the PDF is created in Vectorworks, they show up as the same file size for me.
  3. K: These days 4gb vram is barely enough. I'm running 16 but 8 should do it. I'm also running 32GB of RAM in an effort to future proof the hardware a little. 2020 like others before it, won't be stable until SP2 (and sometimes 3). As functionality goes, unfortunately 2020 is mostly window dressing. There are numerous features and user requests that got ignored. I've stuck with 2019 for now simply because I don't trust 2020. Too many time-sucking issues to overcome... Sorry I don't really have anything concrete to offer, but you have my sympathies.
  4. jnr

    Door/window texture - 2020

    same here. converted 2019 file. textures on doors and louvers don't work in 2020. Renders 2020 software unusable. still. I may just go to paying for an upgrade of the previous year's version when a new version comes out. No sense in owning software that is so full of holes and unstable. The beta testing efforts clearly are not working. This is basic stuff that ought to be caught before being foisted on us.
  5. jnr

    Notes Manager VW2020

    Cberg: Thanks for the clarification. Does this mean that the 2019 simple Notes Manger: Callout menu (for non-database notes) has gone away in 2020? (Am trying to determine if my 2020 install is corrupted or not)
  6. jnr

    Notes Manager VW2020

    In 2019 if "Get Text from Database" is unchecked, the Notes manager Callout menu appears (see screen shot above)and I can just enter a note without it being in a database.In 2020/Callout preferences, check or uncheck "Get Text from Database" appears to have no affect, the same Edit Callout menu appears (and setting the Database to "none", the text does not become part of a database). Am I supposed to be seeing the same menu from 2019 in 2020 for non-database callouts (Notes manager Callout menu)? Am I just confused that the menu interface has changed between 2019 and 2020? If so why is this not noted in the literature or new features or did I miss something?
  7. jnr

    Notes Manager VW2020

    Hugues: Does my profile not show up? Designer 2019 + 2020, iMac pro on Mojave 10.14.6 callout test 2019.vwx callout test 2020.vwx
  8. jnr

    Notes Manager VW2020

    Thanks for the suggestion. Running out the door but will do so when I get back.
  9. jnr

    Notes Manager VW2020

    I hate reinstalling software (If your going to sell us on ease of migration, then shouldn't it work?). Will try blowing out the plists/librariesand see if that helps. Tech support has become a black hole. No interest in helping. As best I can tell all the good people have left.. Not sure why I pay for Service Select...
  10. 2019: blank file, callout tool/callout preferences/text options uncheck Get Text from Database, notes manager: callout opens. Custom text for that note can be added. Works as advertised. 2020: blank file, callout tool/callout preferences/text options uncheck Get Text from Database, Callout with Database opens. Only option for custom text is to add it to a database. Notes manager for custom text DOES NOT APPEAR. In other words check or uncheck Get Text from Database has no affect. Reported earlier, but this appears to still be broken in SP1 Cannot use 2020 as this is a critical tool for my workflow. Have tried different workspaces, blank files, existing files. No difference.
  11. jnr

    Notes Manager VW2020

    SP1 still broken. wear me out. Callout tool/ Callout preferences is text from database only, no matter if the text options box is checked or not. DOES NOT WORK. New file, old file doesn't matter. This is critical to my work flow and renders 2020 USELESS.
  12. jnr

    Image props not visible in Top View

    MD: I tend to create hybrid symbols for trees. A plan form in 2D, and an image prop in 3D. Also helps keep file sizes from bloating and makes it easy to swap out species easily if you have to. VB Visuals are geometry and can inflate a file size in a get-go. But again making them a symbol will help keep it manageable. Hope that helps.
  13. jnr

    stair tool 2020?

    J+Z: They really should be embarrassed. Viewports, callout tools, and something as basic as the stair tool, etc. all broken right out of the gates? Does anyone other than a software engineer bother to test the software before it's released?
  14. Same here. w/2020 but slightly different. I uncheck "get text from database" to just add a note with the callout tool, but lo and behold, the "callout" database menu shows up (not suppose to), whereas previous versions "notes manager: Callout" menu shows up and you just add your text to you callout. This is broken and yes renders the program useless if adding notes to drawings are part of your work flow (100% of architects and landscape architects). Agree with others that the quality control for new versions frankly sucks. If this were an automobile manufacturer, the company would be out of business.
  15. jnr

    Best Small Plotter?

    I have an HP T520 36" that has performed quite well. Also not small but anything that will print D is going to have some size. Plug n play on a Mac, easy to print sheet stock (smaller sizes). Not terribly expensive and Amazon will drop it at your door. Ink readily available. You do have to take care of these things and I'm lucky I have a good HP tech who services nothing but large format machines.


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