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  1. DomC

    Apartment Area

    Hi Pat Thanks for reaction. You are right and I already switched to 11_Area in the 2019 File.
  2. DomC

    Apartment Area

    @Luise It hard to intercept every bug in other components but I think this Update will fix it: 1. Uses 11_Area which seems to be m2 instead of cm2 2. separate numbers from unit and can handle , as dezimal delimiter. 3. Returns 0 for Bottom elevation if elevation is negative (can't fix this, maybe I could by getting the IFC elevation height, but I don't want to) You can try the attached Update File it will work without error Message Apartment Area v1.2.1 v2019.vwx
  3. DomC

    Apartment Area

    Are you testing in 2019? In 2019 space delivers cm2 for area and negative elevations will result in empty output. That will result in issues because the script is not made to deal with empty input. I will look what. Also the "Get Record Field" Node from 2018 will be broken in 2019.
  4. DomC

    Apartment Area

    Hi @Luise An Update is available. Now it eats comma separated numbers together with units.
  5. DomC

    TV All-in-One

    Good and purged script design with a user friendly info-palette. Thanks for sharing.
  6. DomC

    If in String - Result not as desired

    As Marissa mentioned 1. Replace code inside "Get Record Field", which is from 2016, use an outdated vs.GetType() command and is not update-ready. 2. I would solve the prefix with the if node: 3. I would try to keep the symbol record format workflow. Because it is so much easier to change the look of your stamp. 4. Uploaded an update of my example here:
  7. DomC

    Automated Layout

    Hi There is an update. The "VP Layer Visibility" has no bug. It just set the same visibility in all created vp. So not very usefull for creating more than one viewport with different visibilities. However I made this node new. It works now with different input sequences. So every created vp can have different visibilities.
  8. DomC

    Automated Layout

    Hi Matt Hm ... it's seems to be a bug in the "VP Layer Visibility". I will look into this to provide a fix.
  9. DomC

    Automated Layout

    the first two handles are different from the others. Follow the handles from right to left in the script. Then you will see, that they are strings before they got handles. They also will be the same string. That's how I search an error. Like the TV, if cable connection is broken. Follow the cable back and you will find the faulty connection. The name is built from the Room Number "11_Number". Which maybe is empty in your file and the Layer name of the space. If this is being the case all spaces from one layer will putted on the same layout on the same place. To fix that: 1. Take another (unique) data from the space. Or create room numbers 2. Feed the Sheet Layer name producer with a series of numbers. 3. Make the Position of the Viewports a Serie of coord Points and the will lay side by side.
  10. DomC

    Automated Layout

    Hi Use "Print Debug" to see, what's coming in the "Create Layer" Node. If you have always the same layer name (input) or the same layer handle (output), all your viewports will created on the same sheet layer.
  11. DomC


    Sure The Script needed a little Updates for 2019. Cause the Path Handling in 2019 is better than in 2017/2018 I had to delete some lines. Halftoning Farbige Punkte.vwx
  12. DomC

    Space dimensions

    I worked on a node the last weeks over holiday season. The Node calculates all perpendicular distances from vertexes to edges and all distances from edges to edges. It filters some distances and returns the wanted number of small distances. 70% of the work was to separate the polygons (handling of the sequences), 20% was to synchronize and handle calculated values (1.987456879136870 identical with 1.987456879136869 or not)digits of the values of different measure lines. I hope it can help to solve the real task. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/files/file/193-polygon-survey/ The next step would be to evaluate a kind of "walking" line. So separate important and non important distances. Also it maybe would be an other good approach to "move" a circle or a square trough the polygon to evaluate distances. Hole also not implemented yet in my node.
  13. DomC

    GetFolderPath() accessing a workgroup folder

    Hi This seems to be a very old thread ūüôā I did not found something newer. There seems to be a way to read plist on mac (not yet tried registry on win). Is there a more direct way? import plistlib file = 'Users/username/Library/Preferences/net.nemetschek.vectorworks.2019.plist' pl = {} with open(file, 'rb') as fp: pl = plistlib.load(fp) vs.AlrtDialog(str(pl.get("NNA Workgroup Folders")))
  14. DomC

    Polygon Survey

    Version 0.9.5


    A Node which creates Measure Lines in Polygons (Line from every vetex point to every other vertex point). 1. p2p Lines: 2. Perpentidular Lines (Perpentidular Line from every poly vertex on every poly edge): To sort out needless lines, there are several filters integrated: 1. Double Lines automatically filtered with an epsilon (p2p is not the same as perpenticular if you look all 15 digits) 2. Measure Lines, which are identical with poly edges 3. Measure Lines, which are outside of the polygon 4. Overlapping lines. If two lines are parallel and both points of the smaller lines are on the bigger line, the bigger line is filtered 5. Filter Lines over and lower than min max values 6. An Option, to return a number of length (Return first x values). As example if there are measure lines with the length (1.2, 1.2, 1.25, 1.5,) and the value is 1, two lines with 1.2 will be returned. This value is holding on perpendicular and p2p lines. Summary: Turn off Debug options like "Show Edge", "show Outside Poly", Filter small length (niches) and set "Return first x values" on 1 or 2 to get optimal results. So a normal result will look like this: Attached there are three examples. An Example with spaces, An examples just with polys and an example as PlugIn. PlugIn is good for playing with the options to see changes prompt.
  15. DomC

    Random Extrude

    I would do it like this 1. copy to not loose your original circles. 2. get list length and repeat one of the random numbers to get as many random numbers as your number of circles are All nodes are in the default library


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