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  1. So tried to export a couple of files with the clip cube turned on as advertised. I get windows outside of the clip cube showing up along with triangulation of the cut plan to adjacent windows instead of a clean cut. The windows are symbols both inside and outside of the clip cube. Cuts thru walls are not along the clipping plane. In sum, unless I'm missing something, this really doesn't work.
  2. jnr

    DTM > Site Model directly?

    This is weird. Stumbling upon other users who are also doing work in the County. Had no idea you guys were out there. Even better, with excellent advice on how to battle thru DTM creation using county gis data. Nice DTM rowbear.
  3. jnr

    SP 3 bug?

    My bad. Looks like an issue with my fancy Dell 4k monitor that's a second monitor. Vectorworks on the old 27" thunderbolt monitor sitting next to it seems to behave. Sounds like the allegation that the mac pro graphics card can't handle it may be true.
  4. jnr

    SP 3 bug?

    So updated to high sierra, then updated to SP3. Now my mouse is sluggish within Vectorworks. Zippy on the desktop or in other apps. Use steermouse for acceleration which has worked fine with previous service packs. It kind of like wack a mole, fix one problem, another one pops up....
  5. jnr

    export webview opinions

    K: Thanks. that looks cool and simple. -J
  6. jnr

    export webview opinions

    K: Thanks for the heads up on stuck in the wall problem. Would be nice if that tip were more visible to new users. What's the website moment 360? -J
  7. Does anyone else thing the export to 3D wb view blows? Navigation is counter intuitive and weird, even if you turn on walk thru walls, the view gets stuck in the wall and so on. Have been all set to send models to clients but can't because I can't get it to work. I have my cloud services account linked to my dropbox and if I try to export it tells me I need to log in, eventhough I already am. The whole thing seems half baked and has not had any improvement over 2017. Interested in augmented reality capablity but don't own an Ipad pro yet. leaves me a little gun shy if I spend $1200 on a pad to then not be able to sell the design to clients if its also half baked.
  8. Its a mac OS to Vectorworks issue. Jim Wilson is aware of it. Posting here to get it on the list. Palette postion is internal to the software and only affects stuff within the application, not the position of the application window on the OS desktop unfortuately. As noted, my Adobe products don't do this. They remember where they are supposed to be.
  9. Two monitors, vectorworks always opens on the home monitor, then have to move it to second monitor across a shared desktop every time it opens. Desktop has to be set this way otherwise pallettes reset to monitor vecotorworks is open on. open or close the application, and vectorworks defaults to home monitor. Highly irritating. Two monitors, any Adobe product. open, close, turn off computer, turn back on, Adobe product opens exactly where you left it.
  10. jnr

    Staircase Attributes

    JMR. go to the wishlist and vote. but look at this first:
  11. jnr

    railing /fence tool

    Agreed. They are both so cumbersome. Despite setting textures in 3d settings of a stair for treads and risers, the texture doesn't show up. To simply get a handrail on side of the stair to display correctly took me an hour. I had to make it a guardrail and turn off the posts. In my book that's called a handrail, which won't show up unless its on both sides of the stair. Hate to say it, but Archicad has one over on vectorworks on this one.
  12. jnr

    Staircase Attributes

    B: Just beware that with later versions, the custom stair which has been relegated to the legacy pile, will often corrupt especially with more complex buildings. In the meantime go check out the archicad stair tool and drool...
  13. jnr

    railing /fence tool

    I hate the stair tool. guardrails are defective, handrails show to the opposite side. WTF
  14. jnr

    railing /fence tool

    So looks like the same vendor made the fence/railing tool that made the current stair tool. Both are cumbersome, glitchy, uncessarily cumbersome, not scaleable and in general, crap. They're slow to open, entirely too complcated for 90% of what one needs. Forget customizing it. Guardrails drop out completely if you modify the wrong variable. What happened to the old dumb railing tool? Can't find it in the legacy set. Ugh.
  15. jnr

    clip cube sections as viewports?

    David: Thanks to you and Mark for the info/video. Yes it's a little tedious but at least it works. Hopefully there will be a more direct method in the future. -J