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  1. I had many similar issues with prior intel 2019 MBP. W/ the M1 MBP, so far none of that has occurred. Not to say there haven't been other rando display issues from time to time
  2. Coincidentally, six days ago I received my 32gB M1 MBP Max (two months late, yet 1.5 months ahead of revised shipping info from APPLE). I've just been opening a small slew of larger VWX 20>VWX 21 files, mostly to see how much render times have improved: Anecdotally—not-so-much, however it does so extremely quietly and hardly warms up. While files were open, VWX released no memory. As I closed files, small amounts of memory were released. After last file closed, VWX's memory footprint shrank down to 6.80gB. (it opened with 4.18gB). Sidebar: Bizarrely (or is this normie?) when I activated Accessibility : Keyboard : Navigation… within VWX the service interuppts the spacebar insertion of a space and does…nothing. No other apps, excepting Adobe Photoshop & VWX 2022 exhibit this behavior. I'm guessing I'm missing something simple but have yet to find it…If you've conquered this issue, I'd be grateful for the knowledge.
  3. @Christiaan @Mark Aceto I never ever use the recent files menu for every reason y'all listed above.
  4. wow. Even tho I make blurry gobos all the time , it never occurred to me to have it emulate the beam edge dynamics. I've been attempting that through Beam Field differentiation.
  5. Sounds like maybe the menu item View: Show ACTIVE Layer Only… might have got clicked on. Also check your layer and Classes panes to see if everything got turned off by accident.
  6. @trashcanright there with ya
  7. As one who can barely type, much less program, it's literally a thrill here on the sidelines watching you folks build these incredibly useful mini-machines of code Thanks to you all
  8. Hi @Tom W.-thanks for that info & but does that mean that every iteration of the symbol needs adjusting, or just the original symbol?
  9. @Jonathan P Sorry, as I don't need stories in my practice, I got nothin' for ya. 🙁
  10. Hello @Pat Stanford thank you for the consideration. I'll give your current script a whirl and then reply back with a more thought-thru request. Much obliged
  11. @Jonathan P: @Pat Stanford is exactly correct. I my practice I find that many times I will have built something, made several copies then find I need changes throughout. AS you mention, YERS, incredu=ibly tedious to re-make each and every one. So: Make the item a symbol and then I would try the menu choice "Modify: Convert: Replace with Symbol…". See screenshot attached. Sometimes things don't end up quite where I want them to in the 'replace' action, but I believe that's due to me not taking the time to place the item to become a symbol @ the appropriate spot (usually center of projection) Screen Recording 2022-05-05 at 10.37.35 AM.mp4
  12. @Pat StanfordSuper thanks, you've created a tool I have wished for for some time. Gonna give it a whirl shortly as I have need at this moment of it — how massively timely! (Also a shoutout to @scott moore for getting the ball rolling here). Not to pile on, but any chance it could be made to act on "Selected Only"? How many times have I upcycled a VWX doc from previous to current event, albeit with all-new dances, acts etc. (the actual answer: too many to count) However, many's the time a global change would affect more items than needed, so a by-selection à la the Text menus's "Find and Replace…" would be super useful.
  13. srsly. I'm lost here. As I now do to start a VW session: restart the machine. Opened a blank file, left all defaults in place. imported PDF file onto it's own layer began to create series of simple rects with one data field element added first oddity: file opened one symbol from the RM and the two elements - one text object (before conversion to link), one rect were greyed out tho appropriate transparency was shown in OIP second oddity: See attached screenshot. I'd been working less than an hour when both those oddities crapped up. in the scrnshot there are two text objects, the second selected one was added after the first in the rect threw the same error 2x, as does the added text. Really really puts a dent in my work day and I have to say - and I am happy to be the dummy here and be shown my simple errors, please god - but cmon; a rect and a piece a text? Happy to receive input on what to ascribe the delay to my clients… /grumpysnark
  14. Ah. Yes, thanks. I hadn't used em in some time, now I remember why.
  15. Was just dealing with this myself yesterday. Agreed on all the above. I was mocking-up ring light, & could not get the line light to produce attractive usable output (actually lighting a subject, like irl, not just glowing) even tho I upped the output to something like 500%, so switched to adding another source to fake the output, something I hate to do.
  16. @thinkingpencilGreat you reiterated the Nurbs direction issue. has bitten me more than once.
  17. Always a bit of a crap shoot when one does.
  18. @PJHouch—tho the solution above does correct it.
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