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  1. Every Var does need to be defined somewhere, but that can be in the Global Var declaration, in a sub procedure Var declaration, or as part of the Function/Procedure parameters.
  2. Very nice. My first count was 10 lines. You did 10. But you don't need the global Var declaration. Since H is defined as a part of the StopFlipping procedure, it only needs to be defined there. So 9. ;-)
  3. It does not look like there is a way to change the default. It appears to be hard coded in the Viewport creation code. :-( A script to change all viewport would be pretty easy though. @michaelk?
  4. When you Ungroup a PDF you typically end up with 3 items. A bitmap of the PDF on top. A white rectangle (we think it represents the paper). And finally at the bottom a Group containing all of the vector linework and text that VW can extract from the file. It sounds like you had ungrouped the PDF and deleted the bitmap but not the rest. Glad you found the problem.
  5. Be careful with Update All unless you are sure of what you are doing and don't have a bunch of high resolution renderings. I ran that ONCE on a file with about 300 viewports and it hadn't finished in 36 hours when I finally force quit it. This was about 15 years ago so the machine was much slower than current machines, but even so, think about it before you tell it to start.
  6. How complicated is your drawing? You might try exporting back on version to a VW file and then updating that back to your current version. Is there any specific action that causes the lines to show? Have you tried to Purge unused objects?
  7. I just tried this in a later service pack and while you could not fillet a poly line that crosses itself, it does not crash for me. Are you running SP1?
  8. In the Mode bar you have the No Interactive Scaling option (first item. The double diagonal arrow with the Red Circle with diagonal (Don't) line.). Select either the second (Single Object Interactive Scaling Mode) or the third (Multiple Object Interactive Scaling) and you should be able to make the adjustments you need.
  9. Because this is just very simple Vectorscripts, I would expect this to work for a long time to come. Things in Vectorscript are rarely deprecated unless they break something else.
  10. Yes, you can Batch Convert. It is in the File menu. What about making a folder of Aliases to the referenced files and Batch Converting that folder? The challenge may be that Batch Convert may want to change the file names. You might be better off just cloning the entire folder structure and batch converting everything with just a new name or year on the top level folder.
  11. VB = Vectorworks Bug. Shorthand from the programmers and Beta testers. Just go to Bug Submit at the bottom of this page and choose Bug Submit in the Community column.
  12. Can you post a sample file for us to look at. Nothing that you show above gives me any idea about what is going on.
  13. Take a look at these threads. Ask again if you need more help.
  14. Escape will exit the Flyover tool. To go back to Top/Plan it is exactly the same as it has been forever. Either select Top/Plan from the View menu:Standard Views. Or use the keyboard shortcut of Command-5. Or use the Numeric Keypad and hit the Zero key.
  15. You can do multiple viewports from a single Shuttle File. You can put them on different layers or just set the Class of the viewport to separate them. You can (I think) just make the first Referenced Viewport then duplicate it and edit the Viewport visibilities to get the other ones you need. Ask again if you need more clarity.
  16. Take a look at the Set Record Field node in the Record & IFC section. You should be able to use String nodes to set the Record Name, the Field Name, and the Field Value. One Set Record Field node for each of the extrudes in your Marionette should be all you need. You will need to already have created the Record Format in the drawing prior to running the Marionette. Or you could use the Create Field node to build the Record Format from inside the Marionette. But in MNSHO, it is safer to have it already created.
  17. Double check that the upgrade did not switch VW to using the on board graphics rather than the Radeon. Also perhaps do the update on the graphics card again just in case it was wonky.
  18. OK, I think I have a way to get the file working. Go to a Front view. Select All. Fit to Objects. It should zoom way out. Click to deselect everything and draw a marquee to select the things close to the intersection of the axis. Edit menu:Invert Selection. When I do that I get a single 2D/3D symbol named. Equip Office Multi-Function Printer. Delete the printer. Select All and Fit to Objects. You should now have everything within about 40,000 mm of the origin and you should be OK. The first time I did it I had to zoom in and do a marquee around the building and then do the Invert Selection again. That time I ended up with 3 heliodons that were a long way away. When I went back to the original file to document my steps they did not show up this time. HTH.
  19. Custom workspaces often have the older version of tools. Odd results with a tool can often be resolved by making sure the most current version of the tool is the one linked to the workspace.
  20. I also don't know how to change the default (yet), but you can change the setting for all of the viewports (or a subset) at once using the Custom Modification command or by selecting multple viewports in the Organization Dialog Box and clicking Edit.
  21. That is not going to work because VW only allows a single object to have a specific name. Perhaps what you want instead of using the Name field in the OIP is to create a custom Record Format and attach that to the object and store your "part name" in a field there. You can still access it from the worksheet, but you can then have multiple parts with the same name.
  22. Are you using a custom workspace? If so, please edit it and remove the Custom Cabinet Tool and add it back in.
  23. Take a look at this post and see if you can use something similar.
  24. Can you post the file please so I don't have to try and recreate it.


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