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  1. Looks pretty dang good at 125%
  2. Ty @scottmoore Did you need to edit the base image?
  3. @scottmooreThanks for those tips.
  4. @Wes Gardneryes, exactly, and a thing I do to make the task less onerous is to cut / paste the dims from design layer to annotation space. And, even if off on the paste, easy enough tome to relevant positions.
  5. Most gripping cinema I've watched for some time, and I just got through both the entire Star Wars Canon & the entire Marvel-verse, both in timeline order, with my kids.
  6. Finally. Been waiting a long time for you to see the inherent flaw here, and have watched several folks try to lay this argument out for you in the past. Nothing is safe. Harm R E D U C T I O N …………Determining one's own ROI on that is the best one can do. No insurance can really replace lost\missing\stolen\deleted keep on keeping on. Love the topics you raise. edit: I mean, for ex; you could be saving / storing your data in a secure location, etc but if you cannot access the software to open\edit\delete, you're still screwed.
  7. @klinzey - pardon, but that doesn't make sense to me, esp the DMX / Ethernet / XLR protocols almost every show, touring or not deals with on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps there's a VWX roadmap laying out the thinking here?
  8. Is Unified View clicked on I wonder?
  9. lol, so classic & but great thread, so much useful info here
  10. Agreed @markdd, common workflow, tho am sure we all wish it weren't so.
  11. Absolutely a great thread to follow how y'all get your goods into and through the VWX><C4D pipelines.
  12. IMO, in a 2D (top/Plan) drawing, should not in general all VWX-supplied resource items be 'hybridized'? That would mean they'd have a functional 2d representation as well as their 3D resource, so p[lunking them down in your 2D world should work just fine - in general.
  13. mjm

    C4D Import

    What a great read, TY @grant_PD.
  14. Sorry to report: this lic is unavailable. My understanding of how the process worked was flawed.
  15. mjm


    take a look here for starters.
  16. As the subj line indicates…Perhaps I'm missing something? The attached movie clarifies Screen Recording 2020-12-12 at 7.27.46 PM.mov
  17. What the subj line says…Asking 1250$ US, not including transfer fees from VWX. E type lic, works Windows and Mac OS. peace, MichaelM
  18. mjm

    VW 2021 Materials

    @E|FAThanks very much. I did do a scan of the website page which describes that. Does not yet sound useful for lighting design, or do I again misunderstand?
  19. mjm

    VW 2021 Materials

    @Wes GardnerWhat does that mean, actually; but first define what it means for an object to be material-aware. thanks vey much
    Just downloaded this, because I could deploy it immediately, except: The marionette draws the waveform against gravity; there should be points, not curves at the apogee of both ends of the wave / curve / swag. I've attached an old version of a hand-modeled bistro bulb string, updated into vwx 2021 BISTRO Notion 21.vwx
  20. mjm

    Chair numbering

    Same. Done is done. Fancy for next time.


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