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  1. I agree, at the moment sticking with 2016 seems like the way forward at least for running projects, at least for now. Thanks everyone whose taken the time to confirm the issue and suggest workarounds. @JimW Could you log this as a bug please. Also what's the current (2016/2017) best practice on working to OS coordinates, this thread suggests a few options; user origin, draw far away from the internal origin, create a local coordinate system (keep track of offset external to VW). Thanks Tobias
  2. Thanks for confirming. Im not sure I quire follow your workaround. I have created a new reference from View > Create Viewport... and selecting the reference file as external source. The new viewport is created as expected at 530000000, 180000000 and snapping works correctly regardless of plan rotation. The reference is however very far form the internal origin and as I understand it this is not where you want to do your drawing (due limitations of floating point numbers). One option is to move the reference close to the internal origin however this brings back the snapping issues. The other option is to set the user origin in the master file to be the same as the reference bringing the viewport close to the internal origin with snapping intact. The use case I'm replicating is having a OS Map / Survey drawing in one file (reference in example) in the correct position to be able to give eastings and northings using the stake tool. The building would be drawn in a separate file (master in example) close to the internal origin and drawn orthogonally to x and y. The site file needs to be able to be referenced from the building file. I am relatively new to VW so maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Is it the case that all files used in a multi file project have to have the same user origin? Does the workflow I describe make sense or is there a different way I should go about it? Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same issue. It seems to be a combination of user origin set to a large distance and plan rotation that breaks snapping in 2017. I have attached a 2016 and 2017 version of the same file that works in 2016 (SP4 Build 315580 Mac 64-bit) but not in 2017 (Build 327801 Mac 64-bit) . In the file called reference the user origin is set to 530000000, 180000000 (central London in UK OS Coordinates in mm) objects are at an angle (assuming true north is +Y). This file is then referenced in to the file called master as a design layer viewport. In 2016 snapping works equally well if plan rotation is 0 or if its set to the rotation of the geometry. In 2017 the snapping works with 0 rotation but not otherwise. Hope anyone else is able to replicate this. Thanks, Tobias Master v2016.vwx Master v2017.vwx Reference v2016.vwx Reference v2017.vwx


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