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  1. Hi, Here is a link to a very interesting customer story. Developing a Rainwater Management System with Simulation You might have seen images before of the rainwater management solution. All drawings except a handdrawn is Vectorworks - the stuctural testing have been done in Comsol - a swedish application taking in parasolid obhjects with very good results. ---- BREAKING! Latest news to the message from ealier: Our customer is traveling to New York Nov 11th to recieve a price for the project in the video from Tech Briefs Media - they won ahead of 300 projects - price: workstation computer. (the customer will present the projects in detailss and of course mention Vectorworks in NY) The project in Tech Brief's contect: Green Screen
  2. Public GIS data in Denmark is often only accessible in 10 kilometer x 10 kilometer squares and pretty high resolution. That results after a (very) slow import and spending a lot of time cutting "Per side" deleting unwanted data. I suggest a small addition to the cut tool: recktangular cut Function: Select a rectangel and delete everything outside the rectangle. A sample file with an imported dataset attached. (as well as the dataset downloaded from the public service) curves.zip
  3. when importing files from GIS systems it should be easier to crop the import - a preview window to crop in - or/and after import crop by polygon (today you have to crop/cut with one line several times - which can take hours - seriously!) Also during import it would be nice to be able to reduce data (like in Cinema's import)
  4. when panning is active (by space bar or tool) it should NOT be necessaesary to pres mousekey for panning
  5. Many former users of other programs have suggested a known feature: "copy this object to a distance of X from another object
  6. In metric it creates an error: Also: would love to be able to add roofs (2 surfaces along longest side)
  7. Found a 3D version on the internet - attached Vectorworks file with 2D/3D symbols with 3-level 2D side, front and top viewsCEE resources.vwx
  8. I have the same problem on iMac 17,1 - must disconnect/reconnect to make 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse work. Same on High Sierras as well as Mojave.
  9. There is no way Vectorworks can support the Mojave OS before it is released. (Apple is known for late-minute changes...)
  10. Support for Vectorworks 2011 Mac???
  11. They have used Macromedia Captivate. More information: MACROMEDIA CAPTIVATE Regards, John S Hansen Denmark
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