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  1. Hi Related to the Marionette Command, which do not support PDFs on Screen-Plane: This Command uses the Technical speaking this is not ab bug in the script it is a limitation(or bug, sometimes it is not so clear) in the Move-Node, wich was not my idea 🙂 If you put your PDFs on Layer-Plane instead of Screen-Plane (which is hardly recommended) the PDFs will move. To have a working Script for Sheet-layers I provide a 2nd Version, that just move every Object as a 2D Object. Which can be used on Layouts. But maybe will fail on Design-Layers which some Object Types. I want to avoid making an own Version of the MoveNode. Regards DomC Background: Internally there are two commands to move Ojects. For some objects this is "vs.Move3DObj()" for other objects this is "vs.HMove()". As example you can't move a 3D Object with "vs.HMove()" and can't move a planar Object with "vs.Move3DObj()". The Standard-MoveNode (which the Script uses) has a function which sorts the Objects in "3D-movable" and "2D-movable" Objects. This Funktion is called "Marionette.Is2DObject()". And this function has the limitation, that not every object Type on every alignment combination(Screen-Plane, Layer-Plane ) is supported. However, I will commit a report related to the Move-Node. Viewports on screen-Plane and PDFs on Screen-Plane ( on Sheet-Layers we are on Screen-Plane) should be supported. Thanks you very much for reporting this! Further Details: The Function which sorts the Objects in "2D moveable and 3D moveable": def Is2DObject(h): t = vs.GetTypeN(h) result = (t >= 2 and t <= 6) or t == 8 or t == 10 or (t >= 12 and t <= 14) or t == 17 or t == 21 or t == 22 if t == 11: obj = vs.FInGroup(h) while ( obj != None ): if Is2DObject(obj): obj = vs.NextObj(obj) result = True else: result = False break return result The code say, that it is 2D if it matches any of the critieria after "result =". Else it will moved by 3D Command. As far as I can understand it. A PDF Page is Object Type "86" (PIO) which then will have the Value Is2DObject() == False. And the Node will try to move with 3D-Command which do not work. Also I think in older Versions of "Is2D" a group just will move with the 2D-move which maybe works in your Situation. Related to the Menu Command: I heared this is already reported and should be fixed in next SP.
  2. Version 0.0.9


