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  1. I changed mine too. thanks fabrica! three versions of the software in my dock, can't tell them apart. they used to change the icon from year to year. Suppose wouldn't have to do this if the official software releases were not basically beta versions that are so unstable, you can't just start using them....oops
  2. You can experiment with more compression in the Publish command to see what you get. Acrobat DC on its own is 15 bucks a month and should work across all your devices. I use it on my iPad as well as desktop. In the grand scheme of things, that yeah while I don't like having to drink the kool-aid, I guess you have to ask is if it saves you time and pain, is it worth it. I think you can also buy a non subscription version for $350. I use it all the time so its worth it to me. Its the nickel chasing a dollar thing. All that said the compression algorithms that were added by NNA were supposed to supplant this extra step. Best to play around with it before you decide. Adobe will do a 7 day trial I think.
  3. Dennis: Are you printing to PDF via the Publish command? You should be able to crush a PDF sheet reasonably well. If meant for viewing digitally, you can drop the DPI to 72 (I usually use 100), downsample images above say 300 dpi, and use a high compression. Alternatively, I've gotten in the habit of exporting using a medium compression, then compressing the PDF in acrobat (yeah drinking the adobe kool-aid). Works pretty well. I was able to drop your 20mb file to 1.8MB with Acrobat alone. Yeah its an extra step but acrobat does a better job in my experience. I'm sure there are others PDF options out there that don't require 50 + bucks a month subscription. Hope that helps -J Study A 09-13-2021.pdf
  4. try switching to the custom stair tool buried in the legacy folder in the workspace editor. The stair tool sucks. It lacks flexibility and the interface is stupid. you can't get rid of the two treads beyond the winders with it. just be aware the custom stair can be a little glitchy since the code has not been updated. works most of the time however.
  5. Iskra: Thanks for looking at this. As usual probably operator failure. Choose temp storage and sharable link grays out (but is on) and it works as advertised. if choosing Vectorworks or in my case, dropbox as storage options, sharable link is an active option. choosing local storage, link not an option. Is this how its supposed to work? I initially got some glitchy behavior with the menu as I don't think cloud services fired right away. but then it kicked on and the menu performed as advertised. weird. -J
  6. It used to automatically open a follow up menu giving me options for QR codes, link etc. No longer happens. I was able to go to cloud.vectorworks.net and find the file however the clip cube is fubar and as usual with walk thru walls turned on the view gets stuck in the wall. Why is this thing so fickle?
  7. tried blank file with 4 simple walls. no go. something wrong in my setup I guess.
  8. Anyone else having issues with export to web view ? have a very simple model (updated from an older version), runs thru the export/save location, appears to build the .vgx then nothing. window that normally shows up where you can copy a link for a web view doesn't show up. Tried switching to a non-customized workspace but does help. upgraded to cloud services 9.0 but no go. restarted 2021 sp 3.1 .nada. thoughts?
  9. would be nice if they would mention that... now to dig thru workspace editor...
  10. zoomer: I'm probably blind but Where can I find the Datasmith export in 2021. Not seeing it in the export menu or I'm an idiot.
  11. So lots of hoopla in SP3 about 2021 talking to Twinmotion. Not a lot of experience with this but last I did this, it was export FBX from V which Twinmotion would read. Datasmith seems to be for Unreal engine, windows only and not for Twinmotion. Native .vwx import not an option in Twinmotion 2020.2 or for that matter unreal engine if one believes their web site. I know I'm missing a lot, but it would appear nothing has changed. Can someone elaborate or point me in a direction? thx -j
  12. C --I agree that interactive editing and geometry is ideal, but when? Users have been screaming for years and Vectorworks' Nemetschek sister, Archicad, has had this for what, two years? WTF. As noted, users will take stability, interoperability (its and Autodesk world), and existing tool improvement over the next Bling. Year after year of marginalizing three important tools (doors, windows, stairs) for a major part of your user base, feels like lip service by NNA with no change in course or direction, transparency or not. It's a bad business decision.
  13. Hey Christiaan: Can we throw the piece of garbage that is the stair tool on the heaping mound of essential but neglected tools that never gets improved? I just looked at the roadmap. "in development"? Give me a break. It needs to be a priority. Competing CAD software is leaving this company in the dust for such an essential tool. At this rate another 10 years before it ever gets fixed/revamped. Wear me out.
  14. Dom C Thanks for the thorough response. My observation still stands and is part of a larger issue with the software. This feature works as advertised in 2020 without any complicated or additional steps, but in my world, it's broken in 2021. Why take away what already works? While innovation is critical for growth in this industry, the balance between stable, functional software and new bling, is out of balance. NNA is not alone (one only need to read up on Revit woes). Users have been screaming for years for stability and good functionality (witness the piece of crap that is the stair tool) and doesn't take 6-9 months of crashes and bug submittals before we can trust that it won't blow up. This needs to be fixed.
  15. So tested this in 2020. PDFs align/distribute just fine. It doesn't work in 2021. It's a BUG.
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