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  1. As hardware improves dramatically (M1 on both phone, tablet and desktop very soon) I see awesome apps that can do crazy stuff — just take a look at PhotoCatch. They upload extremely detailed scans to platforms like Sketchfab without all the 50k hardware others need to get the same results, hehe… 😇 I know of course we can ex/import them via obj and all, but why not raise the bar & have SketchFab as a (premium?) library in your Resource Manager? Cheers, JB
  2. Hi Marcel, thanks voor het compliment. 😎 This tiny house was built as graduation project within the study programme for Wood work enigineering (badly translated, but you can contact me via DM so I can explain more in detail I actually mean ‘Houttechniek’ by that). Groet, JB
  3. Going from Augmented Reality to Real Reality. Built by students as their graduation project. It will be used as a promotion tool on trade shows, etc. Other departments will create the tailor made furniture, upholstery and interior designs. The roof will have solar panels for small machinery like a 3D printer which will be used for making scale models of furniture and interior designs. Thought you might like this. IMG_5371.MP4
  4. Segments in OpenGL renders have to do with its prefs and segmentation quality, right? It’s not the source object that converts it to a 64 segments circle. If you select it rendered, that orange line will show the original object.
  5. Thanks, that’s what we do already: red 255/0/0 is cutting through, green 0/255/0 is rasterizing and blue 0/0/255 is engraving. But all lines need to be 0,025mm exactly. I tried what you suggested & entered 0,025 which was rounded to 0,03. Still the laser won’t accept it…
  6. Hi all, the discussion here is mostly dimensions being (too) accurate, but what if I want to have a @line-weight (pun intended) with more than 2 decimals? We have laser cutters here that DEMAND us to provide line thicknesses of EXACTLY 0,025mm. If I try this in VW it always ends up in 0,03mm - which is no good for the machine. Of course I can go back to using autocad or illustrator, but hey... Hope there is some hidden feature to automagically add that third digit to lines! Regards, JB HMC_LAB laser 600x300mm.vwx
  7. Can we please have the option to use the USDZ format to import 3D object scans? iOS is able to use lidar for the scanning of objects. Using apps like Photocatch gives my students in the very near future (as of iOS 15 & macOS 12) a lot of flexibility in importing objects they can’t find online. As an addition to importing USDZ, directly exporting files to the AR-standard USDZ will save time as well, since we now have to use Simlab et al for it…
  8. Not sure about your standards for ‘robust’ and ‘consistent’ yet, but you could take a look at their Cloud Services, web view export and the Nomad app for AR and VR projection here: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/products/
  9. In Preferences you can set the quality of presentations. Dont know the exact wording, but somewhere in the View tab you can change it from Best Quality to a setting with Good quality and more compatibility. Had good result when changing this setting with more complex drawings.
  10. Sorry, wrong wording, translated it from Dutch… I meant where you change Snap to Grid, Snap to Object, etc. I think I should have mentioned it as Constraints Palet…?
  11. Just a double check: in the Restriction Palet the Snap to Object option is selected? You can use the q-key to toggle. Maybe that happened by accident? Edit: never looked at the date of the TS post, issue probably solved in the meantime…
  12. They had an Open House, April 21st. Don’t know if that was a replacement to the Summit, but I sure had a good time. Missed the bbq, though…
  13. When importing you can assign line weights to classes, etc. All symbols will then remain, speeding up the file when loading/moving/editing.
  14. I read the TS post as a question how to convert images to real structures when exporting to stl, like using the bumping on a texture of a brique to actually print that in 3D. Not as the ability to print images on a model.
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