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  1. Hi The "GetFiles"-Node, need a suffix (skp) I think. Enter the suffx in the string input node. Hope this helps Dom
  2. Thanks guys Seems to was an issue on my system. The delay by exit the symbol is normal, because it caches the script and updates all pios which contains the symbol instance. This is related to the dimension nodes inside the script. Unfortunately I have no comparison about the speed, because I see no other scripts with dimensions here in the community board.
  3. Hi Someone feel like test, if this script run on your machine? :-) Please save (close) all open Files first. I saved a file with a marionette PIO on my Sierra Mac Book in the office and it worked perfectly. Now on my iMac at home, this script do not want to run anymore (also sierra). I started standard-practice for searching the issue: 1. Rename User PlugIn Folder (where the Marionette settings are) --> still crash 2. Copy/Paste Script out of the symbol and run --> worked 3. Rename Symbol --> worked 4. Close all files and revert to the the original file which did not worked before --> worked?! Maybe a problem with my user cache or user settings. 5. After restoring my user settings to the old version it is still working .... ok, back to work this will stay a secret Thanks 20170609_a.vwx
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The Example file contains two PlugIns for 2D Light effects.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This Marionette Script creates multiple space objects from worksheet data. A very nice and time saving Marionette script to automate a routine peace of work. Spaces from List.vwx
  6. Version 0.0.9


    The heart of this Marionette example is the RectPack node. A node with over 2600 lines of code! It supports dozens of packing algorithm to pack rectangles on another rectangular area in a space and time-saving way. The right combination of packing and bin algo gives the ability to pack rectangles in a way you want to have them on your machines (as close as possible, always cut complete board, less cuts etc.) Actually not even myself know, which packing algo ist right for which use case. Also for professional use case, usually there is a machine dedicated software, which packs the port in a way which match best for the machine. So I see the main use case to pack parts on a board for milling them on a cnc-machine as example for model-making. Workflows which uses a guillotine-workflow (always cut the whole board) often have special requirements which maybe could be reached with the choice of packing algorithm or maybe can not. The Marionette Example based on foundational work: Python code for packing algorithm Jukka Jylang - A Thousand Ways to Pack the Bin - A Practical Approach to Two-Dimensional Rectangle Bin Packing (2010) Huang, E. Korf - Optimal Rectangle Packing: An Absolute Placement Approach (2013) General Features: - Input of basic data like length and width - Input of additional data - object input (node detects if part input are objects and process them like rectangles) - sort by material - use a list of stock materials .... Not all input combinations works at the moment. Recommended to use the existing examples to get correct input values.
    Must not be missing in every node collection. My favorite Node.
  7. This is not so easy 1. True/False Input you should do with a booleadn input (1,0) 2. The node you use setup the ressource, not the mapping on your object. 3. The Input of "Set TextBmp Property" needs a TextureBitmap 4. The "GetRes"-Node returns a ressource, you need to get shader record from that first and then get the bitmap ressource (there was no node for that I created one) 5. Be careful by naming nodes with àéè. Attached Example should work. SetRepeatTextureBitmap.vwx
  8. Try the "GetRes"- Node from the File "Object Info Nodes.vwx" You find that file here: This Node will return a Handle and a Name to the Ressource defined by the "TypePopup"
  9. Hi The "GetFiles"-Node, collect files by a suffix. I think you input a wrong suffix (fill in suffix in the string input without the dot). If you want to see, which suffix your image files use, you can see that by select your file in the finder and hit cmd+i. OK, the "GetFiles"-node could be improved by collect all files, if suffix is not delivered by user input. Edit: I can't say what "Image Prop" exactly do "texture ref" seems to be something which already have to exist in the drawing. I can remember, I tried to abuse "Image Prop" to batch import 3D Textures but that failed. I used a script instead, to convert images to arroway import-format here. And import them with the import-arroway command:
  10. Hi Sam Can it be a python script? #Python Script. Returns connecting radius from 3 selected points pts = []; h= vs.FSActLayer() for i in range(3): #Get the first 3 selected objects pts.append(vs.GetLocPt(h)) h = vs.NextSObj(h) c = vs.ThreePtCenter(*pts) d = vs.Distance(c[0], c[1], pts[0][0], pts[0][1]) vs.AlrtDialog('Your Radius is '+str(d)) vs.ArcByCenter(c[0],c[1],d,360,360) If you are more familiar with pascal syntax than me: ThreePtCenter() and Distance() should do the job
  11. Normally, an int will be automatically converted to a real value if necessary. So this should not be your problem. I don't see your script but I can imagine the problem is to repeat different angle values for the number of your symbols. You can make this by repeating one of the inputs of your angle generator (random number as example) A good start is to just check it step by step. As example connect an int to the angle and look what happens. Then you connect a real value and look again what happens. You will see, there is no difference between the input. But If you have a hundred symbols, and just input one value to the angle, all symbols will be rotated to the same angle. Use the debug mode (bug method) to see, if all wires have the same number of values. Another Issue could be, the Rotate-Node detects your symbol as a 2D Object. So you cant make a 3D Rotation. Maybe you have 2D/3D Symbols? Just post a part of your example, because it's hard to tell all possible issues on stock. symbol angles.vwx
  12. A new File link. The old one is broken. Also the script in a newer version. More clearly by the use of Wrappers. Combined also with the Random Symbol Distribution. Still fun.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    During my last Marionette-Project, I produced some simple geometry nodes. Which maybe can be useful to can make geometrical constructions instead of mathematical (trigonometry) calculations. The Nodes: "Perpendicular from Point to Line", "Parallel from Line through Point", "Circle-Circle Intersection", "Line-Circle Intersection", "Line-Line Intersection", "2 Circle Middleline" and some more. Also the more Complicated Nodes "Circle tangent to 2 Circle", "Point or Circle tangent to 3 Circles"