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Apple macOS 13 Ventura Compatibility - Feedback

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This article will be kept up to date with any details about the compatibility between Vectorworks and macOS 13 Ventura:

Please share any feedback with us about the new macOS Ventura and any version of Vectorworks.

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I do not really expect the larger "Big Sur" issues again, like with Mojave  .... but who knows ....


I think, like me, many VW users may not be able to resist and load the public beta ASAP in July.

And Feedback will flow in here.

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57 minutes ago, zoomer said:

I do not really expect the larger "Big Sur" issues again, like with Mojave  .... but who knows ....


Monterey seems like a more refined version of Bug Sir (and fixed some bugs that, at this point, will never get fixed).


My favorite part of the 2022 WWDC keynote was every time a presenter said, "We took the top 3 requested features... "

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Catalina took away 32 Bit Apps,

Big Sur even ancient KEXTs.

which was impacting even more for my ancient Apps.


But soon I realized I can live without them too 🙂


Venture seems to just have new features that will not run anymore on older hardware

and such for any reason, but not looking like taking away older standards .... (?)

We will see what other side effects Ventura will finally have nevertheless ...

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