    This Example shows a Marionette Object, which contains a Vectorworks Worksheet. By clicking "Update" Button in the OIP, the Marionette pulls automatically the new values out of the linked xls sheet. Short Manual: 1. Import first The Worksheet in Vectorworks 2021 2. Create a blue symbol (insert as group) that contains the worksheet 3. Fill out Worksheet Name, Symbol Name, and File Path (Pick File Node) Known Limitations: - I see it as a fun-gadget - It will not enhance the VW Worksheet if new rows are added in the linked xls. - It will not make the VW Worksheet smaller if rows are deleted from the linked xls. - It is based on the import xls from 2021 and it will update just values. No Format etc. will be updated.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This Network shows how to create fields from an existing xls or txt file.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    "XLS Get Values"is to read Data directly out of a XLS Sheet. The Smaller Nodes "XLS GetSheetNames", "XLS GetSheetInfos" are additional Nodes which are not essentially. use cases: Everywhere you want to get Data out of an XLS File instead a Textfile. Special Features: 1. If file Input is wrong the node will do nothing (no crash 🙂 ) 2. If the sheet name is wrong it will import first sheet 3. If start/end is empty, it will return the complete sheet.
  5. 1. Shift the Geometry by half of the Parameter, so the object would keep his middle 2. For Calculation Extract the Input Parameter with Get XY. Also to could feed the input Parameter with Point 2D If you don't want to show Parameter Name
  6. Hi @elepp Hi If you put the complete Symbol into the Node, it will "flatten" the geometry inside of it. You have to Make a blue Symbol. Then attach the IFC Date to the PIO container with the Parent PIO Handle. Like this: If you just want to have the Object is an IFC Object without any Detailed Informations, you could map IFC Informations with the Datamanager class Object.
  7. Hi @Niels Timmer The input of the node has to be a group. You don't need to ungroup before. The Issue seems not bei have a solid Operation inside of the Control geometry. Seems the issue is, that the Node does not handle the "One Big Volume" of the vertical Frames by reshaping the z- direction. I think it is a "Bug" in the Node or a "Limitation". I would suggest the "Workaround" to have two seperate vertical Frames (extrudes, Volume Substraction etc. does not matter). I am not sure where the error is. I am sure, that I have examples with Glass inside and also this is "One Big Volume" so it should work but not in this example. Also there seems to be different Versions around of the Node. I will look into the node and maybe provide a new Version maybe in some month, when I have a little more time.
  8. Hello I looked into the Scripts from Marissa and Sarah and their .whl Installers are Working. So I think it is just an issue of the correct Library Installer. The .whl Installer I used, creates an error because of PIP incompatibility. And then I think the issue is, that not immediately the library can be imported. I will try Update this Stand-Allon-Installation-Nodes ca. middle next week.
  9. Just tried on Mac (10.14.6 Mojave) Did again some test with a blank user folder and Build 571107. I did the following: 1. Installed PIL with the attached Marionette Node 2. Tested to import PIL by Script or Marionette Node > Failed Module not found 3. Tried to set search-Path to "Python Externals" > Failed 4. Tried running Marionette Node with this Module > Failed 5. Renamed folder to "PythonExternals" 6. Setting search Path to that Folder in a Script > OK 7. Tested import of the Module in Script > OK 8. Running Marionette Example with PIL > OK 9. Renamed back "PythonExternals" to "Python Externals" run again Marionette Example > OK (now I am confused, maybe a caching thing) InstallPillow.mp4 Movie attached
  10. Hi Same issue here. I think the installation of Python Moduls via VerifyOrGetLib still works. I had not much time to go deeper into that problem. Spontaneously I would say, Vectorworks 2021 uses "Python Externals" as the installation Path and "PythonExternals" as the search Path or "Python Externals" do not work anymore for the Script Engine. Also it is confusing, I cant set the Folder "Python Externals" as a search Path of a Python Script. As a short fix I was able to Install all Moduls with the Marionette nodes. After That renaming "Python Externals" to "PythonExternals" and it worked. Tried this on Mac, Installed new Pillow Fork with the Node. Then Renamed the Python Externals Folder and all my old "Pillow" Examples worked here. Beside that here I have an issue, that Marionette Scripts do not "Alert" Errors. I had to thest with Text-Scripts. Hope that Workaround is able to fix it also for your Scripts. Regards import numpy scipy pillow etc v2021.vwx
  11. DomC

    Create Symbol

    Hi First lets talk about what is an Object List? A List in Python ist like ['Symbol1', 'Symbol2', 'Symbol3'] Used by the any input it will produce one line for every symbol name. This ist the input, the symbol node wants But yes, we can input a List of objects. Example: This node was made to produce over 15'000 furnitures at once from an external list of objects.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Three Examples of Marionette PIOs of Circular Stairs.
  13. @Andrew Lock You have a lot of differences in your Organisation (Input Blue Symbol oder Input Control Geometry) of the geometry input. The Following rules you have to follow: 1. The Input of the Reshape node has to be a group. or a Symbol the content is reshaped 2. Only Content which are solids, (Extrude, Volume Add etc.) will be reshaped. Your content are groups. And in the groups there are 3D polys. This will not work at all. The Reshape node will ignore groups in groups from reshape, and will not reshape meshes or 3D Polys or planar objects 3. The Insertion point of the control geometry is back left. Fix the following Variante A: 1. Ungroup the group in your 3D Symbol. 2. Ungroup every group once and Volume operation Add Volume of the 3D Polys to get a solid. Remember, groups will not be reshaped. Fix Variante B: 1. Make blue symbol 2. ungroup the group in group in your symbol and change to solids Fix Variante B: Just paste the Control content (no 3D polys please) from your symbol to the control geometry directly. Group this objects. You will not need a symbol then Attached a movie with Variante A with your original Example Variante A.mp4


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