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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This example shows, how to create a record format with fields from an external csv or text-tab file with marionette. This example maybe needs the following know how which is not automatically is handled by the script: 1. Save Text with excel, open office or any other application as separated text file or tab separated text file. 2. Setup the "import txt" node-popup with the needed text encoding. Try utf-8, Latin1, macLatin_2 or other encoding to handle umlauts or special character issues. 3. The Exmaple just checks the first line of the text-file and creates record fields from them 4. The path to the text-input in the attached example is related to the document path. Save first your Vectorworks document. Or use an absolute path input. 5. No warranty or charge for this script, play first on a new file or on the attached file. I whish you success with it
  2. Updating Spaces in a BIM Model

    There is no need to write an extra node for that. CustomObjectPath-Node, do the job. And SetRecord-Node Changes the parameter. I am not sure, we talk about the same "space" object? If you simply want to create spaces from polygon, maybe "rightclick" -> Create Objects from Shapes-> Space do the job.
  3. Script to link text to record

    Incredible usefull stuff! Many Thanks
  4. Beginner questions

    This works :-) But I would use an unnamed pass node to hide input/output of a named wrapper. Because If you move your network without the locus point the in-/output port will show up again.
  5. Updating Spaces in a BIM Model

    Creating a Space Object can be done with the default node "Create Custom Object Path". The Above example uses an existing space as a template. Because it is costly to change all parameter from a space objects. It is more effective to pull them from a template and just set the most changing parameter of the space objects by "Set Record Field". Attached simple example to create a new space object (with the default settings). Space.vwx
  6. Halftone

    @Mathias Lange The Attached Example (Copy of the original file but with different Pillow download path) works with VW 2017 Mac Version (Windows not tested, but it also should work). Submitted_Halftone_Marionette_v1_v2017.vwx
  7. Halftone

    A Workaround for 2018 Macintosh 1. Unzip and copy the attached Folder into the user folder (Vectorworks Preferences -> User Folder -> Revieal in Finder) into the Folder "Python Externals" 2. You can use with all scripts that uses Pillow. Also the above Script will work. PIL.zip
  8. Halftone

    I got it to work on Windows but not on Mac. I was not able to get a working url for Pillow with Vectorworks 2018 on Macintosh. Reported a Bug for VW 2018 but I am not sure, if this is A Vectorworks issue other modules can be installed without any issues. Would be glad to got a solution for Pillow on Macintosh. This is the only module for image processing i found. Other image modules also needs pillow as an image library.
  9. Halftone

    Great @Bertf Your Screenshots shows a contour in x direction with different z values. My screenshot (found out now) shows simple Drillings (v-fräser). But the x-distance is 10x of the y distance. Thats why we can see lines. My screenshot shows the variant of 3D contour with a v-fräser. Too bad I have no place for a CNC-Milling machine. Can be done easy with the chunk node (to get single polygons for every line). EAP created for visualisation.
  10. Halftone

    This is Great Bert Have you also tried to mill in a line structure? and connect the Points? Should this work, if I had a 3D Polygon. And can convert this to a 3D Path with the DXF Post-Prozessor?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    An Input of 4 different numbers. Out of that 4 values there are 40 shuffled numbers of the same values. Next value never is the same like preview value. This Example uses a custom "shuffle-node" (randomize input list with the option, no next value must be the same like preview value) and the "saldo-node" (returns a sum after every new value).
  12. Rectangle Packing

    Some Screenshots of a carpenter who uses this for cutting arrangements. So great to see, how other people uses those technology (and days of work) to improve their workflows. http://www.garzotto-ag.ch/ Screenshots attached
  13. It's snowing

    Merry Christmas!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This Nodes breaks up and scale a 3D Solid Geometry and the result is similar like a 2D Geometry reshaped by the 2D Reshape Tool. The Input Geometry (Geometries) have to be grouped. You can input it from symbol or control geometry. The Node is designed with some love to detail and make the job in many situation just right. It follows some rules: 1. reference Point is left bottom back 2. Overlapping geometries over the zero point to left, back or bottom are handled symmetric. You can use locus points to direct the correct symmetry. 3. The nodes cut a geometry in 3 parts. the end parts are called "caps". The Node allows to scale the caps or the middle part (in most cases the right mode) 4. It is necessary the input geometry is a group. 5. Grouped Objects completely inside caps, will be moved as well 6. Objects between the caps, will be moved half value This advantage of this node, is to allow an incredible fast production of a specific type of PlugIn Objects (Reshape in x, y, z direction Middle Part is scaled like Tables, Pillars, Handles etc.) Movies: Simple Example (Pillar): https://youtu.be/F6BIe8d0mTs More Complex Example(Window Element): https://youtu.be/pJ9R8UWyM7Y Further Examples: https://youtu.be/uRwDU-KTRjw
  15. The post is about storing preferences into a node by clicking the button. All Parameter we can use in a Marionette PIO are available in the Info-Palette. If we could use a (complex) Dialog with several detail parameter for the object, this would help to keep a powerfull object easy to use. The Issue with that is, that the button (The Dialog) do not work anymore inside a PIO. It just works in a wrapper or as a node. The other wish (predifined parameters, complexe setting dialoge) could be solved somehow. If you just need a button-use example. I attached a button, which shows an simple alert dialog Button Example.vwx


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